Industrial Pipe Stencil Storage Hanger + Stencils Clearance Sale

Industrial Pipe Stencil Storage Hanger

How to make a stencil storage industrial hanger that doubles as a laundry room clothes bar.

The thing about being a crafter and creator is that things can get out of control.

They can get out of control really fast.

I had been using an antique wood and wire rack for hanging stencil storage, but a customer asked to buy it, and POOF!  There went my organized stencils.

wood and wire peg rack flower drying rack or stencil organizer |

Ever since then, they’ve been stacked here, there and everywhere, and before I knew it, what once was my living room was now stencil mayhem.

It got to the point that even I couldn’t stand it, and my family was complaining, so I finally decided it was high time to get the situation under control.

I love the industrial pipe bar in my laundry room and I realized it would be perfect for stencil storage as well.

Here’s how to make it …

How to Make an Industrial Pipe Stencil Storage Hanger


DIY Industrial Plumbing Pipe Stencil Storage Hanger |

Supplies Needed:

Industrial Pipe Towel Rack Kit (24″ length) or individual pieces below

long industrial pipe (choose pipe your desired length)

short pipes x 2 (choose pipe your desired distance from wall)

90-degree threaded elbow connectors x 2

floor flanges x 2


cordless drill/screwdriver (this is the one I use)


  1. Screw short pipes into threaded elbow connectors.
  2. Screw long pipes into other end of elbow connectors.
  3. Screw flanges onto each short pipe.
  4. Use screws to  anchor flanges to the wall.

TIP – I got all my hangers free at Walmart.    They get rid of them all and were happy to give them to me.  Just one cashier had enough by her register to hang all my stencils.

Now, I’m back in business with a well organized stencil hanger!

I’m selling the following stencils for $10 each + shipping, which is less than half price.  Each one has been used only once or twice.

Shipping is $5.75 for up to 3 stencils + $1 for each additional stencil.  Leave me a comment if you see any you’d like.  I’ll mark them SOLD as they sell.

Apothecary –

Feed the Birds

In Everything Give Thanks

Mistletoe Farms

Meat Market

Small Pig

Large Pig

Railroad Crossing

Industrial Plumbing Pipe Stencil Hanger Organizer |


  1. Lori Rose-Alvarez says

    I would like the following if they are still available :
    In everything give thanks
    Mistletoe Farms and the small and large pig
    Please email me and let me know what to do from here – i have purchased from u before so I think u will have my history.

  2. Such a great idea, Angie…and I love the hangers to hold the stencils!

  3. Cathy Hensley says

    Hi Angie! Great idea for organizing stencils! I have several myself. I was interested in a couple of the stencils you mention above, but I can’t find them on this page. Help?!


  4. Cathy Hensley says

    Just noticed your note. I would like the railroad stencil and the Apothecary stencil.
    Thanks again Angie!

  5. Angie, is there just one of each stencil design? I’d like the In Everything Give Thanks if you have more than one.

  6. Angie, I NEED “Feed the Birds” … !!! Teehee!
    And please, “Mistletoe Farms … if you have more?
    Plus, “In Everything Give Thanks” … also if more!

  7. p.s. Hoping you send a link ~ we just “typed” a little while back!!!

  8. I would like a Mistletoe Farms if more than one is available as well as Apothecary

  9. Do you still have any meat market or railroad crossing ones by chance?

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