Weekending: 100 Screw Holes Later and Fall Window Box Update

I did something really dumb, and now I have to pay for it.

If you do the crime, you must do the time, as they say.

Believe me, I regret my crime and wish I had been smarter.

My crime?  It was putting screw holes into the wood walls in my kitchen.

Not just a few holes.  I made loads of them.

Every time I showed you a photo like this …

DIY Chalkboard Lettering - KnickofTime.net

or this …

farmhouse cabinet - KnickofTime.net

or this …

Create an easy kitchen baking center sign with Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils - www.knickoftime.net

I put more holes into our walls, because of course the previous holes I’d made were never exactly where I needed the screws to be.  You can even see one of those screw holes in the photo above.

Normally I try to edit the holes out of photos, but I got so tired of doing that, I decided it was time to “do my time” by filling all the holes with wood putty and sanding them smooth.

Next week I’ll be repainting the kitchen walls and ceiling, so I’ve got my work cut out for me.

The next time I want to hang something that’s probably only going to hang temporarily, I’ll be smarter and use Command strips and save myself a whole lot of photo editing time.

Gorgeous old platters make beautiful and simple winter white farmhouse wall decor - See more at https://knickoftime.net/

In other news, I thought I’d show you what my fall window box looked like once all the leaves dried up in it.

I think it looks just as pretty – just less colorful.


Our burning bush is in full color now, so I added some new cuttings to the window box to freshen it up.

I didn’t take out any of the brown leaves.

I love how they look mixed in with the fresh red ones. rustic-crate-fall-centerpiece-with-natural-elements-knick-of-time

There are some berries on the burning bush cuttings that the birds hadn’t eaten yet.

I know this beautiful fall color will be gone soon, so I’m enjoying every minute of it as much as I can.

I sprayed the cattails with acrylic sealer, and so far that’s kept them from exploding into poof balls on a stick.


Wish me luck painting.  If you don’t hear from me in the next few days, it means every bone in my body probably aches from reaching and stretching!

Vaya con Dios,



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  1. Thank you for sharing your posts, the planter is beautiful and the wall is awesome! I have done that more than once just not as many holes.Good luck with you repair & painting. Your time will be served plus you learned a lesson.Keep up your beautiful work!

  2. I hope you have better luck with command strips than I . They say they hold a couple of pounds, but in my house I have had many ” go bump in the night”. My least successful have been picture strips and much broken glass. And I thought there were a great idea too. Is this item a sponsor?

    • Well, that’s not good news, Jane! I as hoping the Command strips would cure me of my screw hole making ways!

      • They just seem to have a shelf life and dry out. When that happens they fail. The hooks however seem to stay up well. I have them in my closet and on the back of the bathroom doors so robes and they are great.
        Please try a few and later eat us know how they work.

  3. HI Angie, I can sure relate to your hole filling dilemma ! My husband is so persnickety about putting holes in the walls and consequently my walls are quite bare!! But I sure do enjoy looking At your walls…and dreaming! Sarah

  4. my problem with Command hooks is NOT being able to remove them….doesn’t seem to matter what state I lived in…AZ or CO….couldn’t get them off……these were on the front door and a front skinny window we had….and they never got hit by the sun….
    screw holes…YIKES…we moved into this home on June 4…and the closets have the crappy wire systems….we wanted to reconfigure them for us…not the way they were….so I took the shelving down and counted the holes in just the larger of the 2 master closets…180….some of the holes were from what I took down and others…well from other systems….lol

  5. I really like all the browns and golds in your dried flower box arrangement. Then the burning bush reds add just the right pop of color. Nice.

    You know, Angie, all that stretching and bending is really good for you–keeps you limber. I know, smack me! Good thing you can’t actually reach me! It’s true, though, and every time I do something that requires that stretching and bending I realize just how much more of it I probably need to be doing to avoid the pain and suffering of muscles that aren’t used in those ways much. Aargh! Life is full of nasty little lessons like that!
    Sorry about your crime and its consequences! I love those three stoneware platters on the wall, though.

  6. Being married to a drywall contractor meant I was very aware of the crime you speak of. He used to cringe when he saw me heading to hang something up, but over the years he has embraced my measuring imperfections, in fact he usually offers to hang them for me to alleviate his anxiety. Works for me!

    • My husband used to comment about all the holes I was putting in the walls, but I don’t think he cares now, because the holes bother me more than they do him and he won’t fix them for me. I did the crime, so he won’t do my time for me! 🙂

  7. Ha! I keep vowing to stop making things that hang on the wall because I have the same problem! I too use command strips now. I haven’t had many command strip failures but I have found that sometimes you need to put the base strip on the wall and let it sit there for a couple of days before you put any weight on it. I also sometimes use, for lighter objects, Teacher’s Tape – which is a little bit less expensive and very useful.

  8. Forgive me for laughing out loud at the thought of hundreds of tiny holes all over your walls.
    I so understand your pain.
    You certainly have your work cut out.
    I’ve never tried the Command Strips…..hope they work out. Please let us know.
    Have fun!
    diane @ thoughts&shots

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