Fall Farmhouse Decor: Chalk Couture Vintage Truck

Fall Farmhouse Decor Part 3: Chalk Couture Vintage Truck

I’ve been working on several Halloween projects, and the one I’m going to show you today I’ve been dying to do.  But honestly, I was a little nervous because I thought I might mess it up.

One of the reasons I became a designer with Chalk Couture is because I fell in love with the Vintage Truck transfer.  I would love to actually have an old pickup truck just like the one in the transfer.  I mean, who wouldn’t?

I must have watched at least five YouTube videos to see various methods of chalking the truck, but I was still nervous to try it myself.

I decided to make it easy on myself and chalk the truck in only one color, and I’m so glad I did.

It’s a two-part transfer with the bottom transfer being the body of the truck and the hubs, and the top transfer is the top part of the truck and the wheels.  I only used the top part.  I watched one video that only did the top also, and I really prefer it that way.  You could do it in any color, but I went with black.

Chalk Couture Vintage Truck available fro Knick of Time |https://www.chalkcouture.com/knickoftime

There are several options that you can put in the bed of the truck with the Vintage Truck Fall Add-on.  I first used part of this transfer on the upcycled Market Basket project.

There’s a round hay bale, some square hay bales, corn shocks, apples in baskets, and pumpkins.  The pumpkins are the ones I chose to put in the bed.

P.S. -I didn’t cut apart the bottom left part of the transfer because I wanted to keep it in one piece for another project which I’ll share soon.

We had some scrap wood left over from making my farmhouse wood totes, so I stained one of the pieces and waxed it, then assembled all the supplies I was going to need.

The piece of wood scrap was just a hair too short, but I positioned it so just a bit of the front and back bumper would be off.

Since I was only using one color, it was very quick to just lay down the paste and use the small squeegee to drag the paste across the transfer.

How to Chalk the Vintage Truck on a Stained and Waxed Scrap Wood Board | knickoftime.net

After the truck turned out Amazing I positioned the pumpkins in the bed.

I used Pumpkin Pie chalk paste for the pumpkins.

I forgot to take a picture of the pumpkin stems, but you position them over the pumpkins once you’re done applying the paste and drying it to the touch also.

I used the small squeegee for the pumpkins and the multi-tool for the stems.

I should have positioned the pumpkins a little lower than I did, but for my first time layering transfers I’m thrilled with how it came out.

Chalk Couture Demo: Chalk Couture Black Vintage Truck Fall Home Decor | knickoftime.net

In retrospect, I may try it again, putting the pumpkin transfer on first, then doing the truck.  My theory is that it will work a little better that way.

I’ll let you know if I do.

I also finished a sign for my daughter-in-law’s birthday.  I used the Coffee O’ Clock transfer with chalk paste (bark color) on the White Circle Magnetic Chalkboard.  She has more coffee cups than she knows what to do with, so I didn’t send her any of those.  But I included several Starbucks gift cards.  I hope she loves it!

Chalk Couture Coffee O'Clock by Knick of Time | knickoftime.net

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How to Chalk the Layered Chalk Couture Fall Pumpkins in the Vintage Truck on Wood Scrap by Knick of Time |knickoftime.net

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  1. Hi Angie,
    You know already i love your blog and read it always. These two projects are super cute ! I can think of several in the family who’d like to receive the pumpkin truck as a gift but I’m the Coffee O’clock fanatic! There’s always a pot on. Is that stencil available ? wondered the diameter as I have a project in mind . Loved it !

  2. Angie, love both projects but my favorite is the old truck with the pumpkins. It turned out so cute! Great job!!

  3. Love this so much! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Terri Hughes says

    I love it, you did a really nice job. And I agree with, who would not like to have a truck like this one?

  5. LOVE the truck transfer. I can see the bed of the truck filled with something different for each season.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. I hope to get an old pickup truck some day. Could you take a little of the orange paint and a small paint brush and fill in the bottom of the pumpkin where it’s not quite lined up with the truck sides?

  7. Love this! It looks good as is, but if you’re concerned about the space under the pumpkins,how about adding some straw or grass underneath?

  8. That truck transfer is so sweet filled with pumpkins!

  9. What a fun project! Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

  10. Carissa Huff says

    Do you still have this fall kit with the truck?
    Looking for 3 vintage truck transfers

  11. jalane Fitzhugh says

    I want the vintage truck kit

  12. Do you still have this transfer

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