Affordable Natural Fiber Jute Rugs

I’ve been eyeing jute rugs for a long time, but after seeing so many expensive ones that other bloggers bought, I assumed they were all out of my price range.

I was so wrong though!

10 Affordable Jute Rugs You Can Buy on Amazon | Knick of Time Farmhouse Style Design Board |

We have a wood floor in our living room that is in very rough condition.

We plan to refinish them this summer, but I can never take blog photos in my living room because of how bad the floor looks.

So I went on a quest to find affordable jute rugs to hide the wear on the floor and add some texture and warmth to the room at the same time.

I searched our local stores first, but our town is small and has very few stores that carry jute rugs.  So I started shopping online for them.

I looked, and looked, and looked at jute rugs until I was nearly braindead.

I looked at rugs from many sources, but in the end I found the most variety and affordable ones on Amazon.

I was totally surprised when I found twelve rugs I loved.  I thought I’d get lucky if I found even one.

There were jute rugs in every shape and size, from very small doormat size rugs to huge full-room rugs.

There were flat braided rugs and chunky thick rugs.

There were rugs with fabric borders and rugs with fringe.

There were oval rugs, round rugs, rectangle rugs, and square rugs.

I was in jute rug heaven …

And I’m sharing my little slice of heaven with you!

The images below are clickable and shoppable affiliate links to Amazon.

It took me a while to make my final decision of which one to buy.  When it arrives, I’ll show you my pick, as well as some additional money-saving tips for buying jute rug beyond just shopping on Amazon.


Shop the items in this post by clicking the photos below…

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  1. Just had to say that I love your blog. I have reading your blog for about 5 months and like the way you give information on items that you find. Thanks for the one on the Birch items and the jute rugs. I am like you I have been looking for one for so long. They go with anything. Looking forward to what you are up to in 2017. Thanks again and know that I appreciate your work on having such a good blog.

  2. What a great collection of jute rugs, Angie! Thanks for sharing all your research with us! I have tho’t about putting a jute rug in my dining room for a while, but like you I didn’t think I would find one in my price range. Now I know it’s possiible. Hard to choose, though. Because they are all really attractive. I’l be anxious to see what you chose!

  3. Hi Angie….I read your blog all the time and appreciate your shared information. I too am looking for a jute rug for my dining room. One thing I worry about with this type of rug is the shedding and the dirt that can come out of some of these rugs. I have been looking on Wayfair and reading all sorts of reviews, which can be a good thing or a bad thing when trying to make a decision.

    I am looking forward to your purchase and suggestions on purchasing a rug of this type.

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