Dog Treats Storage with Leash Hanger | Share Your Birth Order Story

A rustic farmhouse style leash hanger with built-in storage for dog treats that you can customize with your dog’s name.

And it’s dedicated to everyone who is a baby of the family … like me!

How to make a dog treats and supplies leash holder with customized pet name |

I have only one sister, and I’m the baby of the family.

My big sister is a typical firstborn.  She was a very academic, self-disciplined, and serious kid.

All of my typos drive her crazy, so she proofreads all my blog posts for me.  Thanks, Debbie!

(You’re welcome, Little Sister!  Inserted by the big sister.  Let’s see who catches it.)

On the other hand, I was a typical baby of the family.

I was happy-go-lucky, talked constantly, and it took a lot of encouragement and discipline to get me to do what I needed to do.

This is Chica.  She’s the dog baby of our family.

Chica is a lot like me.  She’s hyper, barks too much, and needs to be kept active, or she gets herself in trouble.

Chica doesn’t like to wait her turn for a snack, but with a lot of persistence, we finally taught her to sit and wait for her snack.  She can have her nose inches away from it, but she won’t touch it until we tell her it’s okay.

We babies of the family are impulsive, but we are willing to wait for our rewards.

Chica and I, we understand each other. 🙂

Dog stories and how to make a leash hanger with built in storage |

She needs to go on lots of walks to burn energy, and I needed something to store her treats and leash on, so I made a rustic farmhouse style leash hanger that has storage for her dog treats and chew toys.

DIY Dog Treats Storage & Leash Hanger

Supplies Used:

  • pallet wood or other small wood plank
  • bread pan
  • small coat hook
  • wood screws
  • D-ring hangers
  • adhesive letters (if desired)

How to make a dog supplies leash holder with customized pet name |


  • Cut a pallet wood plank to desired length.  Mine is 18″.
  • Stain and sand the wood if desired to give it a worn appearance.
  • Attach D-ring hangers to the top corners on the back side.
  • Pre-drill holes in the bread pan and screw onto the wood, then screw the coat hook next to it.

How to make a dog food and leash holder with customized pet name |

  • Customize it with your dog’s name by adding adhesive letters on the front of the pan.

How to make a dog food and leash holder customized pet name |

  • Hang it up, fill the bread pan with treat pouches, and hang your dog’s leash and it’s done!

This only took about 15 minutes to make, and if Chica could read, I think she’d love it too. 🙂

How to make a dog treats and supplies leash holder with customized pet name |

For treats, I bought PEDIGREE® Pouches at Walmart.  To keep her entertained indoors, I put a small amount of food inside a refillable rubber toy.   That keeps her busy licking the food out.  

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Stay well and be creative!




So, tell me – Where are you in the birth order of your family?  

Are you an only child, the oldest, a middle child, or the baby?  

Do you have a typical personality for your place in your family?

Please share in the comments below!

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Vaya con Dios,

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  1. I am the oldest…I THINK I am the peacemaker? Always trying to keep everyone happy??
    I have Bichon Frise. My first was Dar’c…she lived 17 long years!! Then came Harley, sweet sweet boy, who died at five after cancer surgery…VERY TOUGH!! Now I have Kolbey, 9yrs, and Kylii, 4yrs….we are a HAPPY HAPPY bunch!!
    Love the leash holder! I mention the word “treat” and its excitement…..tails wagging, talking to me and VERY focused!! LOL! LOVE MY BABIES!!!

  2. LOVE the rustic look, it goes great with your pet food storage and bowl holder too.

  3. I am the oldest? The one the parents decided to try all the new strategies on so I was raised strictly and am forever greatful to them because I like that I was the good girl.. cuz then there was my brother..the rules got a little more relaxed and then my baby sister.. what rules? Love them to the moon and back. On the subject of dogs.. my dad succumbed to mental illness 10 yrs ago, and as the oldest it was painful and I don’t know how I would have gotten through having to be the oldest and support my siblings through their grief without my rescue lab. Love her to the moon and back also❤

    • Julie, thanks so much for sharing your story. My dad passed away a little over a year ago, and though my sister and I shared in his care giving in his final weeks, she lives right down the road from my parents so the bulk of helping both of my parents has fallen on her since I live out of state. We baby of the family kids couldn’t do without our first born siblings like you!

  4. This is a great idea! I have a Chica too! She is s 17 year old Chihuahua and was always well-behaved. We won’t talk about a couple of the others! 🙂 I am third out of 4 girls, so I am not sure what characteristics I am supposed to have! Love reading your blog and you always have great ideas!

  5. Love your tutorial. I am the first born and definitely struggle with perfectionism and very academic. But the rest of my personality is more like you. Happy go lucky, super talkative and everyone is a friend I haven’t met yet. I am the creative one who never sits still and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I have one baby sister who is also my best friend. She is more laid back, leans toward the calm, quiet side and missed out on the creativity gene but is also very academic. I was the kid who needed constant guidance and discipline and my parents rarely had to discipline her. She claims she watched me get chewed out and vowed not to make the same mistakes. lol We are a perfect match for each other. So blessed to share the closeness we have and we have a tight bond with our mom and dad too. Thanks for this wonderful idea.

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