Dorm Room Essentials for My Kiddo


My middle son took a semester off  from school last year to do a full-time internship.

He lived off campus in a house full of guys during his internship.

Have you ever seen what a house inhabited by five college guys looks like?

  It’s scary.

Apparently college guys don’t realize that leftover pizza won’t keep for three months in the refrigerator.

I was the unlucky mom that got to clean that fridge out on moving day.

I’m still recovering from it.

But the rest of the guys graduated, so my kiddo will be back in a dorm room for the fall semester.

He’ll be needing some new things for his living space and I get to help him out with that! 🙂
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Big Lots invited me to select some essentials he’ll need, so my guest room got a mini dorm room makeover, so I can show you what I picked for him!

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Geometric patterns are trending right now, so I think he’ll love this set I picked for him.

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I also picked a super soft set of plush throw pillows.

 … I hope he realizes he shouldn’t really throw them.

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He can get rid of the random assortment of old towels he took from home, because I also selected all new towels for him.

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I’ll give him a bunch of quarters to do his laundry, so I can rest easy knowing he’ll actually wash them. 🙂

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We’re going to visit him later in the month, so I can’t wait to give him all the new things for his dorm room, although I’m loving how it all looks in my guest room!

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Vaya con Dios,



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  1. I love those pillows ♥


  2. Teddee Grace says

    Cute accessories! There’s a Big Lots in a town about 30 miles away where I go to my chiropractor. I’ll have to stop in the next time I’m there! I hope they are fully stocked!

  3. Great post. My new summer bedding came from Big Lots.

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