Farm Fresh Eggs and a Terrifying Hen

Farm fresh eggs.

Those three little words conjure up wholesome images of barns and chickens and kids running around barefoot through the grass to collect them, don’t they?

But my mom has a different image when it comes to farm fresh eggs …


She was one of eight children.

They weren’t country kids.  They lived in town, but every summer when she was a young girl she went to live with another family who lived on a farm.

Staying with the farm family meant one less mouth for her parents to feed, and it meant the farm family got an extra pair of hands to help with their own small children and do small jobs around the farm.

One of my mom’s jobs was to collect eggs each day from the chicken coop.

It’s a job most kids would enjoy, but it terrified my mom.

One of the hens was a broody hen who was determined to hatch her eggs, so she wouldn’t leave the nest box.

If my mom tried to make her leave the nest box, the hen would peck her.

My mom had to get creative if she wanted to complete her egg gathering task without injury.

She started using a long stick as a pry bar to lift the hen off the nest box, grab the eggs, and make a run for it.

Poor thing.  She was probably relieved when the summer was over and she could return to her house in town where no terrifying hens lived.

Last spring my daughter decided she wanted to raise chickens so she could have her own farm fresh eggs.

We headed to the feed store and she picked out a bunch of adorable little chicks.

Spring baby chicks -

We kept them in a large box in our laundry room until they were old enough to live outdoors.

farmhouse chickens egg layers |

She loves and dotes on them, and in their chicken way, I think they love her too.

When she  calls, “chick, chick, chick,” they come running, knowing she’ll reward them with chicken treats.

They eat from her hand, and none of them try to peck her – not even the rooster.

backyard chickens raising chickens farmhouse flock |

And we are rewarded with the most beautiful and tasty fresh eggs every day – even during the winter.

Farm fresh eggs from our backyard chickens |

Mom, I hope next time you come to visit you gather some eggs and hand feed the chickens.

I promise, none of them will peck you! 🙂

Keeping backyard chickens is one of the reasons we love country living so much. We're rewarded with beautiful farm fresh eggs daily that taste better than any egg from a commercial flock |

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  1. I love my chickens but warn your mom I have one that will peck her here. She’ll only do it if she thinks she’s defending another chicken but it sure does hurt!

  2. Thank you for this story:)
    I live in Poland and last summer I bought 5 hens and a rooster for my 8 years old son. When they see him carrying food for them they start dancing and singing to show how happy they are :))

  3. Mellisa Stuckert says

    I kept 3 Rhode Island Reds hens and a Leghorn rooster when my boys were small. We loved the taste and richness of their eggs, but my boys would not eat them even if I mixed them up with store bought ones. The other downfall was that I was the only one who would gather the eggs. They were all terrified of my rooster Rude Rudy and refused to enter their coop. Rudy and I had an understanding – he knew he’d get swatted with a broom if he came after me.

  4. dear angie,

    how gracious of you to share your “still lives.” with us this morning. a cup of hot coffee along with your images and prose are one of my favorite serene ways to start my day.
    hope your mom will be able to visit real soon and create some memories of “chick, chick, chick ….”


  5. I totally get your mom, we live on a farm and I am sure we have a relative chicken in our hen house. I leave her for my husband to get her eggs, he also takes her off the nest, Oh my she gets upset. Poor old girl, but once off, less then a minute later it is like she has totally forgot and is out and about with the others just fine. lol,lol,

  6. Your photo really evokes a farmhouse kitchen. Thank you for sharing!

  7. What a lovely post…it made me smile!

  8. Fun story, Angie! Lovely photo! How nice to have fresh eggs!

  9. Happy New Year, Angie, and thank you for the wonderful story. Cheers, Ardith

  10. Such a sweet post, Angie. Love your pictures and story, my niece has added chickens to their yard, and the antics she posts on Facebook are hysterical. Thanks for a peek into farm life, lol. Sandi

  11. What a great story! My own Mom had a similar scenario as a child! We laugh until we cry each time she tells us her childhood stories from my Great Grama & Grandpa’s farm!!

  12. I love the colors of those eggs! I didn’t know chicken eggs came in different colors. Is that because specific types of chickens lay different colored eggs or is it due to whatever they are eating?

  13. Sweet egg, i love it !!!

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