Wine Stoppers From Antique Knobs

Hello Knick of Time readers, I’m Bliss from over at Bliss-Ranch.  As you know Angie is with her family, so while she’s there, I’m helping here at her blog house.

I’ve got this quick re-purpose with some old pump organ knobs, I believe they’re probably Victorian.

At least that’s what Google tells me.

Vintage Pump Organ Knobs Turned Wine Stoppers

I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this sooner, I mean I’ve had these knobs for two years.

I picked them up at an occasional sale just because I thought they were interesting.

Vintage Pump Organ Knobs Turned Wine Stoppers Bliss-Ranch
As you can see each knob has a screw attached, which made for an easy project once I decided what to do with them.

Vintage Pump Organ Knobs Turned Wine Stoppers Bliss-Ranch

The tops of these are ceramic or porcelain, with white and a pretty peach color surrounded by a couple bands of silver.

Do you know if these knobs would have showed or if they were tucked away inside of the pump organ?  Because I’m thinking they were pretty fancy for the inside if no one saw them.

Vintage Pump Organ Knobs Turned Wine Stoppers Bliss-Ranch

This project couldn’t have been easier.  I simply screwed the screw of each knob into the center of a cork.

In fact it took me longer to find corks in a drawer and write this post than the actual project.

I used some bottles I had on a shelf to test the stoppers out.  I’m trying to think what I could store in them permanently.  Maybe olive oil?  Something in my laundry room?

Really I could use them on any kind of bottle that needs a cork.  Wine does come to mind.

Vintage Pump Organ Knobs Turned Wine Stoppers Bliss-Ranch
The corks and knobs fit together so well, it’s as if the vintage style of these were made to be bottle stoppers.
Vintage Pump Organ Knobs Turned Wine Stoppers Bliss-Ranch


I know for a fact that when I attempt to play any musical instrument, the agony it causes to people’s ears makes them run for their wine bottles.


Vintage Pump Organ Knobs Turned Wine Stoppers Bliss-Ranch
And when I sing…. they run, and don’t stop till I do!


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  1. Bliss, those are not only interesting, they’re fantastic! Beautiful script, and I have no idea if they would’ve been seen. What a shame if they had been hidden all their lives until now.

  2. My singing causes the same reaction…go figure! 😉 What a super-cute idea and brava to you for seeing the potential in these beautiful items…they really DO fit this project to a T!

  3. Oh I really like those knobs and I have never seen any at any vintage shops etc
    I would snatch them right up
    Thanks for sharing now I have something else to look for while shopping LOL

  4. Those knobs would definitely be seen, if only by the organist. Each knob created a different tone or pitch on the organ and the organist would pull out the required ones as s/he played. Over here in the UK the church organist would be out of sight. Their feet would be pumping air into the bellows whilst their hands would be playing the notes and also pulling or pushing these knobs in and out. Very skilled those old time organists.
    Hope that helps.

  5. You know I’ve always loved those knobs, Bliss. Great idea!

  6. Vox Humana..Human Voice! Love these! Great idea!

  7. Herbal vinegar comes to mind! Very creative and I’m sure there are scads of knobs out there looking for corks

  8. Thanks for having me Angie, and thanks to Sue now I know a little more about these knobs.

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