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Flea Market Style book giveaway | www.knickoftime.net

I was looking for a gift for my mom for Mother’s Day and came across Flea Market Style by Better Homes and Gardens , and I knew she’d enjoy it because she loves using flea market and yard sale finds in her home as much as I do.

As I flipped through page after beautiful page, I decided to also gift a copy to one of my readers.

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My hope is that you’ll love the projects, printables, roundups, and occasional giveaways enough that you’ll love receiving email from me, and will open each one with anticipation!

I do want to mention that  your comments are what keep me doing what I’m doing on this blog.  I read every single one, and try to reply as often as I possibly can and life allows.

Enter the giveaway below.

Flea Market Style book giveaway at Knick of Time | www.knickoftime.net

Even if you are a seasoned flea market style decorator, sometimes we get used to looking at our decor and get in a rut.  But this book has so many ideas for using old things in new ways that you’re sure to find some ideas to inspire you.

Flea Market Style book giveaway at Knick of Time | www.knickoftime.net

It has over 180 pages filled with ways to repurpose, restyle,  re-imagine, and remake flea market finds.

Flea Market Style book giveaway at Knick of Time | www.knickoftime.net

I couldn’t help looking through it all before giving it to my mom.  I knew she wouldn’t mind! 🙂

Flea Market Style book giveaway at Knick of Time | www.knickoftime.net

The winner will have their own copy shipped directly to their door from Amazon, but if you’d like to get your own copy, it’s available to purchase HERE.

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  1. My daughters headboard that I found in someone’s trash pile, repainted and upholstered for her room is one of my favorite finds.

  2. My best find was some antique metal lawn chairs that I had been looking for for many years. I think I’m on the mailing list, but maybe only on FB, so I am signing up again. I love your blog!

  3. Mary Cloud says

    My best Vintage find was a step stool with the fold down seat.

  4. Kathleen Blodgett says

    My best find was at a thrift store. I found an industrial cart with wooden shelves and square chicken wire sides that I cleaned up and use to display my collection of vintage soda bottles. It looks like a beverage cart and I also display a glass cube filled with vintage soda caps. I love my collection so much and it is so large that I have to do “product rotation” in order to see them all!

  5. Carol Whewell says

    LOVE these flea market treasures and their makeovers!

  6. Sharynn hosier says

    My best flea market find was 4 vintage camp chairs which I cleaned up sprayed with bright colors and made seat cushions. Love this site by the way.

  7. An old Army footlocker!

  8. Looks like a great book. Thanks for offering it as a giveaway. I get your posts and love reading them. Ok now which is a best find… not sure but I did pick up an antique vanity mirror that needed some love and now it hangs above our front door in a high ceiling foyer and is gorgeous it looks like a beautiful window above the door. We get great comments on it all the time.
    Blessings Candy

  9. Hi Angie! My very favorite find was the tobacco drying rack that I use in my laundry room for clothes.
    The book looks great!

  10. Sally Smith says

    Your blog is one of my favorites!!! I just love your style….thanks for sharing…

  11. ColleenB.~Texas says

    A beautiful; complete set of China dishes; serves for 6 all in excellent condition along with tea pot, sugar and creamer to match.

  12. Kathee Vander Zanden says

    I go to flea markets, estate sales and antique shops primarily for the memories. I love stepping back in time. I don’t know if I’ve ever found THE find, but I have found many, many little items that make me smile. Probably my favorites are baby dolls. I love cute baby dolls … there are some I feel are just plain … and some just plain ugly … but every now and again I come across one that is absolute gerber-baby-type adorable and I must have it.

  13. Mellisa Stuckert says

    My favorite finds are vintage hobnail glass as well as WWII Japanese Ceramics at my local Goodwill. I even once was lucky to find a $100 bill in a book that I purchased.

  14. Patty Morgan says

    Our best find was a beautuful clock worth much more than the asking price. We have been fortunate to find many wonderful bargains over the years but have enjoyed this clock the most.

  15. Kathee Vander Zanden says

    Just a note …. your post says this giveaway will be APRIL 19, but you didn’t post until MAY 14. Think you may be a month back in time …. 🙂

  16. My best find is a beautiful pink depression cake stand. Thank You for the opportunity to win this book, good luck to all.

  17. Lesa Schell says

    I bought an rare coke bottle for 50 cents at a garage sale and found out its was worth 85 dollars. Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful book

  18. Hey There…not so much from a flea market, but on “freecycle”, The owner was moving out of State and was GIVING away a beautiful old blanket chest. Its bigger and taller than our so called storage /hope chest. It is dark dark stain and some of it has that crocodile finish, like it had been in a fire, but just a bit?? Did not see it until I got home, or I would have asked. A GREAT FREEBIE!!!!

  19. Karen Robbins says

    My favorite finds are a couple of old metal bread boxes. They both have a different shape and are a little chippy which adds to their looks. I’ve used them in several areas over the years. I just got this book from the library and liked it so well I planned to purchase one for myself. Thanks for the chance to win one. I love your blog and it is one of the first I hunt for each day.

  20. My best find, by far, was an Ethan Allen farm table and 4 Windsor chairs that I found on Craig’s list. $200 for all! I guess it was meant for me, since it went through a weekend of a garage sale, with low ball offers and a no show call on Craigslist before I got to look at it. Needless to say, I was ecstatic!

  21. Sharri Sims says

    Angie, I love your posts. I did notice in this one you wrote the winner will be selected on April 19th. I’m sure you meant May lol. My best find was a dumpster find. I found an old arched window that just needed a little TLC and now it hangs on our wall. It was one of our first projects and we are still very proud of it.

  22. I love your blog and flea market shopping. I repurpose odds and ends of glass vases, bowls, plates etc to make glass angels for the garden or for indoors.

  23. Sally Christiansen says

    I love all of your wonderful ideas. My best garage sale find was a pair of 4ft tall cement flamingo’s, painted pink and they were only $5. Not everyone’s idea of a great find but I love them in my garden.

  24. Carol S. says

    I love old boxes – metal, wood or leather. I can’t resist…

  25. Love your ideas! Also really love to take old things & repurpose them!!!

  26. Alison S says

    I found a great printers drawer!

  27. Stephanie Mudd Carrico says

    My best barn find was an old water pump that I made in to yard art for my flower bed.

  28. I found a huge, beautiful wooden birdcage at Goodwill. I walked by it several times before giving myself permission to fork over less than 10 bucks for it. Score!

  29. My best find were two beautiful wicker chairs for our screened porch.

  30. Judy Briele says

    My best find was a long wire basket. Have never figured out exactly what it was intended for but I put small clay pots added some greenery and have it on top of my kitchen cupboards. I love it. It has hooks so it could be hung on a wall but just don’t have the wall space for it in our small apartnent.

  31. Dina Karam says

    My favorite find is a sign from an old fire station alarm board system. It has my street name on it! We have it hanging above the french doors in our living room and it makes me happy every day.

  32. My best find was part of a desk or dresser that was already painted white. It went perfectly on top of an old white dresser that I have in my craft room. It gave me lots of little drawers and cubbies for storing supplies!
    I’ve been a subscriber for a while now and love your style! I’ve pinned lots and even bought a couple of things through Amazon links. Happy day!

  33. Susan McMenamin says

    My very best find was when an auctioneer was trying to finish quickly selling the outdoor goods before an approaching storm. I got a “from here to the barn” bargain for $2!! 3 vintage sewing machines, 6 lamps, a few small tables and an awesome molasses barrel. I got drenched loading my items and even gave some of it away, but it was the best!

  34. Barbara Coe says

    I was just driving by a yard sale and some thing catch my eye. I went back and saw the a black framed mirror. It was prefect size for the bathroom medicine cabinet. It has lots of curly q’s and very shabby chic. Painted and used super heavy duty glue to the old mirror. Super cute and only $1.00.

  35. Susanne Hefner says

    I found a hobnob milk glass pitcher at a thrift store for $1.00. It’s worth around $30.00. Thank your for the giveaway. I follow you daily and love your blog.

  36. Mary DeVine says

    My best flea market find is actually a category. I love flea market glassware and china. I’ve used old mismatched china to make hanging bird feeders and candles. And old plates and candlesticks to make cake stands. So many uses for old glassware and china!

  37. I love to find old, blue mason jars — for a low price, of course (which isn’t always easy)! Angie, I love your website — I always enjoy what you post! 🙂

  38. After over 50 years of flea/garage/tag sale shopping plus all those free curb-side treasures, it is hard to choose just one “best find”. But probably my favorite would be the solid oak Mission-style rocking chair that I found in a 2nd hand shop for $3 in 1965, in the little CA border town San Ysidro. I rocked 2 babies in that chair, then 2 grandsons. Precious memories, and the chair is just as sturdy and solid as when it was made in the 20’s.

  39. Robin Neff says

    My Best find so far, have been 2 vintage doors, 2 old rocking chairs, 2 beach size Adirondack chairs, and 4 vintage windows. These all came from the small local dump site the my way to my house.Best part is that these were all FREE.

  40. Mary DeVine says

    My best flea market find is actually a whole category. I love flea market glassware and china. I’ve used old mismatched china to make hanging bird feeders and candles. And old plates and candlesticks to make cake stands. So many uses for old glassware and china!

  41. Probably not my best find but the one I love the most is a shutter. I know that is a common item but this was the exact green shutter I was looking for. I used it as a table runner on my farmhouse table. Yes, I am a little crazy.

  42. Lois Stimax says

    My best place to find things is our local “recycling center”, where you can take trash and all manner of goodies. The first great find was a child’s wooden play hutch that I repainted and use for a small tv in the kitchen sitting area. The second was a 100 yr old steel wheelbarrow with a dented side. We bent it out a bit with a jack and it’s a planter! Free is best of all!

  43. My favorite flea market find was a free crystal and brass chandelier. I bought some other things and the women and I started talking and she offered me the chandelier, for FREE!

  44. I really enjoy receiving your emails and wonderful ideas. One of my favorite finds recently was a big white wicker baby bassinet on huge old wheels! It sits in our guest room as a resting spot for our newest grandbaby!

  45. Hi Angie, My husband and I are big flea marketers. In fact we can’t wait for spring and summer for flea markets, estate sales, and yard sales. We had to put a limit on what we really want because we were bringing soooooo much home. Gotta love it.

  46. My favorite is a mannequin I purchased. Love flea markets, yard sales, estate sales, etc. You can find some awesome bargains on good quality items. I have to really watch what I purchase because I don’t want to have too much in my home that I just have to get rid of because of too much clutter.!!

  47. My favorite find was throwaway junk. Mom found it and figured I would want to do something with it. It was some elaborate cherub candelabra that was broken where the candles went. I unscrewed those parts and I bought a lamp kit and turned it into a lamp, complete with the adapter that turned it into a “touch” lamp. You could touch the finger (anywhere, actually) of the cherub to turn it on/off. It’s in our bedroom.

  48. Caroline Graham says

    My favorite find was at a fantastic garage sale…it was a old desk from a one room school house. I cleaned it up and now it sits outside my office at my school. The students love to come and do their work at it.

  49. I LOVE baskets …have bought many that are I my kitchen ,living room,and bedroom…they are a variety of sizes and shapes and uses…LOVE them all!!!

  50. Jenny Young says

    The TOP find?! It’s hard to choose just one so I’ll share two.
    1-The indoor/outdoor curtains I found for my screened porch a few years ago. They’re 7.5 feet tall, in pristine new condition & the perfect color to shade the morning sun on our new porch. I so wish I’d found four panels but I keep them on tension rods & move them with the sun. I paid $14 for two panels.
    2- My clear glass cake plate & dome. I found the cake pedestal for $5 & set it in my cart. As I shopped I found a dome for $2!!! It fit perfectly. I wondered if they’d got separated when donations were sorted because I’m sure they could have charged much more for them as a set. $7 for a large pedestal & dome. The cool thing about the set is that I can turn the plate upside down. The pedestal is hollow & the knob on top the dome fits perfectly in it when it’s turned upside down as well…..which turns it into a large serving/punch bowl! Two gorgeous serving pieces.

  51. Sandra Pitts says

    I look for picture frames that can be repurposed. Never look at the pictures just the frame. Read your post everyday. It is great. Just not enough time to do what I want.


  52. My best flea market find? That was probably a dark brown woven circle tray. It was only a couple of dollars but it looks soooo expensive! I put it on my bed as a bed tray filled with books, a teacup and flowers. Very chic!!

  53. There have been too many great finds over the years–it’s hard to pick just one! The book looks like a great read. Thanks for offering it!

  54. Wow! Love the book! I don’t know if I can pick one thing I have found. Let’s see…probably the old daybed I found. My daughter used it for awhile, then it was outside on the patio, and now it lives in my ‘formal’ living room. It;s always the thrill of the hunt! Love your blog too!

  55. I love all things vintage and antique, but my best score of all was my beautiful long haired 8-year-old German Shepard. The lady was giving him away and I felt soooo bad for him, he followed my daughter who was 3 at the time all around the sale. He just passed away at 16 years old, last week and we are still grieving.

  56. I love shopping yard sales & thrift stores for bargains. I bought paintings on canvas. I painted over the existing painting and did my own for my room. It was cheaper than buying the canvas at a store.

  57. Angie,
    This is so sweet. My best flea market find was my old gate that I use as a headboard on a twin bed. Love it.
    Thanks for a chance at this beautiful book. Happy New Week.

  58. Tena M Barke says

    Did you mean May 19th? and not April 19? *giggle*
    I love scoring unknown antiques at all sales I encounter! Wrought and Cast Iron are my faves.
    I scored a 5′ tall wrought iron corner shelf at a sale in Shipshewana for $15.00!
    Love the vintage / flea market / antique to farmhouse styles of decorating! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  59. Laura Laskey says

    I would be hard pressed to pick my favorite flea market find since I have so many! I LOVE the flea market. But, I would have to say the time I found a glass insulator with the metal arm still attached. I had it mounted to a piece of old wood and it looks fabulous!

  60. Paula Bock says

    I found a cute little 2 drawer night stand on our local Facebook freecycle group page. It was free,which makes it even better! I haven’t made it over yet, but am looking forward to it.

  61. Teresa Sole says

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!!! I read it every day and have incorporated several of your ideas into my home! I love going to Sweet salvage in Phoenix, AZ anytime I am in town! I find treasures every time I’m there. This last time, I found a metal armillary that I put in our backyard. The dragonflies light there and the cute thing is that we call our home “Dragonfly Ranch”!

  62. Jean Elliott says

    I am unable to leave a comment via the rafflecopter so hope this counts. My favorite flea market find is a three foot long pink and white chippy board with five vintage hooks in it…pink,is my favorite color and I love this piece.

  63. I would have to say my best flea market find was an old ice cream parlor set with the table and two chairs. I purchased it for $40, painted it up with some fun patina green and found the perfect spot for it. I’ve had people offer me up to $180 for the set. I think makes for an awesome find.

  64. My favorite is a long chippy pink and white piece of wood with five vintage hooks on it. Pink is my favorite color and I love this piece.

  65. Linda Lyden says

    Just the other day I received a “free” wicker “scrolled” table from the side of the road…I have great hopes…should I paint it? I don’t think it’s possible to scrape the old paint off wicker…hmmmm. Thanks for the chance to win!

  66. Lynne Wellberg says

    I’ve never seen this book before but I know I’ll like it. My collectibles include jars, bottles and old seltzer bottles. I also like and have a wall ful of signs advertising antiques.
    Like your blog very much.

  67. My best find was an old bed full size in the trash. I dragged it home and stripped the old paint off and painted it and my husband built a queen size frame for it. It was so pretty. Hugs,

  68. vicki dunn says

    My best find was a metal bed frame with the rails from about 1930’s for 39.99 , Good thing I didn’t spend the 500.00 at the antique store for the same bed . Or it would be the vintage mirror that I found for free .

  69. Thanks for the great giveaway and constant farmhouse style ideas!

  70. One of my best finds had been a locker(set of three) that I found for my office.
    My daughter is my office manager and this old school locker was just what she was looking for at the time.
    We got a good price and they even delivered up a flight of steep stairs!

  71. joan clanton says

    my favorite flea market finds are my mission rocker ($10 + $10 for fabric to recover the cushion) and my 4′ square window with 12 divided lights with antique wavy glass that i got for $5. my husband mounted it to the wall over my entertainment cabinet. nice book, too!

  72. Annie, my best flea market find was early 1900’s dresser and armoir from and old farmhouse that was black with dirt and age for $15! Nearly perfect condition. Stripped and refinished for my then baby girls bedroom. She is now 20 and has them in HER apartment! Thanks for chance to win!

  73. My FAVORITE flea mkt. find was an old 1930’s sofa . I paid $25.00 (including DELIVERY by the Boy Scouts) I used it with 3 different slipcovers for nearly 15 years ! It was SOLID !

  74. Teddee Grace says

    Oh, dear! So hard to pick my favorite second-hand find…my apartment is decorated almost completely with thrift store finds. I’d have to say a bamboo tea table with removable tray originally from Pier I. Can’t even remember now at which thrift store I found it or how much I paid, but it still thrills my soul and pleases my eye and gives me two surfaces to decorate with vignettes or use for storing off-season decor and the removable tray is a plus. Thanks for offering the giveaway. I already subscribe!

  75. I found a very large piece of linen fabric and I just love it, It matches the duvet I made from linen a while ago perfectly and am looking forward to transforming it into curtains and pillow cases!

  76. I came across a hunting badge for my husband,they use to use these back in the day before paper licenses.It cost me a whopping 25 cents! I have my grandmothers basket that we use to collect eggs in on the farm.

  77. Constance Colvin says

    My best thrift store find was a huge old credenza that I painted and use in my living room!

  78. I’ve had a TON of great flea market finds… but my favorite has to be a silver and gold aluminum Christmas tree I got for next to nothing!

  79. Mary Milnarich says

    my best find was from an estate sale where way in the back of a dark and dingy basement I found 4 metal folding chairs. The people running the sale didn’t even know they were down there. I paid 2.00 for all 4. Redone and sitting in my backyard today!

  80. For me its… bowls, bowls, bowls. Can never have enough!

  81. Like everyone else I look for Pyrex, because I limit myself to finds I can really use. At a garage sale I found a et of all yellow mixing bowls in excellent condition for $30.

  82. Jackie Barnes says

    One of my favorite finds was a Ralph Lauren Clock charger for 1.00 valued at $125.00. It is gorgeous.

  83. Shay Moore says

    Love your blog. Looks like a great book!

  84. Best thrift store find was actually a pair of black suede boots. $7, three years later and endless costumes. Best flea market find was old frames for $2 each that I turned into jewelry boards for earrings and necklaces.

  85. I really enjoy receiving your emails and wonderful ideas. One of my favorite finds recently was a big white wicker baby bassinet on huge old wheels! It sits in our guest room as a resting spot for our newest grandbaby!

  86. Emily Crawford says

    Several years ago I bought an old, perfectly aged wooden chair with bright white paint chipped in all the right places. The back is low enough that it doesn’t obscure the robin’s egg blue-painted vintage roll top desk with which I paired it. The desk is a family piece but the chair was from a yard sale. I love them both!

  87. mare williams says

    Hi Angie! I have so many treasures at yard sales, thrift shops, and flea markets!! The best deal from a thrift shop was a quilt for $1 which I cherish!! It’s so pretty! But my favorite item would have to be an old, unique mirror with four special designs in THREE corners. Since one was missing, I had to create my own to match, by following directions on another blog, from clay. It turned our beautiful!!! The mirror was free at a yarsale!!! And thanks a heap for the book giveaway ~ hope I win!!

  88. I have not been to flea market but would so love to go!! It’s on my to do list!! Love your blog!!

  89. One the best finds was a hand made Grandmothers Garden quilt. It is pieced and quilted by hand. Beautiful colors. Mint condition. Paid $10.00 at a rummage sale.

  90. Patty B. says

    My best find was years ago I found an antique doll buggy. The fabric was torn and tattered. A neighbor friend helped me redo the fabric- and it is still a favorite of mine. Looks like a wonderful book.

  91. Pam Ballard says

    Last month I scored a little greenhouse made out of window panes. I absolutely love it. It was $130.00 the first day.. The last day it was $89.00. I love it. I have been enjoying planting greens and succulents in it. This next weekend I am going to The Junk Hunt. I cant wait to see what I will score. Lovely giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

  92. I enjoy your blog very much and your style as well. My favorite purchase would be an old antique wooden school desk that I really enjoy and get comments on. The book looks wonderful!

  93. You only want to know one!? Hm, I’ll have to tell you two. First, we picked up an old metal cabinet full of drawers at an antique store several years ago. It’s perfect for storing my beads. Second, I found an old globe a few weeks ago at the thrift store for only $4!! I’ve been wanting one for ages and am so glad to have found one at such a great price. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  94. Jane Hayward says

    Many years ago, on a garden tour, I took a picture of a very old, and very large, neighborhood market sign, It was framed in seasoned barn wood, in a back yard garden, mounted on the gardener’s house, that read “Bailey’s Market.” I loved it, and looked longingly at that picture, and many others from that garden tour, over the years. Imagine my delight when, two years ago, I found it in a friend’s summer yard sale, and she sold it to me for $25.00! I don’t think I could love it more, and still can hardly believe it is mine!

  95. Sandy Ross says

    I have gotten some great items at different events but one with a fun story is the old window from a free pile at the curb when I was with girlfriends in Portland, OR. The 2 of us in the back spotted them and scared the driver with our calls for her to pull over! We took home 2 of them.

  96. Nancy Kelly says

    I found a vintage ornate desk mirror at a flea market. It had just been unwrapped and I had first dibs being at the right place at the right time. I treasure it!

  97. My best find was from St. Vincent de Paul thrift store. I have three prints by J.E. Warfield. They are pictures of a street. All three framed and each a different part of the street. Together they look like one big picture. They measure 11″X27″ I asked how much and she said one dollar. My reply one dollar each? No one dollar for all three. They hang in my dining room. I love the pictures and the shabby chic paint chipping off white frames.

  98. Dawn Pinnataro says

    So hard to only pick one! But I would guess that my best find is my collected pieces of ironstone. Love to have them displayed around my living room / dining room. My next best find would be the 3 vintage kitchen scales I score and a lot of early 1960s kitchen vintage items. See, just too hard to pick one, LOL.

  99. amy rittenhouse says

    Thanks so much for this chance!

  100. amy rittenhouse says

    Love to rehab furniture and shop the markets. Thanks for the chance to win!

  101. Kendra L Klassen says

    I am in LOVE with that book! My favorite flea market find has to be my little blue pyrex bowl. It was the missing piece to my grandmother’s pyrex nesting bowl set. She is gone now, but I love those bowls.

  102. A giant, human-sized rabbit! It’s definitely made us “that” house for our neighborhood, the one people use when giving directions (“Go straight until you see the crazy house with the giant rabbit, then turn left…”) but the kids adore it.

  103. michelle says

    love shopping for farmhouse items and refinishing my finds. Love all your farmhouse pics and shares

  104. I love vintage pyrex and I’ve been able to find those at the flea market for a great price.

  105. Sheryl Remy says

    I found a doll house cast iron sink for a quarter.

  106. I found a vintage crib to use as a photo prop, as soon as I brought it into the house one of my cats decided it was his bed and has slept in it ever since, sometimes with one of his sisters or brother.Thanks for the chance to win, I love your blog!

  107. Most prized vintage find, an old mermaid statue. Most recent an score, an orange leather recliner that was free!!

  108. Sue Fromm says

    My best financial find was a vintage Faries Satellite lamp from the ’50’s manufactured in Decatur , Il (just 40 miles away) that I bought for $5 and sold for just under $400 My favorite never let go find is two Steiff puppets , a bunny and a raccoon for 25 cents each.

  109. Betty Huddleston says

    My best buy was a old wooden bowl, I only paid a couple dollars for it.

  110. Sally Smith says

    Thanks for all the inspiration…i just love your blog!!!!

  111. The book looks tantalizing! Here’s hoping! Found some great old school readers.

  112. My house is full of flea market finds but I think an antique watering can I scored for $1.00 was one of my better scores.

  113. My best vintage find was at the Alameda Flea Market in the San Francisco Bay Area. I bought a beautiful old desk secretary, that apparently was owned by the seller’s mother. I totally painted it, and it is now a lovely piece in my den. See, money can buy happiness 🙂

  114. Jerri Wood says

    I enjoy junkin and have found many treasures, but the one that holds a candle is a little straw hat I got in Tyler Texas on the way to Waco. Knowing that it belonged to a little old man that worked hard all his life and his name made it that more precious!

  115. Kim @graysattic says

    I bought 2 lamps for $5.00 for the pair. They were white ceramic lamps of a boy and girl bust. I looked them up and they were sold in California for $1200.00.

  116. My favorite find is a cast iron rabbit cake mold, it was just a few weeks ago. Some lovely ladies have a barn sale, three times a year and I found it there. I have always loved rabbits.

  117. My favorite find was an ironstone covered casserole dish at the Salvation army – in perfect condition – for $3.00.

  118. Diana Boersen says

    I found a really nice old lunch box tin at a yard sale, when I asked “how much” the seller said the most beautiful words Ever spoken to a thrift hunter, “that old thing? You can have it”. It’s been displayed in my kitchen ever since.

  119. Hello Angie! My best find was an old silver spoons at a fair. They were beautiful and I bought them at a very good price. I am already subscribed to your blog for a long time ago, I’m just too modest to leave comments.

  120. I found an aqua/turquoise verdis metal star on a trip to Round Top, TX, with hubby, and one of our daughters and her family of six! The star is large, and has had a place of honor on our front door for years! Seasonal wreaths go right on top of it! It holds such wonderful memories, and I’ve not seen another one like it! There are many more “found goodies” in our home that I love, but far too many to mention! (Great question, btw!)

  121. Wow, like a lot of your readers, how do I pick my favorite? I treasure a large ceramic crane I found by a lake, years ago, that fits in with my bird collection. What I really cherish is the excitement, fun and creativity that thrifting has brought to my life. I have met many interesting people and had some unique experiences. I think looking at someone else’s trash and seeing the potential is a gift that I appreciate having in my toolbox. People will sometimes wonder, where did you find that? The hunting and having an open mind has been my favorite find.

  122. Thanks for the giveaway! I always love looking through books and magazines for inspiration!

  123. My best find so far has been a vintage telephone table. The ones where you have a sit and a little cubby for the phone books. I crackle painted it with lt. yellow and green and recovered the seat with a nude leopard fabric. It sits in my entry along with the vintage telephone I found as well. Love it!!

  124. Linda Southworth says

    I guess my best $$$ find was a yard sale that had a 6ft metal/wood 3-tier stand you would use for plants and decor outside. I paid $5 took it home and cleaned, re-stained the wood and painted the metal. Good as new!

  125. After many decades (OMG – am I that old??!!??!!) of junking at flea markets, auctions, garage sales, and thrift stores I think it would be impossible to pick a favorite find! It is just a way of life! Thanks for the giveaway!

  126. Hi Angie. Like you I have many, many stories about finds, but my favorite story is finding an antique spinet desk in my neighbors trash on trash day! I asked if I could have it and she said that the leg had been broken 42 years and was just stored in her parents basement. Solid Walnut mind you. In 15 minutes the leg was fixed with a dowel pin and it has graced my living room ever since. I would truly enjoy this book.

  127. I happened to be yard saling the week before my daughter’s wedding and found three cute signs on weathered wood with the words “Happiness,” “Starts Here,” and “Thank You” all for only $5! They fit perfectly with the outdoor, vintage decor of her wedding.

  128. Laurel Tanis says

    My favorite thrift sale find was a vintage set of rubber stamps. I had just started stamping, and couldn’t believe an entire alphabet–upper & lower cases with punctuation and some extra words, even–perfectly vintage-y cost me only 50 cents!

  129. Saundra J Simpson says

    The hoosier cabinet I bought from and online yard sale site in my home town.

  130. Tonia Fuller says

    Love this style and the comfortable environment it creates. Would be nice to win the book. I try to up cycle as much as possible. I am always looking for ideas!!!

  131. I found the cutest little wooden salt and pepper grinder that I intend to paint with a chippy look as soon as I pick a color.

  132. Sue Addison says

    So hard to decide which find is my favorite, but the rustic Adirondak style side table I have in my living room is one of them. Flea markets are wonderful!

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