A Rustic Bucket and Metal Tags for Christmas

This post is written in collaboration with Antique Farmhouse.

rustic bucket filled with greenery | Christmas entryway decor

When I’m looking for vintage  style decor for my home, auctions are usually the best source, but as more and more people buy at auctions to resell, it’s become harder and harder to win something at a  decent price – if you win at all.  Often the prices climb even higher than the prices I see in antique stores, and usually the pieces are dirty and need to be scrubbed well before you can use them.  I’ve left quite a few auctions empty-handed, after being there for several hours.

While I’ll always prefer something truly old,  lately I’ve been turning to companies that offer vintage style, reproduction pieces – no waiting for hours, no cleaning off dirt, and no bidding against 10 other people who all want the same thing I do.

Antique Farmhouse is one of those companies who offer pieces with just the vintage character I want for my farmhouse style home – like this galvanized rustic bucket.

I  tucked one of my red stripe dish towels inside, and filled it with some greenery cuttings, and a small string of lights.  It looks so cute sitting on the apple red chair I made over a few months ago.

It’s generously sized, so it can be used to hold firewood, but when the holidays are over, I’ll probably use it as a trash can – one that will look much better than any trash can I could find in a store.

A rustic bucket filled with evergreen clippings, Christmas lights, with a red stripe towel peeking over the edge, makes charming farmhouse Christmas decor! | KnickofTime.net

And these cute number tags are inspired by the take-a-number tags used in bakeries years ago.

Antique Farmhouse number tags as vintage style Christmas decor | Knick of Time

They’ll make adorable Christmas ornaments, but could also be tied on baskets.

metal number tags for Christmas decor - KnickofTime.net

Antique Farmhouse has constantly changing sales events that each have a different theme, like “Farmer’s Market”, and “Into the Woods”, which makes it easy to find items with exactly the look you want.  One of my favorites from a recent sales event is this rustic wall bin.  Wouldn’t it be great in an office, or even in the kitchen.

rustic metal basket

When you subscribe to their mailing list, you’ll be notified  of each new  sales event, so you don’t miss out on any of their new offerings.

Come back tomorrow, when I’ll be sharing a new Christmas sign I just finished!



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  1. Hi Angie ! Very cute! Love the bucket and mittens! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving ! I have my farm all decoratred for Christmas ! Ready to start baking! Oh boy!

  2. That bucket is amazing…it reminds me of a big copper pot I used to have…I miss that pot! I’ll have to check out Antique Farmhouse’ website, but must be careful with spending this time of year! 😛

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