Anniversary Weekend, Proud Momma Moments & Reader Projects

After almost six years of blogging, I’ve come to realize that this blog has become so much more than just my job.  There’s an even more important reason.

I don’t keep a journal, but in many ways this blog has become a sort of journal of my life.

Not only do I share all the projects I make, or the changes we’ve completed on our home, but I also share personal details about my family life.

These days I rarely have time to work on scrapbooks, so my blog has become an online scrapbook of my life.

I love that with a click of a button, I can revisit it all and enjoy the memories.

So, today I’m sharing some moments that are entering the pages of my online scrapbook, and sharing some projects made by my readers using my stencils and tutorials.

My husband and I celebrated our 28th anniversary on Saturday.

wedding anniversary photo

We went back to Arkansas to visit my son and his fiancée, even though we’d just been there last weekend when I took their engagement photos, because my son had a special event going on that I didn’t want to miss.

He’s majoring in graphic design, and all the senior graphic design, interior design, and marketing students worked together to put on a branding show as one of their main senior projects.

It isn’t often I get a chance to view his work, so my husband and I were happy to spend our anniversary weekend seeing what he’s learned the last four years.

They worked as a team and were given the assignment of creating a hotel in one room.  His team worked on the bedroom and restaurant part of the hotel.

My son designed the logo for the hotel.  They used scrap wood to make a rustic backdrop for the sign.

graphic design students logo branding design |

He also designed a carrier for food and drink that could be ordered and delivered by room service.

Logo Design Hotel room service delivery package |

Logo Design Hotel room service delivery package |

I wish I could stay at his fictitious hotel, because all guests receive a gift package on their bed filled with a candle, a pair of socks, the daily paper, a pack of gum, and a note from the maid.

Graphic design branding project hotel complimentary guest gift |

These are the complimentary bathroom products each guest receives.  He designed the packing for them as well.

hotel guest room supplies packaging |

This is the logo for the rooftop restaurant he designed.

Rooftop Restaurant Logo design |

The logo is also on the labels he made for the French press cold coffee bottles …

graphic design cold press coffee bottle labels |

… and on the business cards and to-go packages.

Logo branding packaging and business card design |

We also got to visit one of his classrooms to see some other projects he’s worked on.

Graphic design students screen printed concert posters |

This one was a screen printed concert poster assignment.

Screen printed concert poster by grahic designer |

So, if you know anyone who needs a graphic designer, I’ve got your man! 🙂

On my blog I also love to feature projects made by readers using my line of Vintage Sign Stencils and my tutorials.

One of my readers used the Fresh Baked Pie stencil and my Paper Towel Tote Tutorial to make her own set of totes.

I was blown away by what a great job she did.  Well done, Bridgett!

DIY farmhouse wooden totes made with Knick of Time tutorial and Vintage Sign Stencils |

Kim @ Hunt and Host used the Fresh Flowers stencil on a wooden cheese crate to give it farmhouse style.  See how she did it HERE.

Turn a wooden cheese box into beautiful farmhouse decor with the Fresh Flowers stencil from Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils
Susan @ Homeroad has been busy using the stencils on some really fun and easy projects.

DIY stenciled fresh flowers pillow covers using Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils. Project by Homeroad |

She used the Fresh Flowers stencil on handmade DIY flower crates and farmhouse style pillow covers that she sells in her booth space.  See more about these projects HERE.

DIY wood flower stenciled crate by Homeroad |

She used the Fresh Milk Delivered Daily stencil to make a thrift store find look like a vintage sign.  See how HERE.

How to make a metal sign look old and rusty by Homeroad |featured at Knick of Time |

Vaya con Dios,


  1. Fun read! Happy anniversary! My husband and I share your anniversary date. But we were 39 years on Saturday. Where does the time go? We will have 14 overnight this coming weekend when our whole family comes home. The old farmhouse will be full! A crowded nest is best!

  2. Congratulations to your son! My daughter had the traditional portfolio show when she graduated…I love the branding show idea! Your son is very creative and I love the items he designed for the project!

  3. Happy Anniversary, too! Wonderful photo of the two of you!

  4. Happy Anniversary. Love the picture of the two of you.

  5. Happy Anniversary!
    I too want to stay at that hotel.
    Abram’s work is terrific (I particularly like The Roof designs).
    And I know what you mean about the journal/scrapbook/blog triangulation.

  6. Fran Caswell says

    Happy Anniversary! I wish you both many more.

  7. Angie, Your son’s projects are awesome! So happy you could share the satisfaction with him & your hubs. Yes, blogging is a wonderful way to remember our journeys. I love looking back at old posts & seeing how I decorated that year for that holiday, etc. It’s been fun to follow along with you on your blogging journey also & also see tidbits of your growing family!

  8. Happy Anniversary! Its so special to find your soul mate to share
    strenght through the bad times and love and joy during the good times.
    Your son has amazing talent and you can tell he loves the profession he has chose for his future. Thank you for sharing your proud moments with all.

  9. Your son is extremely talented, Angie. I’ve worked my entire career in marketing, and can tell you that not that many designers can truly capture the personality of a company as well as your son has done here. Big kudos to him and best wishes for a fantastic career. Cheers, Ardith

  10. Happy Anniversary! You must be so proud, your son is so talented! Thanks for sharing my project

  11. Angie, you have a very tall, handsome husband! Congratulations to both of you on your anniversary! Twenty-eight years is commendable these days. Bless you both and may you be together another twenty-eight!

    You also have a handsome and talented son. His design work is very professional-looking and I want to stay at his hotel, too!

    Another thing I want is one of those totes you and your husband made! I don’t know if I could make one myself as I am not handy with tools at all. If it were sewn together, no problem, but wood and screws and saws are not my forte. I will look in your shop to see if you still have any for sale.

    Thanks for sharing your family doings. I love reading about you all and learning about your lives together as a family.

    • LOL, Naomi. My sister looked at the photo of my husband and I, and she said, I think you’re shrinking, because I didn’t think you were that much shorter than him. I probably am shrinking, but my hubby is almost 6 ft. tall. P.S. I’m just the opposite of you. My sewing machine hates me, but I get along great wit.h wood and screws. And yes, I do have totes available in my etsy shop. They are made when they are ordered.

  12. Happy Anniversary! It looks like you had a great weekend. Abram is so talented, Angie! You can be very proud!

  13. Angie happy 6 years and even more importantly happy 28 years. Your son is very talented and you are one lucky momma!

  14. What a wonderful anniversary gift that was to get to see your son’s work. With out doubt he is a wonderful graphic designer. It was in his blood, because you are so talented in doing things also. What a great gift to have someone like your husband and a great talented son in both of your lives. Congratulations. I would also love to stay in that Hotel. He needs to contact others that are not that nice and bring them up to speed on how to make theirs become better. Thanks again for sharing your family with us.

  15. Thanks so much for sharing – love, love, love the work your son did for the branding show. How exciting to see the talent of others. It was like attending an art show through my laptop. Fabulous!

    Happy, happy anniversary! You two are so cute, great picture! We’re just a couple years ahead of you. Still thinking about how to celebrate our 30th. Blessings to you for many more happy years.

  16. Wow, your son’s work is fabulous! (And I think his mom’s skills have had a huge influence on him)

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