Repurposed Tea Tins Office Organizer

Repurposed Tea Tins Office Organizer

Turn pretty tea tins into a wonderful and useful repurposed office organizer!

I was browsing in a local antique shop a few months ago and found a set of tea tins.  They weren’t antiques, or even vintage, but they were really cute tins.  So I snatched them up knowing I would find some way to use them.

I hung it on the wall in my kitchen for the photos because everything looks good against white. 

Repurposed Tea Tins Office Organizer by Knick of Time |

I’ve included the easy directions below in case you want to make one for yourself.

Supplies I used (affiliate links included for your convenience); Brown & Ashley Green Tea Tins 


I used a pallet board to attach them to, but you could just as easily attach them to a chalkboard or dry erase board.

My board measures 29″ wide, but you’d need it a little longer if you use all five tea tins that came in the set.

They were centered and spaced between the top and bottom of the pallet board.

For this repurposed tea tins organizer, I didn’t need the lids.  But I saved them so I could use them for something else, as all good junk lovers do!

How How to make a Repurposed Tea Tins School Supplies Office Organizer |

I thought about using it as a planter for small succulents but didn’t want to fill the tins with dirt, knowing I would have to clean it out before shipping it.

I do think succulents would look really cute on them also!

Make a Farmhouse Style Repurposed Tea Tins School Supplies Office Organizer! by Knick of Time |

I have it available for purchase in my online shop HERE.

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  1. Very cute, Angie! I have done something similar with Chimes candy tins and magnetic strips so they can hang on the fridge. Thanks for another idea!

  2. Great idea, Angie. I have a weakness for all kinds of old tins and some not-so-old like your tea tins. This is a good way to put them to use.

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