Shopping on Accident and Explaining it to My Husband

When it comes to shopping, normally I’m a “get in and get out as fast as you can” person – especially at the grocery store, but there’s a store that takes me on a detour every time I’m in it.

It isn’t a store you are likely to ever come across, unless you happen to veer off I-40 midway between Albuquerque and Gallup.

Now, this is reservation land, and there is a casino and a DQ, but I wasn’t planning to gamble, and wasn’t there for ice cream.

When I was visiting my family last month, I went in the store, totally expecting to grab what I needed and be back in the car and on my way in  5 minutes.

It’s just a small grocery store, but even when I’m only shopping for toothpaste, or the shampoo I forgot to pack, I always manage to walk out with something totally unexpected that I just HAD to have, but totally didn’t need.

This might have been my most ridiculous purchase to date though.

I walked out with  20 pounds of flour.

          Who buys 20 pounds of flour when you are 1,500 miles from home?

Blue bird flour sack from Dancing Eagle Marketplace -

Well, I’m the nut who does that, and then had to explain to my husband why we needed to squeeze a huge bag of flour into a car already packed with people and luggage.

It was a long story, and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t buying it, but that bag of flour was coming home with us, or I’d have left my luggage behind and taken the flour in its place!

This wasn’t just any bag of flour.

     It had a blue bird on it.

Done deal.

I’m pretty sure it was chirping to me the minute I walked into the door.

It was like a siren song beckoning me to buy it.

Who could ignore a bird song like that?

Bag of flour with blue bird graphic -

My husband should just be glad I didn’t buy multiple bags of flour, because  now I have a bunch of projects I’d like to use it for, and wish I would have gotten more of them.

I just have to figure out how I’m going to use up that much flour.

     Did I mention I don’t really love to bake?

Yeah, it could take awhile.

Shopping Finds! - Farmhouse flour sack with blue bird image -

We’re planning to go back to visit again in the summer though, so I have another “accidental” shopping planned then. 🙂

Viya con Dios,


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Farmhouse decor blue bunting flour sack dish towel

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  1. It’s gorgeous!

  2. Oh, of course you had to have it…we understand.

  3. I don’t blame you, Angie. The bag is adorable and makes a nice prop.

  4. By reading your actual post I’ve to grin very often cause it fares to me, too and I guess lot’s of women worldwide know similar stories.
    Buy something what’s soo awesome but doesn’t neccessary at all so you’ve to hide it first, look for an open decor space and then if your hubby discovers it you tell him it’s “old” decor stuff 🙂

  5. Karen Robbins says

    I love that bag. I would definitely done the same thing. It is so beautiful and the first thing I thought of was I wonder what she is going to make with that. I agree that you should definitely buy some more. Maybe you have a few friends that would take some of the flour but not want the bag. Can’t wait to see your finished project.

  6. Guessing you’ll be freezing some flour or you you’ll be getting some unwanted guests in that flour sack! 🙂 But a lovely bluebird graphic indeed. Can’t want to see the projects you have in mind!

  7. living in AZ and now CO…..I see this flour all the time….the bags are pretty…..and have been to Cortez, CO….nice small town near the amazing Mesa Verde National Park…..amazing cliff dwellings….then it’s also a bean growing area….Dove Valley, CO….best dried beans and corn meals…..

  8. Connie Denton says

    I made a pillow out of mine like that and trimmed it out with long red fringe . I just love it . Of course the bulk of the flour went into the freezer . Good flour by the way

  9. My Dad worked at Cortez Milling Company for about 20 years and just retired, he probably packaged up your flour! We ate a lot of Blue Bird growing up.:)

  10. There are 2people on Etsy selling the empty flour sack for 5 and 6 dollars, just sayen wink wink

  11. Oh what a cute story and the cutest sack of flour ever. I’d have went for it too.

  12. Lovely! And time to repackage and share that flour!

  13. Margaret Mills says

    Love it! I would have bought the 20 lbs of flour as well!

  14. Oh Angie, as soon as I saw that bag of flour, I just knew it wasn’t about the flour!! lol It’s gorgeous! Maybe you should share the flour with somebody who LOVES to bake! That would not be me tho!

  15. Marlene Stephenson says

    Can certainly see why you needed this bag,what a beauty!

  16. Perfect logic!!

  17. Do they ship? Must have! I like the idea you had for your vintage typewriter. I still have my mom’s and did not know I could do this charging station or pen holder project. Bringing it into the office tomorrow. Good reading.

  18. My Family owns Cortez Milling. We do sell and ship just the empty flour sacks, it is a popular item for lots of different craft projects… So happy that Blue Bird caught your eye. I love reading stories like this of how people come across our flour. We have other beautiful designs as well. Let me know if I can be of any help.

  19. Norma Cravens says

    Same! Several weeks ago I was in Safeway , and saw these flour bags and skidded to a halt!
    Sooo beautiful! My daughter took one, and the rest are displayed unopened in my kitchen!
    And yes, my husband has been giving me the evil eye, but it’s soooo worth it! They make me so happy!!

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