Christmas Baking Kitchen Centerpiece With Vintage Kitchenware

Christmas Baking Kitchen Centerpiece

Last week, my husband and I needed to go to another town to pick up a car cooler for his semi-truck.

While there, he took me to an antique store where I spotted two antique sifters and a loaf pan in the same booth.

They were very reasonably priced, so I bought all four.

Both of the sifters are Bromwell’s.

Antique Bromwell's flour sifter

But the sifter with the red wooden handle is my favorite.

Antique Sifter for winter arrangement

I love all vintage loaf pans, but my favorites have the folded ends.

vintage bread loaf pan

vintage Bake King bread loaf pan

First, I transformed the loaf pan.  Here’s how.

Crafting Christmas Baking Kitchen Centerpieces:

Supplies Used (affiliate links included):

Christmas Kitchen Centerpiece Supplies

All of my Christmas picks came from Walmart.

At 97¢ each, you can’t beat the price.

I used two.

The rubber spatula also came from there in a 2-pack.

The plastic candy canes were in a pack of 6 from Dollar Tree.

Christmas Kitchen Centerpiece Supplies

How to make a Christmas Baking Kitchen Centerpiece with Vintage Kitchenware

Step 1:  Fill Containers.

Fill the containers with insulating foam halfway.  The foam expands while drying.

bread loaf pan Great Stuff foam inside


Step 2:  Make a Mini Sign

Choose one of the 12 designs on the Warm Wishes transfer to make the sign on a mini tag.

Make a small sign for centerpiece with Chalk Couture

Step 3:  Attach Sign to Craft Sticks on the Back

To do this, apply hot glue on the stick and more around it.

This makes it very secure and sturdy.

Make a small sign for a centerpiece with Chalk Couture transfers and tag minis

How to attach a small sign to centerpiece

Step 4: Clip Stems,

Clip apart the picks so they’ll be ready for the next step.

cut apart Christmas floral picks

Step 5:  Add Picks.

Carefully insert the sign, picks, and spatula into the foam where you want them, then remove each.

Then use a glue pot to put glue on each item and reinsert so they won’t come loose.

Make sure to choose one pick for the back that will cover the craft sticks.

How to make a Christmas Baking Kitchen Centerpiece with Vintage Kitchenware

Step 6:  Ribbon or Bows and a Jingle Bell

In retrospect, I wish I would have dry brushed some light brown paint over the top of the foam to make it look like a real loaf of bread, but I didn’t think of it until after the picks were glued in place.

But I love it anyway!

How to make a Christmas Baking Kitchen Centerpiece with Vintage Kitchenware

Later in another post, I’ll show what I do with the sifters.

See more Christmas Ideas HERE.

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Add a special rustic touch to the holiday table with this farmhouse-inspired Christmas Baking Kitchen Centerpiece crafted in vintage bakeware.

Here’s another fun and quick project using the I’ll be home for CHRISTMAS transfer on a Reclaimed Drawer Front.


  1. SusanIrene B says

    Cute! I thought the foam looked like snow!

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