Bespoke Wooden Totes & American Farmhouse Style

My daughter has a word-of-the-day app on her phone.  Most of the words are ones that are seldom used and neither of us know what they mean, but the one she told me the other day was bespoke.

It’s an old word that dates back to the 1500’s and is rarely used in normal conversation, but  it’s become a somewhat trendy word today.

According to Merriam-Webster, bespoke refers to things that are ordered before they are made.

My husband and I got quite a few orders for our bespoke handmade wood totes with built-in paper towel holder, so we both got busy working on them last week.

It’s a multi-day process to make each one.

First, he cuts out all the wood pieces.  He labels the top of each piece so I know which direction to place the top of the stencil.

Making handmade wood totes |

Next I stencil all of the pieces, stain them, and let them dry.

Making handmade wooden farmhouse kitchen totes |

The next day he uses his Kreg jig (affiliate link) to drill pocket holes in them, and he assembles each tote.

Handmade bespoke farmhouse wooden totes with Knick of Time Vintage Sign Stencils |

We got three done this week, and still have more orders to fill.

Handmade wooden kitchen storage totes |

Normally I use the Home Baked Pie stencil on one end and side, and the Flour Sack stencil on the other end and side, but occasionally a customer requests both ends and sides to have the same design on them, which is no problem.

Handmade wooden kitchen storage totes |

He has most of next week off from his job, so being the good guy that he is, he’ll be spending some of the time catching up on the rest of the orders and hopefully getting extra pieces cut out so we can get a head start on more totes as the orders come in.

If you’d like to make one for yourself, you’ll find my tutorial HERE.

Handmade wooden kitchen storage totes |

In other news, I received something wonderful in my mailbox this week.

It’s the latest American Farmhouse Style magazine, with my Shed-Turned-Guest Room featured in it!

Knick of Time feature in American Farmhouse Style magazine |

Being featured in a magazine just never gets old, and it’s such an honor.

Knick of Time feature in American Farmhouse Style magazine |

Knick of Time feature in American Farmhouse Style magazine |

The magazine is available on newsstands now, or can be ordered online.





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  1. Congratulations on the magazine spread! But, I love that we get to see things on your blog first, lol!

  2. I love that guest room and have a question as I am in the midst of redoing my “potting shed” into a little guest house and my she shed. Do you ever have issues with mice, especially with a mattress and bedding? What do you do to prevent invasion? My shed is old but we redid it a couple of years ago. It’s the shape of a small barn and we opened up the loft so it’s now a half loft (I can almost stand up straight up there, have to tilt my head a bit, I’m 5’5″) which I will put a bed up there. It’s all insulated with plank walls, a bump out greenhouse on the south side made from reclaimed windows, wood floor. I also have a 1930s wood cookstove in there with corrugated metal behind as a heat
    shield and opposite of that an old door on saw horses as a “counter”. I love your decor and wonder if you can give me some suggestions:
    – should I paint or white wash the plank walls?
    – mouse prevention?
    – decor suggestions?

    • Barb, we don’t have a problem with mice, but that’s because we made very sure to seal up any holes they could get through. Your potting shed sounds like it will make an amazing guest house!
      Personally, I prefer painted planks to white washed planks, but just go with your preference and you’ll love it!

      • Thanks Angie!

        So first thing I will do then is go over with a fine tooth comb and seal everything! I’m leaning towards paint vs whitewashed – though I might try whitewash first and if I don’t like it can just paint over :). It will have to wait til spring as it’s still cold here in Ontario!

  3. Oh my gosh I LOVE these!!! So cute. I have a friend who is super into DIY…may have to try to convince her to make one of these for me 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  4. I can think of so many neat ways to use and display these totes! Thanks for linking up with Merry Monday this week.

  5. Congratulations, Angie, on your magazine spread! I’m just now reading this post because I’ve gotten very behind in keeping up with my e-mail. A little bout w/the flu last week wrecked my momentum! Anyway, I think your little guest shed is darling and I’m glad it got some good attention.

    The totes are fabulous! I must have one one of these days. Other demands on the budget right now, but before long, I will place an order. You and hubby do good work!

  6. Your guest room was wonderful when you posted and it is just great to see it in print. Congratulations Angie.

  7. These toolboxes are SO charming, Angie! I just love the breadboard take on them! I’ve featured you in this weekend’s DIY Salvaged Junk party. Thanks for linking up! 🙂

  8. congratulations on the magazine feature! I don’t know what wooden tote I like best…all of them are super cute!

  9. Congrats on the magazine spread! I collect Mason jars so I love that Ball Jar wooden tote.

    Have a great week!

  10. Congratulations on your magazine feature. I like these boxes and stencils,

  11. JaneEllen Jones says

    Holy cow Angie, you and the Mr. are going bananas. Love your totes, your table runners,what ever you make I love it.
    So happy for you about magazine feature, how exciting for you both. Is guest house your own personal project or has your Mr. helped? You are so busy. Your guest room looks so cute.
    Worked on getting sewing room emptied out today so hopefully will be able to make some new table runners myself, been long time since I made any. Think will use some of my stencils on them. Have usually only used transfers but want to try something different. Have used parts of vintage tablecloths also. Love making them.
    Noticed you fringed sides of runner you used for tutorial. Love that look.Usually will run sewing machine along sides of runner so it won’t ravel any more than I did on it.
    Have great rest of week.

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