Simple Christmas Candle Centerpiece

This year the topic of discussion at our Thanksgiving table was all things wedding related.

Wedding dates, wedding venues, and wedding colors.

One of my sons is engaged, another son is planning to get engaged soon, and so is my niece.

I’m overjoyed.


But between bites of turkey and mashed potatoes, my mind was seeing dollar signs lined up like a slot machine.

I knew I’d need to tighten my budget’s belt now for all those wedding expenses we will have.

So this year I’m all about simple Christmas ideas.

Deck the halls on a dime.

That’s my theme this Christmas! 🙂

I’m not going to become a Scrooge.  I’m just going to repurpose things I already have for decor, starting with these three vintage graters.

I knew they’d make an easy table centerpiece or decor on a shelf.

So easy, it took me about 10 minutes to put together.

simple Christmas candle centerpiece -

I picked up some small glass votive holders and tea light candles at the dollar store.  You have to make sure the votive holders will fit inside the bottom of the graters or you could use battery operated candles and skip the votive holders altogether, but I like the way real candles flicker.


I ran out to the field and cut some evergreen clippings and added some faux red berry sprigs around the bases of the graters.

Create a simple Christmas candlelit centerpiece with repurposed vintage graters -

When the candles are lit, they cast the prettiest patterns of light through the grater’s holes, and you have instant simple Christmas ambiance!

Create a simple Christmas candlelit centerpiece with repurposed vintage graters -

If you use battery operated candles, you could add a bow onto the handle to dress them up a bit more.

Because they are narrow, you can line them up in the middle of the table, and they don’t take up much space or obscure your view across the table.

It’s easy to find old graters at thrift shops and antique stores.  I’ve never paid more than a few dollars for them.

I’m busy working on more repurposed and simple Christmas decor now and am actually glad that my budget is tight this year.  It forces me to use things I’ve had sitting in my stash, instead of spending money that will be more fun to spend on weddings.

Are you repurposing things you already have this year?  If so, I’d love to hear about them!

Create a simple Christmas candlelit centerpiece with repurposed vintage graters -

Vaya con Dios,


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  1. Lots of weddings coming up…such a special time for a family!
    Your grater arrangement is lovely…I am enjoying using what I have this year, too!

  2. I totally love the C’mas graters !
    Thanks Angie for the inspiration. I’m pinning this.

    Feliz Navidad !

  3. Two summers ago I had a daughter get married, a daughter graduate high school and a son graduate medical school. I was on the verge of voluntary committing myself ( it seemed less stressful). I pulled it together, we cooked every ounce of food, handmade most everything, and we borrowed every slow cooker I could get my hands on. To this day, people comment that it was their favorite because it felt like a family gathering full of love❤️ On a side note, I cant get the hot cocoa sign to load and I was hoping to see it for inspiration for a Christmas gift?

  4. These ideas are really cute—I think I will have to do a grater candle thing for sure. And of course, utilizing what you have in different ways is always a great idea, Thanks, Sandi

  5. As always, so cute. I used it to make my grater center piece, thanks so much.

    • Cheri Hins says

      I’ve been getting so many compliments on my graters. I am really loving those battery operated candles and not having to replace them constantly. Thank you again for the project

  6. Sharee Christians says

    A word of warning with the graters. I had a grater that had a wooden handle. I can testify that even the smallest votive will scorch the wooden hand. 🙄🤪😄

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