Rustic Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Style Mug Rack Coffee Station

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Style Mug Rack Coffee Station

Get your daily java “fix” with this DIY vintage sign coffee station & mug rack!

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Style Mug Rack Coffee Station |

Last year I made a  reclaimed wood industrial pipe shelf.  I had it all set up as a coffee station, complete with hooks for coffee mugs and all the coffee fixings.

You can’t go wrong with rustic wood and metal and I was in love with how it turned out.   But if I let you in on a little secret, I hope you won’t hold it against me …

I don’t like coffee.

I think the stuff smells blissful, but I gag every time I try to take a drink.

I made that coffee station and shelf by special request for my daughter.

See the tutorial for it HERE.

I’ve always wanted to make another one, so when a customer asked me to design a coffee stencil and put it on one of my handmade farmhouse totes, that was the motivation I needed.

I’m still working on the tote, which I’ll share later, but I finally made a new mug rack coffee station with a rustic coffee sign.

It  was really easy!

Here’s how I made it:

DIY Reclaimed Wood Old Sign Coffee Mug Holder using Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils |

How to Make a Rustic Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Style Mug Rack Coffee Station

Supplies used (affiliate links included for your convenience):


  1. Cut top shelf board to desired size.
  2. Cut board for sign to desired size.  Allow room to add cup hooks under the sign area.
  3. Use painter’s tape or stencil adhesive to position stencil in center of sign board.
  4. Load the head of the stencil brush with paint, then wipe most of it off on paper towels (this is called dry brushing).
  5. Pounce brush on stencil to paint the design and let dry.
  6. Pre-drill holes and attached brackets to top shelf board.
  7. Pre-drill holes in sign board and attach brackets into board and wall.
  8. Screw in cup hooks.
  9. Hang your mugs on the reclaimed wood old sign coffee mug holder, pour a cup, then sit back & enjoy!

With really rough-textured wood like my old barn wood, you don’t have to worry as much about paint bleeding under the stencil.

DIY rustic salvaged wood coffee sign with Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils |

Keep the brush fairly dry and you’ll get crisp, clean paint lines that look amazing against weathered wood.

Daily Grind Coffee stencil design area measures approx. x 16″ wide x 5″ tall.

It’s available in my online shop HERE.

Coffee lovers can get their daily java fix with this DIY vintage style coffee station with coffee mug hooks using the DAILY GRIND COFFEE stencil by Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils |

I’d love to hear what you think of my rustic reclaimed wood farmhouse style mug rack coffee station in the comments below!

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Vaya con Dios,

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  1. Sharon Warren says

    This is so cute! I’m so sorry you don’t like coffee…it’s my favorite wake up call in the morning, along with reading blogposts and catching up with what creative people are up to. Thanks for sharing .

  2. Ahhhh just love this Angie. You are so creative and have such a great talent to relove old pieces into new pieces.
    Happy Thursday and Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Angie like you I love the smell of fresh brewed coffee but can’t stand the taste.
    Love the coffee shelf, wish I had room for it in our little apartment. My husband would love it.

  4. I love both of your coffee shelves! And thank you for another great stencil!

  5. Your shelf is oh so cute! But I am with you. While I absolutely LOVE the scent of coffee, I cant’ bear the taste. Sometimes my MR. will try to get me to taste his mocha ice cream or something and I regret it every time that I fall for it!!
    🙂 gwingal

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