Mason Jars Stencils, DIY Wood Tote + Custom Stencils

You all love mason jars, right?

     Yeah, that’s a silly question!

I collect old ones, and my favorites from my collection are displayed on the new kitchen window shelf my husband made me last year.

Well, a few days ago, I shared a little wooden crate I had upcycled to look like an old produce shipping crate.

It has the words, “Sweet Harvest Produce Co.” lettered on the side, but that lettering was only part of my newest Vintage Sign Stencil design, so I’m unveiling the entire stencil design now on a DIY wooden tote.

     Seriously, I’m in love it.

This new stencil includes the beloved mason jars image, as well as several font size options for the Sweet Harvest Produce Co. wording, plus an optional stencil of the mason jar by itself.

Make your own Mason Jar Wood Tote that looks like a Fruit Co. Shipping Crate -

Mason Jar Sweet Harvest stencil available HERE.

Create your own Fruit Crate Wood Tote with Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils Mason Jar Stencil -

The Ball jar stencil is slightly smaller than the stencil above, and doesn’t have any additional text on it.

Ball Jar stencil (no text) available HERE

I was on a roll, so I worked on a few more projects using the Ball jar stencil, so here’s a sneak peek of one of them.  I’ll share more on those projects soon!

ball mason ja stencil by Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils -

DIY Mason Jars Wood Tote

The ends of the tote have mason jars on them, and the sides have the larger Sweet Harvest Produce Co. font on them.

The tutorial to make a tote with a removable paper towel handle is HERE.

Create your own farmhouse wood tote featuring mason jars and produce company crate wording - Tutorial at

mason jar crate 4 - Knick of Time

I took my old jars and canning supplies of my window shelf to include them in the photos.

mason canning jars 3 - KnickofTime

The patina and text are gorgeous!

mason jar canning crate 5 - Knick of Time

I styled the tote for these photos as a flower tote, but took a few more shots showing it used as a picnic tote, and holding paint brushes and paint supplies as well.

DIY mason jars picnic tote -

mason jar craft tote - Knick of Time


Viya con Dios,


signature pin

mason jars wood totes -

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  1. This turned out so great, Angie!

  2. Love this sweet mason jar! And I don’t know why I had never seen your post on making the tote. Thank you. I better get busy.

  3. Terri Hughes says

    Love the wood tote with the mason jar stencil…..beautiful job. Mason jars are perfect anyway you use them, jars or stencils of jars!

  4. Marlene Stephenson says

    Looks wonderful, what a great idea. Thanks Angie.

  5. Cheryl Gloe says

    Love the wooden tote, and the Ball stencil. My mom got rid of her grinder-just like yours. She said you couldn’t get parts for it anymore. Well, anyway, yes you can! Wish I would have known she was getting rid of it, makes a nice accent!

  6. I love it Angie, this is a beautiful stencil!

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