Hot Cocoa Station Christmas Tote with Cans

Hot Cocoa Station Christmas Tote with Cans

As a child I used to love going to the mall during the Christmas season.

Seeing everything decorated like the North Pole and a snowy forest made me so happy.

Walking down the candy cane pathway to sit on Santa’s lap seemed magical.

Today’s project is almost as fun!

It’s made from some of my tin can stash.  I always have a bunch to work with.  Just can’t throw out those cans when they have so much potential!

Don’t you agree?


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How to Make a Hot Cocoa Station Christmas Tote with Cans

Step 1: Tear off the paper labels removing as much as the paper as you can.

 It’s almost humanly impossible to get all of the paper off, but most will come off.

Step 2: Paint each of the cans in the color of your choice.

Since mine are for Christmas, I used red and white for the candy cane theme I had in mind.

Red and white painted tin cans for Christmas Hot Cocoa Station

red spray painted recycle cans

You could just add ribbon around each can at this point and fill with greenery for a centerpiece or candy.

But I had another idea in mind for mine.

Step 3: Paint the wood tote.

My tote was an old one that was previously gray, so I just sanded the sides and repainted it white.

white painted tote

Step 4: Attach Velcro Strips to the tote and the cans.

Make sure that the cans will be level with the bottom of the tote.

Painted tin cans for Christmas Hot Cocoa Station

Step 5: Attach the cans to the tote.

How to make a Hot Cocoa Station Christmas Tote with Cans

Using Velcro, the cans will easily be removed to store after the holidays are over.  They fit inside the tote.

Step 6: Fill cans with utensils, candy canes, hot cocoa packets, or straws.

The perfect hot cocoa station!

Hot cocoa station Candy Cane Christmas Tote by Knick of Time


DIY Hot Cocoa Station Christmas Tote with Cans by Knick of Time

Have you made any Christmas decor with tin cans?

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  1. This is so cute! I love projects that re-use some of those cans we use!

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