So Close to Amazing Book Giveaway

So Close to Amazing Book Giveaway

So Close to Amazing Giveaway at Knick of Time |

As a blogger,between working on my own home and projects, I don’t have nearly enough time to read all the blogs I personally love.  But one blog I always read is Thistlewood Farms.  If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s written by KariAnne Wood, and her blog posts and projects will inspire you, make you laugh, and make you cry.  Sometimes all three!

KariAnne has written two books, but the latest one is So Close to Amazing.  The book’s launch release date is Sept. 5th, and I wanted my readers to have the opportunity to be some of the first to read it.  So I’m giving away a copy to one lucky reader!

AND KariAnne has a offered to send a signed copy to the winner.  How sweet is that!

The details  of the giveaway are below.

So Close to Amazing Book Giveaway at Knick of Time

The subtitle is Stories of a DIY Life Gone Wrong . . . and Learning to Find the Beauty in Every Imperfection

Doesn’t that sound a bit like all of us?

In KariAnne’s words, “It’s a memoir about a girl who set out to change the world from her farmhouse in Kentucky–and a farmhouse who changed her right back.  If you’ve ever worn your sweater inside out or spilled a can of paint or laughed in the middle of a quiet room full of people–please come sit by me.”

To see a preview of this book, or to order a copy, click HERE (affiliate link).

This giveaway ends on Sept. 10th and the winner will be announced on Sept. 12th.

(Giveaway is Open to Residents of the USA, 18 years or older only.)

You have 3 chances to win this giveaway.

  1. Leave a blog post comment telling me how you can relate to the book’s title, “So Close to Amazing.”
  2. Follow me on Facebook and leave a comment on Facebook about this giveaway.
  3. Follow me on Instagram and leave a comment below with your name on Instagram.

Good luck to all!

Vaya con Dios,


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  1. I feel like most things I try don’t quite come out right. I love KariAnne’s stories!

  2. I feel like I have way too many ideas in my head, but I can never quite figure out the final picture of how I would like things to turn out, resulting in unfinished projects or finished projects that I really am not very happy with..

  3. ColleenB.~ Tx. says

    Many projects that I have done or want to do and sometimes they turn out better than thought and sometimes not so good.
    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity

  4. LK Ashbaugh says

    The title is totally me! One of my motos is Embrace the Chaos 🙂

  5. Carol B Jones says

    I love to refinish/ refurbish etc. and always see a new project with everything. My project list is so full along with my house. I’m always changing things up because I’m not satisfied with the look. Would welcome KariAnne’s insight and humor. Thank you for the opportunity to win her book.

  6. As a poor gal in Kansas my mind is filled with things I want to create, I have vision but sometimes my vision and what turns out are so very different! Sometimes good and sometimes not so much and sometimes it makes me laugh! 🙂

  7. Like all of the barn wood I use for my DIY projects, there are imperfections in every piece. Together, that’s what makes them amazing!

  8. Mary Kaiser says

    Well that sure sounds like me. I start a project with Amazing images in my head and it never turns out like the amazing in my head. I think I need to read her book.

  9. Yup, that sounds about right! I have so many ideas in my head, but to get them done! I would enjoy this read, for sure! Blessings!

  10. Yup, that sounds about right! So many ideas in my head, but to get them out and finished! I would love this read! Blessings!

  11. Sharri Sims says

    Our house is a total remodel. After doing some touch ups upstairs, I was walking down our newly finished staircase with a gallon of paint when I missed the last step. I got paint everywhere. All over our stairs, wood floors, walls (not the same color) front door and myself. DIY isn’t like they show on TV but is so worth the work laughter and tears.

  12. Marianne Miller says

    Kind of funny, I love the sign that Kari Anne made for her farm. My daughter has a farm in Tennessee , and I knew I wanted to make her one similar. My husband and I bought the wood to make the sign at Christmas last year, but time got away from me and it didn’t happen. We had planned a trip in August to Tennessee to see our newest Grand baby so I thought that was the perfect time to make the sign and bring it to my daughter. My husband remembered buying the wood but had no clue what he had done with it. So I went and bought more wood, not to Kari Anne’s specificaton’s though, I improvised which caused a whole new set of problems. The wood was to thin,there was nothing to nail it to etc. I managed to figure a way to make it work, I began painting it. Then we had a family member who had been hospitalized, and I needed to take the time to go see him before our trip. So I packed up the supplies and took them all with to finish in Tennessee. I stayed up quite late one evening working on it,thought it was finished but it didn’t look right.The angle of the house was different than Karie Anne’s ,so the white around it made it look unfinished I woke up the next morning and added grass sky and the driveway and it actually looked 100% better!

  13. I keep reminding myself it doesn’t have to be perfect. But often times that mean it doesn’t get done at all!

  14. Such a positive saying. No matter what might be happening in your life; if you think it,”might be amazing” you have a very proactive response. Wise words, simply put.

  15. Tina Kesteloot says

    Sounds familiar. I currently have over twenty projects in the works. Subject to editing, of course. The life lesson is to live in the moment, a concept so contrary to my nature.

  16. Kathleen Hornbecker says

    Went to Amazon and read the reviews…..I think she would be my friend for life. I am definitely going to subscribe to her blog! Thank you for offering us a chance to receive a free copy of her book. If I’m not fortunate to win, I will have to save money to purchase the book. And I do really enjoy your blog.

  17. Sometimes I can’t leave well enough alone. I try to fix little imperfections and make them worse. I’d love this book.

  18. I can relate to all those mishaps! Would love her book!

  19. Is that not a quote for EVERYONE?? I know it is for me!! LOL!!
    Best of luck to all!!

  20. Jenny Young says

    I think I may have actually had an amazing moment or two in my decorating but I still have a long way to go! I’d love to read the book.

  21. “So Close to Amazing” describes me. Because of some mental health issues, I have not been able to do some things that I have enjoyed in the past. Now, due to a new medication, I feel like doing more. YAY! We are doing things around the house. We’ve painted many different areas, and now we are working on decorating. Some of that involves decisions about where to put what pictures. It’s difficult, but I have to do something! I don’t trust myself just yet, so I hope that will change. I have a problem trusting myself. So, I feel so close to amazing, but not quite there.

  22. Jenny Young says

    I’ve been following you on Instagram for awhile now. My name there is jennylovescharlie .

  23. Laura Werley says

    I have many things in my life, not just projects, that are so close to amazing! Like last week when I made chicken creole and forgot to put in the chicken… or the dresser I am bringing home from the antique mall because I forgot to paint a small strip under the trim on the bottom! I just laugh and hope next time I’m closer to amazing!

  24. Following you on instagram: fondarush

  25. This book sounds like a great read. What comes to my mind when I read what KariAnne says about her book is my own bent toward perfectionism and how it can get me in all kinds of trouble and bad moods when things don’t turn out the way I have envisioned them. When my vision is something amazing and the reality is “close, but not quite” being able to let go of the vision and accept the reality is sometimes very necessary in order to not drive ourselves nuts and everyone else along with us.

    I think I would love this book!

  26. INSPIRATION: That moment when the light bulb comes on! SATISFACTION: That moment when you step back with your chest swelling as you admire the completed project.

  27. My thinking on the title is being able to let go of perfection; even the “so close” is still amazing.

  28. Christy Roppel says

    Mistakes happen. Accidents happen. It’s what you do and how you learn from these. Keep trying…follow your soul. KerriAnne may be “little” but she’s a powerhouse! Big things (ideas) come in small packages 🙂
    Of course, wearing red lipstick always helps!

  29. Susan Jackson says

    Kari’s journey is similar to mine. We left southern CA for a country life in KY also. I can relate to her asking God if she heard him correctly!

  30. Living on a farm in Kentucky, I can relate so much with KariAnne!! It seems I have all these great ideas to decorate but they never come out like they look in my head!! Love her & the way she seems to relate to everyone around her!!

  31. I follow you on Instagram as twelveOeightdiy

    Thank you!

  32. I just love KariAnne, she has helped me find my happy place blogging and I can very much identify with trying really hard but realizing we are all flawed and need grace.

    Thank you Angie for a great give away!

  33. As God’s children, I guess we’re all so close, aren’t we?

  34. As someone who has worn 2 similar black shoes with different heel heights to church, then wondered why my back ached, got divorced, married my high school sweetheart only to get a crash course in his alcoholism and gotten a very different ending to my fairy tale, I think I could really relate to KariAnne’s book! Thank for having the contest.

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