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The last few months of my dad’s life, his internal clock got a bit out of whack.  While he was still able to walk by himself, he’d wake up in the wee hours of the morning, make some coffee, and park himself in the recliner to drink it.

He usually fell asleep with it in his hand, and my sister and I often tried to remove the cup so he wouldn’t burn himself, but the moment he felt the cup move, he’d tighten his grip – no getting his coffee away from him!

He  was a morning person who liked his coffee black.

I’ve never been a morning person, or a coffee drinker, but since the majority of my family are both, and I know many of you are too, I decided to introduce a new stencil design for all of you java-lovin’ morning people!

rise and shine coffee stencil - Knick of Time

Rise and Shine is part of Knick of Time’s Vintage Sign Stencils!

Rise and Shine Coffee Co. stencil - Vintage Sign Stencils by www.KnickofTime.net

My first sample project is just a simple sign on a piece of scrap wood.

rise and shine coffee stencil

I stenciled it with black paint first, but the words looked too faint, so I went over it again with white paint and love the way the black showed through.

rise and shine stencil 4 - Knick of Time

Because I like things that are functional, as well as decorative, I also made a rustic handled tray…

rise and shine stencil coffee co. - Knick of Time

How to make this Rise & Shine Coffee Co. handled tray

You’ll need:

Affiliate links included to help you find what you need

pallet wood or other rustic wood.  You could also use new wood.

mending braces to connect wood

cordless screwdriver

stencil brush – I use this one)

drawer handles

furniture wax

How I made it:

I used two thick pieces of wood salvaged from an antique windowsill frame.  Pallet wood would work well too.

1.  Cut the wood to your desired length.  My pieces are about 20″ long.

2.  Connect the two pieces together using mending braces. This will  be the back side.

3.  Stencil the lettering on the front.  You can stencil on the unfinished wood, or paint the wood first with a base color, then stencil over it.

How to make a rustic wood handled tray for coffee lovers! - www.KnickofTime.net

I painted my wood white – thicker down the middle and with a dry brush round the edges so some of the rustic wood grain would show through, then stenciled the sign with black paint.

4.  Seal with furniture wax, and buff well.

Turn salvaged pallet wood into a rustic handled tray to enjoy your morning cup of coffee on - Tutoriral at www.KnickofTime.net

Create your own rustic handled tray for coffee lovers!- www.KnickofTime.net

5.  Pre-drill holes and attach handles.

DIY rustic farmhouse wood tray tutorial - KnickofTime.net

And just that quick (yes, it really was quick!), you have yourself a rustic wood handled tray to enjoy your morning cup of Joe on! 🙂

rise and shine stencil 10 Knick of Time

The Rise and Shine Coffee Co. stencil can be purchase HERE.


Make your own easy rustic farmhouse coffee tray! - Tutorial at KnickofTime.net

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Repurposed Wooden Spool Coffee Station

Turn a wooden cable spool into an organized and clutter free coffee station! - KnickofTime.net

Vaya con Dios,


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  1. I love how these turned out, Angie…great stencil!

  2. Angie, I love all your stencils. I was wondering if you will ever make a small stencil of the Milk & Crèam Company to put on a small quart or pint milk bottle. If not a stencil then a clear label? I purchased your big Milk & Cream to put on an old milk can I have. I now have a quart bottle I would like to put this label on.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. Fathers are special people whose influence and guidance lasts long after their passing. I talk to mine and still feel his presence when I most need it. He always said, “I will give you all of what you need and some of what you want.”

    God Bless!

  4. Helene Farley says

    Awesome stencil! I am not a morning person, therefore I am definitely a coffee person. ? Great work on both the sign and tray.

  5. Mending Braces! I never knew what to call those things – “metal thingies” was about my most descriptive term.
    I learn something new from you pretty much every time!
    New stencil looks great (he says as a morning person).

  6. I love the look of the stencil on your coffee tray !

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