Social Distancing Sanity Saving Project Ideas

Social Distancing Sanity Saving Project Ideas

Is anyone else out there starting to lose their grip on reality? 

Seriously, I don’t even know what day of the week it is now!

My husband is a trucker and my daughter is a 911 call center operator, so both of them are still working.

My youngest son that still lives at home was supposed to start a new job this week, but it got delayed until after this whole crazy Coronavirus thing is over.  But he’s doing Door Dash to bring in some money.

Since I’m home by myself with just the dog and cat to keep me company, crafting is the only thing that keeps me halfway sane.

I hope you get some inspiration from these Social Distancing Sanity Saving Project Ideas.

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Social Distancing Sanity Saving Project Ideas

You might need to make this sign as a reminder that you really do love your family after several weeks of staying home!

In This House

Chalk Couture In This House

This nod to Bob Marley might be just what you need right now.
Chalk Couture Every Little Thing
Chalk Couture JOHN 3:16 Cross
The new Feathered Friends Collection has 3 designs.
Chalk Couture Feathered Friends Collection
The Rustic Birdhouse is one of my favorites!

Chalk Couture Feathered Friends Collection—Rustic Birdhouse

Another one of the designs in the Feathered Friends Collection is Bless Our Nest.
Chalk Couture Feathered Friends Collection—Bless Our Nest

Another new collection is the Live Deeply Collection.  It includes Coral, Endless Wonder with starfish and shell, In All Things that includes a quote, a fish, and compass, and finally the Octopus.

Chalk Couture Live Deeply Collection

Everyone needs hope, especially now.  This meaningful sentiment is another nautical reminder.

Hope Anchors the Soul

Chalk Couture Rise and Grind

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I hope these ideas will help you stay sane while being cooped up during this crazy social distancing time that I hope we see the end of soon!

Stay safe!

Vaya con Dios,


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  1. At least we have our art and craft to keep us busy. Imagine those who don’t have anything like that. Its them I feel more sorry for. Since this started I’ve been doing stuff around my house and making things with what I have. If I was still in Australia with my workshop and sheds full of stuff I’d be in heaven. Here I’m making do with what I brought with me and what I found since I arrived. Not that much, but at least I can do all kinds of things so I’m never bored. Plus having to stay home and making/do stuff I am now posting more on my blog. That was going through a slump as the big move to Greece had unsettled me.

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