DIY Creepy Halloween Bottles Decorations

Creepy Halloween Bottles

Making these Creepy DIY Halloween Bottles couldn’t be easier, and they are inexpensive too!

They’re perfect as decorations and party props!

I think my kids are wondering what happened to my inner party pooper.

We only decorated with pumpkins and scarecrows when they were young, and I only allowed non-scary homemade costumes.

I made an astronaut costume, a cowboy, a ladybug, and a dinosaur.  The closest thing to scary was a spider costume I made for my middle son when he was three.  Three-year-old spiders are cute, not scary. 🙂

Easy DIY Creepy Halloween Bottles party decorations |

I rarely make Halloween decorations, but after finishing my Halloween School Desk planter, I got inspired to work on more Halloween decor.  Even though my daughter is a young adult, she loves getting together with friends for a Halloween party, so I thought she’d enjoy some slightly creepy bottles to decorate with.

I was actually going to just put some of my antique apothecary labels on bottles and call it good.  But when she spotted the bottles I’d painted, she said she’d love to have “blood” dripping down them – So blood it is!

Here’s how I made them.

How to Make Creepy Halloween Bottles

Supplies Used:

Empty Starbucks bottles, or other bottles or jars

Matte black spray paint

Red votive candle

These are SO easy and fun to make.  I already had everything needed to do them.

1.  Paint the bottles with black spray paint and let dry.  Don’t hold the can too closely to avoid drips.

Easy DIY Creepy Halloween Bottles party decorations | 2.  Light a red votive candle and let the wax begin to melt inside it.

3.  Hold the candle at an angle, letting the wax drip on the top and down the sides of the bottles.

DONE!  See, I told you these were easy!

Bloody painted Bottles DIY Halloween party decoration ideas |

The longer you let the candle wax drip in one spot, the thicker and darker the buildup will be.

Easy and Inexpensive DIY Halloween decoration ideas bloody painted Starbucks bottles |

This bottle isn’t a Starbucks bottle.  It’s a decorative dairy bottle with a cow on it that I picked up for a dollar.

I made it ooze with wax blood.  That’s the good thing about using hot wax.  It hardens quickly so it looks like it’s spilling out of the bottle. Easy DIY Creepy Halloween Bottles party decorations |

I had a vintage dictionary, so of course I had to use the “blood” page!

Vintage dictionary pages used in Halloween decor |

No more party pooper!  I’m having too much fun making Halloween decor.  I’ve got a few other Halloween ideas, so stay tuned!


Easy DIY Creepy Halloween Bottles party decorations |

Vaya con Dios,

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  1. Perfectly creepy!

  2. Nice!
    I too kinda lost interest Halloween (once people stopped giving me candy) and have only recently “gotten back into it” because coming up with the projects is so much fun.
    Hope your daughter’s party is a blast!

  3. Marlene Stephenson says

    Hope you have a great party, it can be fun, but my kids are grown with kids of their own and no one comes by my house for candy. I still decorate a little anyway.

  4. Halloween is my daughter’s favorite holiday to decorate for! Last year I made her several bottles and want to do a few more this year Love the red on the black! I framed your rook print in a black frame and it looks great on my front hall coat closet door (my entry door is glass). The local crows that I call “mine” love checking out my compost heap; don’t think I’ve ever seen a rook. My son pulled a great “gotcha” one year. He put the plastic severed hand on the milk jug handle and I almost screeched when I opened the fridge to grab the milk for my morning coffee. I can’t IMAGINE where those children got their senses of humor!

  5. Love these blood dripping bottles, Angie. The candle wax is such a great idea. I haven’t been interested in Halloween for a long time but, something is different this year and I want creepy decor! 😀

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