Magnetic Farmhouse Style Tin Can Planters

Magnetic Farmhouse Style Tin Can Planters

Easy DIY Magnetic Farmhouse Style Tin Can Planters |

While we were staying at my mom’s house for my niece’s wedding a few weeks ago, I just “happened” to notice something that caught my eye on her pantry shelves.  Stuck between cans of green beans and tomato sauce were two pairs of eyes that were calling out to me.

The cans had cows on them, and in their cow-like way, they were saying, “Save us, save us. We’re too cute to be stuck between green beans and tomato sauce.  Get us out of here!”

So I called out to my mom and asked if I could steal her cow cans.  She replied that the cans were probably expired, and I could have them.

She wasn’t kidding.  They had both expired four years ago.  My mom hoards full tin cans the way I hoard empty ones, so I felt like I was doing her and the cows a favor by taking them. 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a KISS project (keep it simple, stupid), and this one is not only simple; it’s adorable too.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any adorable cans with cows on them.  I’ve got you covered with a few free ones I shared a few years ago (links below).

How to Make Magnetic Farmhouse Style Tin Can Planters

Supplies Needed (includes affiliate links for your convenience):

empty tin cans

small succulents or plants

Free cow printables HERE or HERE

Mod Podge Outdoor Finish (you’ll need this so the finish is water resistant)

small foam brushes

E6000 glue (this one has the applicator tip, which is worth its weight in gold!)

strong magnets (these are a bargain for 35 of them)


How to make Magnetic Farmhouse Style Tin Can Planters |


  1.  Carefully remove label from can (if using a new can, empty contents in can, OR print & cut out one of mine).
  2. Empty can, then clean and dry it.
  3. Mod Podge the labels on the cans and let dry, then put another coat over the top of the labels and let dry completely.
  4. Drill drainage holes in the bottom.  (Remove them from your refrigerator before watering!)
  5. Glue a magnet at the top, middle, and bottom of the can with E6000.
  6. Plant the succulents.

How to make Magnetic Farmhouse Style Tin Can Planters |

SMART TIP: Remove the labels BEFORE you empty the cans.  The poor Sunshine cows label got ruined because I opened the can and tried to empty the contents, but ended up with a sticky mess all over the label.  No worries, I printed the one at the end of this post.

DIY Magnetic Farmhouse Style Tin Can Planters |

Mod Podge dries fairly fast, so you need to work somewhat quickly when spreading it on.  Hold on to the rim while working so you don’t touch the Mod Podge.

How to make Magnetic Farmhouse Style Tin Can Planters |

Don’t waste your time buying cheap craft magnets.  They barely hold paper.  Get the strong ones above that hold great for heavier items.  Put a dab of glue on the can and stick the magnets on, then let it dry overnight.

Easy DIY Magnetic Farmhouse Style Tin Can Planters |

I edited the label below so that it’s one continuous image that can be wrapped completely around a can without leaving any gap.

I discovered it works best to adhere the right side of the paper first, so the left side overlaps it at the end.

{Click on image to save & print full size}

Free farmhouse printable for tin cans | Roseco Evaporated Milk |

PRINTING TIP: Print copies with toner ink (laser jet) so the ink doesn’t smear.  Experiment with different sizes to fit your cans.  I saved it on a memory card and took it to Staples where they printed it just the right height for my can.

This was my first time using the outdoor finish Modge Podge, and I’ll definitely be using it again.  It applied easily, and dried with a nice glossy coat.  It seems very durable and I love that it’s water resistant.

I’d love to hear what you think of these magnetic farmhouse style tin can planters in the comments below!


Easily turn your empty tin cans into beautiful Magnetic Farmhouse Style Tin Can Planters! |

Click on the images below for more tin can craft projects!

Vaya con Dios,

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  1. Way to cute!!!! Can’t wait to try this!

  2. I’ve been looking for an idea like this! Thank you, it’s terrific! What I’ve actually been looking for is a way to utilize the side of my standing tool box, this will be perfect for holding supplies while still being adorable! Love it!

  3. Super fun! Love the tin can graphics. Very retro, which the older I get, the more I’m into. 😉 Visiting from Show + Tell party.

  4. These are adorable and thanks for recycling the cans. Visiting from #HomeMattersParty

  5. I’ve always voted you best label tin maker, and this beautiful idea is no exemption! I’ll take two for my fridge please…

    Featured you this weekend on DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 384! Thanks for linking up! 🙂

  6. you always have the best creative ideas! lovin these and have the same old diary labels…thank you for the inspiration to do something with them

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