Favorite Finds, Movie & Music Recommendations: July Edition

Favorite Finds, Movie & Music Recommendations: July Edition

I have really come to enjoy sharing my favorite finds and music and movie recommendations with you each month.  My hope is that you’ll discover something new that you’ll enjoy as well!

Favorite Finds: 

Since it’s summer, I’m loving travel and geography theme pillow covers!

First up, this Happy Camper pillow is so cute and at $2.89 (including shipping), it’s a steal!

Happy Camper pillow

I love this set of four Geography Theme pillow covers.  They are a great price at only $16.00, including free Prime shipping.

geography theme pillow covers

Sticking with the travel theme, this set of 50 Vintage Suitcase Candy Party Favor Boxes would be perfect for giving out at a special event like reunions, weddings, or women’s groups.

Vintage Suitcase Travel Candy Party Favor Boxes

Now for some music recommendations.


Josh Wilson Dream Small

Josh Wilson: Dream Small – Dream Small is a new release that has an inspiring message and upbeat rhythm, making it easy to sing along with the words, which I love to do when I’m driving in my car alone!  I couldn’t find it on Amazon yet, so I linked to it on YouTube.  He also has several other albums Here, including a wonderful Christmas one.

NPR (National Public Radio) This isn’t music, but I love listening to some of the programs on NPR.  You can listen to their programs for free online.  My favorites are Ask Me Another which has humorous puzzles, word games, and trivia done in front of a live audience.  The host is so witty!

I also like Here and Now where I recently heard about a soccer ball that survived the space shuttle Challenger explosion and was returned to the high school where it came from.  Many of the words that were written on the ball by the soccer team can still be read.  There are many other informative and interesting stories that I wouldn’t have otherwise learned about elsewhere.


Amazon Prime Video:  Click HERE to start your free Amazon Prime trial.

Lorna Doone – starring: Richard Coyle, Aidan Gillen, and Amelia Warner

Lorna Doone is the tale of two star-crossed lovers in this wonderful period drama.  Loved it!

The Imagination Game – starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, and Allen Leech

My love for historical dramas continues with this movie.  It has an outstanding cast and it’s an amazing true story of a gay mathematician who broke the Enigma code during World War II.  It was fascinating and beautifully performed.

That’s a wrap for this month’s Favorite Finds, Movie & Music Recommendations!

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