The Sexiest Man Alive and a North Pole Sign

When riding in the car with a teenager, conversations can be all over the map.  One minute my son will be talking about a video game, the next minute we’re discussing the Jackson 5, because we heard them on an oldies radio station.

North Pole Express, a rustic red wooden Christmas sign made with Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils -

Today, our conversation swerved toward People’s “Sexiest Man Alive”.


He told me who this year’s winner is (it’s David Beckman ), and we discussed past winners, like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and  Sean Connery.

While all of those men have some pretty sexy qualities, I think there are other standards to judge a man’s sexiness, than just his drool-worthy good looks.
In my opinion (which no one asked for), a truly sexy man doesn’t have to be half naked to get my vote.

Instead, he would be just as sexy in a furry red coat.

And he has a great sense of humor.

You might even call him a jolly fellow.

He’s such a happy guy, he has the laugh lines to show for it.

But the most important quality would be that he loves children, don’t you agree?

So, who get’s my vote for the sexiest man alive?…

Well, it’s Santa Claus of course…looking remarkably like Sean Connery!

Sean Connery Santa Claus


Oh, and I forgot one other thing.

A really sexy man drives an awesome vehicle! 🙂

Make a Rustic Wooden Christmas Sign - with Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils -


As you probably guessed, I have a new stencil in my Christmas collection!

North Pole Express stencil available here!

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A few years ago, I shared this “Merry Sleigh Ride” antique sheet music printable.

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  1. I definitely agree with your choice! The combination of the two make magic happen!

  2. Oh Angie – you are so right. Now if only Sean Connery would come down our chimneys in a big old red suit.

    Love the new stencil!

  3. I’m afraid that Santa would never get to all the houses on Christmas Eve.

  4. the first “sexiest man alive” was Mark Harmon if memory serves…and he’s still pretty good looking….aging well…..

  5. K Henderson Fine Art says

    Yep, a lot of ladies would be staying up to take a peek at Santa if he looked like Sean!

  6. Marlene Stephenson says

    Oh i would certainly have to stay up and see Santa on Christmas Eve if he looked like Sean.I have been waiting for him to get too old to look good but Sean Connery is still a hunk and i would bake him cookies anytime! lol!

  7. Chris Bannard says

    I think the People article should more properly be described as “the sexiest man alive who is a celebrity and makes lots of money”. Since Santa doesn’t doesn’t makes lots of money (for himself) he didn’t make any list other than the one in our hearts – which s what counts anyway. Magic wins everytime.

  8. Well let’s just say, Sean looks better in the Santa suit than David Beckham probably would! Great new stencil.

  9. I am with you Angie. Sean has always been easy on the eyes!

  10. my replies NEVER show up…well I will say it again…Murphy’s law and all….
    if memory serves Mark Harmon was the very first sexiest man alive…and he is still good looking

  11. You gal’s don’t know him but my hubby is sexiest man .We will be married 49 yrs Dec 3 ,,,,ya, ya

  12. You can’t really tell who is the sexiest man alive just from looking at a picture, although looks certainly is important to an extent. But you need to know what they believe and how they treat women. Do they have a sense of humor–a kind sense of humor, not cruel or cutting? You get the idea. Even so, it never hurts to enjoy a little eye candy!

  13. HaHa I never thought of Santa as sexy and stopped liking Sean Connery when I heard some misogynist comments he made. I’d pick Beckham over him anyway… he is very fit!

  14. I have a teenage boy as well and can attest to some of the interesting tangents our conversations have taken 🙂 Love your new stencil, and the sheet music too (just downloaded it). Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm this week, Angie–

  15. Love your sense of humour, Angie…that photo of Santa Connery literally had me LOL! I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind baking cookies for a Santa Beckham. 🙂

  16. Our brand new Prime Minister ( Canada ) made it on to People’s sexiest man list this year LMHO !!!
    I love that sign Angie – it would go so perfectly with my outdoor mostly all red decor !

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