Mother’s Day Dixie Belle Giveaway

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!  To celebrate, I have a great giveaway for anyone who loves painting or DIY projects.

The kind folks at Dixie Belle Paint Company have provided a bunch of products that one lucky winner will receive.

Here’s what’s included (post includes affiliate links):

Dixie Belle Gift Bag – This includes a 4-oz container of Chalk Finish Furniture Paint (Drop Cloth), a 4-oz container of Furniture Wax (Clear), a paint brush, and a sanding sponge all in a 6″ x 10″ burlap sack!

Dixie Belle Crackle – This is perfect for that cracked, aged effect.

White Lightning Cleaner

Hand Painted Color Card

Blue sponge – This is perfect for applying paint and sealers.

Dixie Belle Paintbrush

This giveaway is valued at over $70.00!

To enter just leave a comment saying what product you’re most excited to to try.

For an additional chance to win, check out my DIY projects HERE and tell me which one is your favorite!

This giveaway is open to US residents over 18 years of age.

Good Luck!

Vaya con Dios,

Please know that Knick of Time uses affiliate links, including but not limited to Amazon to help keep this blog up and running.


  1. Thank you for this offer and I love the
    “DIY Simple Wood Scrap Wall Hook with Hymn Page”
    especially that hook!!
    Happy Mother’s Day to you

  2. Sherri Maher says

    Happy Mother’s Day Angie. I would like to try the Crackle Finish. It’s really too hard to pick a favorite of your DIY projects. The farmhouse shutters, your numerous stencil projects, just too many to choose from.


  3. Chrissie says

    I thank you for this giveaway! Kind of you to provide this.

    The product I would like most to try would be the hand-painted color card. So many times the color cards are different from the actual color of the paint. This will be the ‘real deal’.

    Thank you kindly, Happy Mother’s Day back to you and to all who might read this. Everyone has had a mother, someone that you look to for mothering, perhaps are themselves a mom. Blessings!

  4. The Dixie Bell Crackle is something I would love to try. As for your projects, there are many I like–one is the painted canvas, chalkboard style. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. ColleenB.~ Tx. says

    Happy Mother’s Day.
    Would like to try out them brushes along with the Crackle paint.
    You have so many wonderful DIY projects that it’s hard to choose just one but I do think that shirt covered little stool is adorable.
    Thank You for this wonderful giveaway opportunity

  6. I would like to try the wax. It’s something I haven’t done yet and want to try on my bargain dining room table! Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

  7. Marianne Miller says

    Happy Mother’s Day Angie!
    I would Love to experiment with the Crackle Paint! I Love all your projects, From the wooden Tote stenciled with the Mason Jar , to the use of the Antique Laundry Ringer to hang the precious baby dress!

  8. I’d like to try the crackle paint. The last crackle I tried was not all is was cracked up to be so I’ve never tried it again. Thanks for the give-away

  9. Terry McCloskey says

    Happy Mother’s Day to you! I would love to try those brushes..they look soft and looks like can do the trick. Love your Faux Metal stencils…I can think of lots of places to use the end creation. Thanks

  10. Jackie B says

    I am interested in trying the Dixie bell paintbrushes!
    Your Penmanship alphabet hanging is really cool!
    Thank you for the great giveaway and Happy mother’s Day!
    Jackie B

  11. Patricia Davis says

    Thank you for the give away. I would like to try the crackle paint.

  12. Carol Whewell says

    My absolute favorite paint is DB Drop Cloth and I’ve used it on numerous projects but I would love to try the paint brush & sanding sponge!

  13. Mary Axtell says

    Happy Mother’s Day! I’d love to try out the brushes and the crackle paint.

  14. Happy Mothers Day!! I am most excited to try the crackle. My favorite project of yours is to hard to pick. I love your blog and your ideas but I would have to say your guest house and laundry rooms are my favorites.

  15. Lou Conaway says

    Those lovely brushes look interesting and fascinating. I’d love to give them a try.

  16. Patricia Davis says

    I love so many of your projects. I want to try the mixed media photo frames.

  17. Happy Mothers Day! I have tried to find Dixie Belle paint products in my area, and so far, no luck. Perhaps I haven’t looked in the right spot yet. But I would love to try the paint. And my favorite project is the book coat rack. I gonna do that! Thanks to you and Dixie Belle for this wonderful offering.

  18. Thanks for the chance to win. I would like to try the Dixie Belle paint and the brush.

  19. I love your DIY’s and have been wanting to try to make a barn quilt.

  20. Happy Mother’s Day! I would love to try their wax. Thanks

  21. Happy Mother’s Day!!
    The DB product, well I should say productS, I would like to try are the Blue Sponge because I would like to see the difference in application from using a brush and the Crackle.
    Very difficult to pick just one of your DIY projects but I would pick the Jar Twine Holder because I really need to make that for myself. I can never find my balls of twine till I go buy a new one to replace the one I couldn’t find…lol
    I LOVE the Repurposed Book Coat Rack, I think it is an ingenious idea and since I live in a small space I love the Pallet Project for Small Space Storage.
    Thanks for this opportunity to win great products!!

  22. Renee Harris says

    Happy Mother’s Day. The would like to try the wax. Thanks.

  23. Happy Mother’s Day!

    I would love to try the Crackle…I have a dresser thatI want to use that on.

  24. Laura Werley says

    Happy Mother’s Day, Angie. Thank you and Dixie Belle for the give away. The product that I am excited to try is the white lightening cleaner, I have heard such great things about it. And since I love painting with Dixie Belle paints, the color chip card would be great to have on hand when I am trying to figure out a color to paint my latest project. But all of it is so great.

  25. Shelly schmitt says

    Good morning and Happy Mother’s Day!
    I would love to try the paint brush. I’m always looking for a good new paint brush. I would appreciate any suggestions Thanks

  26. Alison S says

    I want to try the White Lightening Cleaner!

  27. Karen Robbins says

    I’m sure I would enjoy all of these products but the White Lightening Cleaner really sounds interesting.

  28. I think it would be fun to try the crackle medium. I’ve always wondered how this paint technique is done.

  29. I would be interested to see all the colors on the color card for inspiration. Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  30. Mother Deer says

    I would like to try the clear wax. Thank you for this opportunity to win 🙂

  31. I would love to try all these special products! I have been eager to try the round brushes. Thanks for your giveaway!

  32. Happy Mother’s Day, ladies!
    I was SO excited when I found a local vendor that sold Dixie Belle products! Dixie Belle is the ULTIMATE in paints and I have sold many pieces of furniture that I KNOW was because of the quality of the paint! I’d love to try the sponges to see how they compare to brushes (and those pesky brush strokes!!!) and of course, I’d love to have the paint chart to see what colors I haven’t yet purchased!!!! Also, I’ve never tried Dixie Belle’s Crackle, so that would be a treat!

    Thanks for the chance of winning this awesome package!

  33. I am excited to try the White Lightning Cleaner .

  34. LuAnne N Larson says

    Happy Mothers Day!!

    I am most interested in the sponge, as I am still trying what technique I like for waxing! I have a project idea that would really be great with the crackle!!

  35. Love your farmhouse pedestal stand & would love to try the crackle paint! Thx for the chance to try it:)

  36. Carolyn Cohen says

    I’d like to try the crackle.

  37. I am most anxious to try the paint brushes. I’ve never tried anything different from the paint brushes I find at Lowes.

  38. I appreciate the DIY Antique Style School Chart with the bird eggs. Alas, I have no more room on my walls!

  39. I have been wanting to try Dixie Belle products! The paint bushes look fabulous!

  40. Dianne Pinyan says

    I have never used wax on products and would love to try this one.

  41. Sandy claycamp says

    I think the lightning cleaner would be such a big help , would love to try all the products. What got me hooked on knickoftime was the stencil ideas!

  42. Debra Wise says

    I LOVE Dixie Belle paints and would like to try the White Lightning cleaner, the crackle paint (since I’ve never used anything like this), and would love a good paint brush! Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Debra Wise says

    You always have the most amazing projects. I absolutely love your stencil projects. I’ve never attempted a stencil project and yours are so great!

  44. Angte, I think all of your projects are SOOO DIY!!! Very budget friendly….SOOO creative!! The ONE that I have been wanting to do is the red and white ticking pockets for flatware!! I looked thru and did not see it, but I did see black and white ticking utencil pocket ‘hanger’!!! LOVE IT!!!! So so cute!!! AND CREATIVE!!!
    I have a little side table cabinet, that locks…would be a great piece to try Dixie Bell paints….I knew I had a reason for not painting that piece!!! LOL!!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!

  45. I have never used Dixie Bell Paints, so the whole lot would be fun to try out!

  46. First I want to say that I love all your projects and tips on DIY. I love painting furniture, but I’ve never used the round brush for the waxing. I think that, plus the Dixie Bell paints, which I also have never used, would be the things I’d like most. Thank you for this opportunity to win!

  47. It is so hard to pick one thing you have created. My favorite is Spring Green Fresh Flowers Stenciled Dresser. I love the color, the stencil and the history behind it. I have to admit , I have never used this product but would love to have results like you show with it.
    Happy Mother Day and thank you for all your sharing with all of us.

  48. thank you for the giveaway! i’d love to try the crackle paint!!!

  49. Happy Mother’s Day and thanks for the giveaway! I would love to try the wax and the crackle!

    I love your grain sack typography chair!

  50. I would love to use the Crackle! And Love the brushes. A good brush makes all the difference.
    Thank you for all your ideas. Love your house too!! Happy Mother’s Day!

  51. Happy Mother’s Day!! I watched a demonstration of the Dixie Bell Paints yesterday. I have so VERY many projects I would love to try Dixie Bell Paints and supplies on!

  52. Denice Metz says

    Wow I would like to try the paint brushes they look easy to use

  53. I’d like to try the crackle finish! I loved the tin wall in your house.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  54. Stephanie H. says

    I’m most excited to try the Dixie Belle Crackle. Being a book lover, I love the book coat rack that you made for your home.

  55. First off Happy Mother’s Day 🦋 Angie! What a nice package, I’m always looking for the perfect Paintbrush, so that’s what I would really like to test out. They do have a great color selection so it would also be great to have a sample card on hand. My fav project hmmm love everything really but if I had to pick ..your totes, and picket fence pieces are what I’m really drawn to. Hope you have a great day!

  56. Mary Lou Gilliland says

    The blue sponge!! Actually I love it all!!❤️

  57. I would just love to try the paint and all the Dixie Belle products! I can’t afford to buy them, so to win would be a great gift!
    I love all your projects, but especially the quilt block square stencils.
    Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

  58. I would like the color card. I especially like your stencils. Blessings!

  59. Jann Olson says

    Happy Mother’s Day to you Angie! I love chalk paint, but have not tried this brand. Excited about the crackle! Thanks for offering this great give away!

  60. I see so many projects using Dropcloth, that I would like to try it myself. Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Mother’s Day!

  61. I love your DIY barn door wall cabinet!

  62. Jean Hawes says

    I’m working on a number of small projects and look forward to trying the chippy paint crackle finish. I’m doing a vintage market in June and trying to augment my vintage finds with some uocycled items. The Dixie Bell products are awesome for up cycling!

  63. Being disabled, I can’t do much in the way of crafting. I’d love to win for my dil. She makes lovely things

  64. Happy Mother’s Day Angie,
    What a thoughtful giveaway! I would love to try the crackle product. I love the color card being included. You have so many wonderful projects. I’m selecting the Repurposed Books Stocking Hanger because it would be perfect for my Classic Literature themed Christmas tree this year. I need to find some time and try to make that one. I’m saving your project page. So many pretty ideas!

  65. Hi. Looks like a fun giveaway. I would like to try it all but the brushes would be really good to have. Seems those are always needed. As for the DIY projects, I like the Barn Quilt. You are great at providing such clever ideas! Happy Mother’s Day!

  66. Carol Claremont says

    I love Dixie Belle paint but have never done anything with a crackle finish so would love to try that. I have seen dozens of projects using the drop cloth and I already have something i want to paint with that color. My favorite is your shed makeover. Happy Mother’s Day!!

  67. I am intrigued by that blue sponge! Can’t wait to try it! Thanks, Angie!

  68. Tabitha P. says

    I’d like to paint my cabinets or repaint my tall kitchen shelf.

  69. Michele D Yates says

    The Dixie Belle gift bag would be a great way to try the products!
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  70. Beth Kimbler says

    I want to try the crackle! My other attempt with glue was a huge fail! I want to recreate your drawer to cabinet or crate to cabinet. Thanks for the chance!

  71. I recently bought my first Dixie Belle paint and I can’t wait to try it on a cute stool that I have. Am anxious to try the crackle. Thank you for the give away!

  72. jackie norwood says

    The crackle paint…….I have a child sized wooden hutch I’d love to use it on!

  73. Thanks! I would also love to try the crackle. I love all of the
    Projects you do to make junk useful and great looking.
    My favorite thing was your Woodland Christmas guest room and
    The heater light. I just tried this paint for the first time last week and cannot stop painting stuff.

  74. Maryette Mixon says

    I would love to try the White Lightning cleaner! Those of us from the South know anything with that name must be good! The hand painted color card would be great, too!

  75. Marlene Stephenson says

    Thank you Angie and Happy Mother’s Day. I would like to try the crackle paint and i love the deconstructured , reconstructued lamp shade.

  76. Naomi Shelton says

    Angie, I am anxious to try the DixieBelle chalk paint as I’ve been interested in getting some for a while. Then, regarding my favorite project that you’ve done—are you serious?? There are SO many that I love that choosing one is impossible! But I’ll give you two anyway: the framed scissors with scissor graphic paper behind it and any of your wooden totes. Plus the old milk can turned into a patio table. Those are just a small smattering of all the items you’ve created that I would love to have in my home.

    Thanks for the giveaway! May the best woman win!! (me, me, me!)

  77. Happy Mother’s Day!!! Thank you for a chance at such an awesome giveaway! I only recently learned of Dixie Belle Paint. I would love the opportunity to try some as I have heard some great reviews!

  78. I would love to try all the products but the crackle is top of the list. Looking through your DYI projects it is hard to pick one (as others have stated) but the antique clock face cans look like fun.

  79. Tonia Fuller says

    So many choices. I would love to make the picket fence hooks and after a huge wind I have recyclable wood. I would love a chance to work with the chalk finish furniture paint. Thank you for sharing!

  80. Carol S. says

    The gift bag with the wax looks awesome!

  81. Tammie N. says

    I’d like to use the chalk paint and the blue sponge. As for the DIY projects, I want to make the stenciled drop cloth pillow and the no-sew drop cloth curtains. Thanks for the giveaway!

  82. Jennifer says

    I’d love to try alllll of these product , couldn’t just pick one ! Thanks for the chance !

  83. vickie mccaffrey says

    Happy Mothers Day. I’d love to try the wax

  84. Patricia Cox says

    I would love to try the Crackle paint on some DIY signs. I love the old look you get.
    Thank you.

  85. I would love to try the Dixie Belle paint. I haven’t seen it anywhere in my area. Hope you had a great day!

  86. Bree Berry says

    I love, love, love, love paints, painting, etc… I’m excited to use the Dixie Belle Crackle paint. Thank you very much

    Bree Berry

  87. Janet Kynerd says

    I have not tried the Dixie Belle line of paint but would love too.

  88. I would love to try the paint. Love the projects but the clip board really speaks to me.

  89. Janet Kynerd says

    I find all your DIY projects interesting. If I have to pick a favorite it would be the barn quilt. I plan to make a smaller one for our storage shed.

  90. Anna Shumate says

    I would love to try out the Dixie Belle Crackle paint – looks like such a fun product! I love your DIY Painted Glass Bottles project – I wonder how the crackle paint would look over the glass bottles??? Have a great Mothers Day!

  91. FRAN CASWELL says

    I would love to try the Crackle paint. I have never used anything like that before but I love the look.
    Thank you.

  92. My husband gave me permission to refinish his baby dresser. I’ve been contemplating what product to use….decisions, decisions. Until today when I saw your post, decision made. I would love to try the Dixie Crackle. Thank you for the chance. 🙂


  93. I went on the DIY page and found several inspiring ideas. But I totally want to make the Pottery Barn inspired pillow shams. LOVELY idea. Thank you.

  94. I would like to try the crackle paint. I have been wanting to try it but just haven’t been able to find it in my area.

  95. Hope your Mothers Day. My favorite of your DIY is the Table top Industrial Cart.
    I would love to try the Dixie Bell Crackle, Paint Brushes.
    Thank you for this opportunity for the chance to win Dixie Bell products.


  96. I have never used chalk paint so this would be the perfect way to try it out for the first time!


  97. Believe it or not, I still haven’t tried Chalk paint! I have a couple of projects I would love to try it out on!!!! Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  98. Just this Friday night I galvanized a metal grater when we had a bonfire. Your galvanizing a bucket for 4th of July gave me this idea! Love that DIY project!!!

  99. Katherine Hawkes says

    Thank you for offering up a great giveaway! I am most interested in trying the crackle medium. I love the look of aged pieces! Have a blessed day!!

  100. Cindy Horne says

    Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.
    I would love to try the Dixie Belle crackle. Several projects that could use some “crackling good” enhancements.
    I really love the Repurposed Drawer ideas.

  101. Would definitely like any of the products but the white lightening cleaner would be a big help. In a fit of cleaning, I just threw away a glass coffee pot which could have been turned into a terrarium. Wish I had seen that DIY tutorial before I actually decided on throwing something out.

  102. I would love to try the paint and crackle. I have a small shelf I want to paint and think these would be perfect for it.

  103. I want to paint a clipboard like you did. This would be a great way to change out art on display when I get tired of looking at the same thing.

  104. Cindy Downing says

    I’m looking forward to trying the drop cloth color furniture paint. My favorite project is the upcycled cabinet

  105. I haven’t seen this paint in my area. I would love to try it! Thank you for offering this awesome giveaway!!!

  106. april s kise says

    I would like to try the Dixie Belle paint and the brush…I’m not very experienced but it sounds great!

  107. I love the look from the Dixie Bell Crackle, I think it would be the perfect finish for my Dad’s old trunk.

  108. Peggy Pace says

    I would love to try the paint and crackle. Great give away!

  109. Liz Owens says

    I’d love to try this package!

  110. Diane Anderson-Edwards says

    I would like to try the Chalk Paint for furniture.

  111. Lisa grace says

    I want to try a sponge to apply sealer! Been doing it with a brush and the sponge seems like it would be so much more efficient!

  112. I haven’t tried this brand of paint yet, nor the white lightning (although I may have sipped some way back in the day, that might have tasted like it could take paint off…). Love your blog, always look forward to your graphics downloads.

  113. Marcia Horn says

    I would love to try all the products you are offering in your giftaway, how very kind of you to do so 🙂 Enjoy following you seeing your project posts.

  114. Sara Yakubik says

    I’d like to try the chalk finish furniture paint. Thank you!

  115. Tresa Tong says

    It is a hard decision regarding my favorite of your DIYs…I love them all, but I think I need to make the lace painted bottles for sure. If I were to win this giveaway, the chalk paint is what I would try first.

  116. Kim Jarriel says

    I think i would be the most excited to try is the wax, i have never used it before. Thank you for an awesome giveaway !

  117. Kim Jarriel says

    My favorite DIY, wow that is tough! I love everything you do! Pretty much anything Milk and Cream. I want to do a cabinet like your white one with milk and cream on the glass!

  118. Laurie Souza says

    Would like to try the Dixie Bell crackle….have the perfect project for it. Thank you!! Awesome giveaway!!

  119. Laurie Souza says

    There’s too many to choose from but I will do it….the upcycled cabinet

  120. Mechele Rose says

    Hope you had a wonderful mother’s day. I would love to try the Crackle and White Lightning. I have heard great things about both of these products.

  121. Barbara Cohen says

    I can’t wait to try the crackle! I love the DIY Farmhouse Coasters.

  122. Saundra J Simpson says

    I have followed your blog for a couple of years now, falling in love with your DIY farmhouse style. Since moving to TN, I finally found a store close to home that sells Dixie Bell products. I bought a wax brush and a can of the wax to use on a piece I am painting. I can’t wait to try out the wax on a large piece. I already used it on a small piece and absolutely love the way it went on.

  123. Hi Angie
    Hard to pick a favorite from all of your DIY projects but I would pick the pallet wood wall rack.
    If like to try the furniture paint since I have heard several good comments about Dixie Belle paint.

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