DIY Buffalo Check Cloth Bandana Napkins 

I hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween!  My son still wishes he was a little kid.  He loves Halloween so much.

Gals!  I’m so excited to share this project with you all!

It is DIY Buffalo Check Cloth Bandana Napkins made in just minutes.


Easy DIY Red and Black Buffalo Check Cloth Bandana Napkins made with Chalk Couture Peace Joy Believe transfer set. Tutorial at Knick of Time |

They look high end, but they’re .99 cent bandanas!

I made a bunch of them because my whole family will be home for Christmas and I want the table to look extra special.

Easy DIY Red and Black Buffalo Check Cloth Bandana Napkins made with Chalk Couture Peace Joy Believe transfer set. Tutorial at Knick of Time |

No joke.  It takes about three minutes to make each one.

One minute to tape around the edge of the transfer (If you’re a neat crafter, you can skip this step … but I am not!), one minute to apply the ink, and one minute to clean the transfer and squeegee.

I knocked them all out in one evening.

I made a quick video to show how simple they are to make.  The supplies and written directions are also below.

Supplies Used: *Links to my Chalk Couture shop included.

Peace Joy Believe transfer


Bright White Ink

Washi tape

Ink mat (Our ink mats are temporarily out of stock but you can also use these.)


Directions to make DIY Buffalo Check Cloth Bandana Napkins:

  1. Put the bandana on an ink mat or other sticky mat.  That keeps the fabric from slipping.
  2. Place the transfer on the bandana.  I found it worked best to put it on the second fold from the side near the bottom.  Pick a stripe to line the transfer up with.
  3. Run a squeegee across the transfer to remove any air bubbles.  Double check with your finger tip.
  4. Put washi tape around all four sides.
  5. Apply the paste with squeegee from top to bottom, then remove the excess paste from side to side.  You just want to make sure to remove the lines left by the squeegee.
  6. Carefully remove the tape, then the transfer.
  7. Leave the bandana on the mat while you clean the transfer and squeegee with warm water.
  8. Use a disinfecting wipe to wipe both sides of the transfer.  That removes any residual ink and brings back the stickiness to the transfer.
  9. Carefully remove the bandana from the mat and set it aside for 24 hours to dry.

Once they dry, you do have to heat set them with an iron or heat press.

The recommended time is 30 seconds on both sides with a heat press, four minutes with an iron.

Since I don’t have a heat press, I used an iron.

**Note – I only did about two minutes because I didn’t want to run the risk of the ink turning yellow, especially on such thin fabric.

Easy DIY Red and Black Buffalo Check Cloth Bandana Napkins made with Chalk Couture Peace Joy Believe transfer set. Tutorial at Knick of Time |

So what do you think?

I am so thrilled with how they came out!

I have used just the JOY transfer at least 12 times, and I think I finally wore it out.

Luckily, they came back in stock, so I’m ordering a new one!

I have a new creator bundle available now!

You’ll receive the transfer with the ink for $19.50.    The retail cost is $23.98.

Shipping is just $6.75.

Leave a comment or message me to purchase.

Before you leave, check out more of my Christmas projects!

Vaya con Dios,


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  1. http://Jennie says

    Where did you purchase your bandanas? All the ones I found are lots more than .99 for the buffalo print ones. Thank you.

  2. http://Christy says

    Wonderful Project. My question is: once used (as a napkin) are they washable? Does the image stay on too?

  3. http://Debra%20A%20Wise says

    These are so cute. Thanks for sharing Angie.

  4. Thanks Debra!

  5. I love these! I’m making as much as I can in buffalo check this Christmas season. Where did you find the bandanas? I need some! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday

  6. That was breeze to make. I watched your video and I was amazed at how clean that transfer looked! Beautiful napkins I would love to have.

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