Bathroom Open Shelves Cabinet with Barn Door Hidden Storage

Farmhouse Bathroom Open Shelves Cabinet

This is just a quick post because I haven’t shared the final project in our Farmhouse bathroom remodel.

We got rid of our storage closet door because I wanted open shelves instead.

These shelves have a ton of storage!   

I used baskets on the shelves to corral everything from washcloths and towels to light bulbs and cleaning supplies.

Behind the basket on the top shelf is where I store rolls of toilet paper.

One of the baskets is a large Amish handmade laundry basket, another one came from my daughter who filled it with candles for Mother’s Day, and one of them is a Longaberger Basket that I bought more than a decade ago from my cousin who used to sell them.

Sorry for the grainy looking photo, but the window light doesn’t reach into the shelves.

Farmhouse  Bathroom Open Shelves Cabinet with Barn Door Hidden Storage | #knickoftime #farmhouse | #farhousebathroom #storage #barndoor

My husband needs access to the plumbing for the bathtub, so he made a cabinet with a mini barn door … which I love, of course!  I bought the barn door cabinet hinges and drawer pull from Hickory Hardware (affiliate link).

Farmhouse  Bathroom Open Shelves Cabinet with Barn Door Hidden Storage | #knickoftime #farmhouse | #farhousebathroom #storage #barndoor

Behind it is hidden storage with a square galvanized tub that holds more stuff.

I didn’t think I would fill them up, but I did!

Farmhouse  Bathroom Open Shelves Cabinet with Barn Door Hidden Storage | #knickoftime #farmhouse | #farhousebathroom #storage #barndoor

I’ll be sharing the full reveal of my farmhouse bathroom in just a few days once I finish editing all the photos!

White Farmhouse Bathroom Open Shelves Barn Door Hidden Storage Cabinet |

Vaya con Dios,

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  1. I love the look of the baskets and open shelving…adds another pretty texture to the space and great accessible storage!

  2. Annette McPeake says

    I love how your baskets are not all the same, and each one has its own history. I have an older home which lacks storage and use wicker baskets to store anything and everything.

  3. The baskets for storage look nice, Angie. And the barn door is cute as can be! I want a tall cupboard similar to your shelves in my main bathroom so I can get everything off the sink counter and behind doors. I’m just so tired of trying to clean around all of the stuff standing out. Takes forever. Looking forward to more farmhouse bathroom reveals.

  4. Love the variety of baskets you used in your open storage niche – definitely adds character and interest. I have an open shelf area that is similar to yours that is to the left of my bedroom door. I used space that would have been part the the bathroom linen closet (who needs a 3 1/2 foot deep linen closet?) and had my builder install open shelves, six in all about 27″ wide. My shredder and a small file carrier sit on the floor. That area and the 2 lower shelves just above are hidden with a curtain on a tension rod to hide them plus art supplies, paper, pencil sharpener, envelopes etc. Have been trying to decide whether or not to buy color co-ordinated storage cubes, but after seeing what you did, I think I will shop my extensive basket collection instead. Thanks for a great idea!

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