DIY Repurposed Cabinet Door Gather Sign 

How to Make a Farmhouse Style Repurposed Cabinet Door Gather Sign

How to Make a Farmhouse Style Repurposed Cabinet Door Gather Sign  |

I purchased this old cabinet off of Craigslist.  It was in rough condition, but I was fine with that.  I really just wanted the doors and shelves to make a farmhouse kitchen sign.

Repurposed cabinet before makeover |

Here’s how I did it …

How to Make a Repurposed Cabinet Door Gather Sign 

Supplies Used (includes affiliate links):

Salvaged cabinet door

Stainable wood filler

Ebony wood stain

Gather stencil

Painter’s tape (This is my favorite brand.)

Foam brush (This is a great price for 25 foam brushes.)

Fine grit sandpaper

Waterproof gloves

D-Ring hangers (This is a fantastic price for 100 w/free shipping with Amazon Prime.)

  1. Remove hardware from cabinet door and save it for another use.
  2. Cut a piece of wood to fit the back of the cabinet door.
  3. Fill holes with wood filler and let dry according to package instructions.
  4. Sand wood filler with fine grit sandpaper and wipe off with a damp cloth.
  5. Use a foam brush to apply wood stain to the cabinet door and backing board and let dry.
  6. Use painter’s tape to position stencil in place on backing board and paint over it with a very dry brush.
  7. Add hangers on the back.

After I filled in the hole left from the cabinet knob, I sanded the entire door taking it down to the bare wood to remove the previous stain and make it ready for the new stain color.

It looks like I used black paint, but it’s actually ebony stain which shows the wood grain that paint wouldn’t show.

The backing board was the shelf from inside the cabinet.

I secured the stencil in several places to make sure it wouldn’t shift while I painted.

Here’s the finished sign.

I love how it looks hanging above the antique stove that belonged to my husband’s grandmother.

How to Make a Farmhouse Style DIY Salvaged Cabinet Door Gather Kitchen Sign |

I treasure that stove and love setting up kitchen vignettes on it.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decorating Vignette with Ironstone Pitchers and Bowl of Farm Fresh Eggs |

I picked up the antique Morton Salt  container sitting inside my farmhouse cabinet last week at a thrift store.


Repurposed Cabinet Door Farmhouse Sign |


You can see how I transformed the cabinet from a bathroom cabinet into a cabinet for my kitchen HERE.

Repurposed Bathroom Cabinet into White Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet |

The Gather stencil is the newest addition to my Vintage Sign Stencils.  It measures approximately 16″ wide x 3.25″ tall.

"Gather" stencil available from Knick of Time's line of Vintage Sign Stencils |

Mix & Match with more farmhouse style Stencils available HERE.

Click on the images below to see more farmhouse stencil projects.

Please know that Knick of Time uses affiliate links, including but not limited to Amazon to help keep this blog up and running.


  1. What a great vignette! Loving the colors. And the sign is perfect!

  2. Naomi S. says

    Good job of repurposing, Angie! I love, love, love that antique cookstove. What a treasure to have in your home!

  3. mare williams says

    LOVE your new stencil (GATHER) and your repurposed sign!!! BUT – I am confused. Did you use the empty front of the cabinet door as well as the rectangular piece? Is the ebony stain hiding the tombstone design of the door? Help me understand – thankyou!!!

    • Mare, no the piece in the empty space was added. It came from a shelf inside the cabinet. Does that make sense?

      • mare williams says

        It does make sense, and I understand that part. But I cannot see the OUTSIDE frame piece of cabinet door in any of the photos. I am sure keeping the outside of the cabinet door around the rectangular piece saying “Gather” makes it much more interesting and pretty!! But I cannot see it in the pictures. I guess it’s because they’re both finished in ebony stain. Thanks!!

  4. That’s great 😀

  5. Hello, I just found your blog. I love how you use the vintage stove as a showplace for other treasures. What a fabulous family piece to have in your home. I really like the Gather sign, but your collection of vintage white and off white pitchers is what caught my eye. Do you have a blog post on how and where you collected all those pieces? I’d love to read it.

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