$5 Buck Bargains

When I go to auctions, I usually admire all the beautiful antiques
that everyone else admires and wants,
but those are rarely the pieces I bid on. 
They are just always *way* out of my price range.
These are the kind of “treasures” I usually go for.
But they are usually attached to pieces that look like this.
Actually, that’s the pretty side.  It gets scarier. 
If you have a limited antique budget,
you may as well accept 
 insects & filth as part of your job description.
But hey, but even if I can’t salvage the cabinets (and I will DID try)
I only paid $5 to get 4 of the gorgeous glass knobs +
4 of these beautiful glass doors attached to 2 sets of cabinets.
The glass knobs alone would cost me twice that at Hobby Lobby – with a coupon.
Just look close at the details.
THAT’S what I was bidding on.
Not the bugs, filth and broken boards.
I just end up with a lot of scrap for the bonfire pit when I’m done.
I tried to salvage the orange one and it is pretty structurally sound,
but 2 sides of aren’t painted (I guess because they were against a wall).
I really don’t want to strip any paint, and I also didn’t want to paint over
that beautiful, chippy pumpkin orange color (I’ve got Autumn on the brain)…
so I removed the doors.  I’ll sell some and will probably
turn what’s left into a sign or hall hooks.
I may paint the rest of the cabinet now and use it as open shelves.
Here’s all the doors from both cabinets after I removed them
and cleaned them up.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  Well worth 5 bucks!
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  1. Visiting from miss mustard seed’s party, and love this! Come visit me anytime!

  2. I enjoyed reading this!

  3. Great knobs! I hopped over from the feathered nest hop and so happy I did. Hugs!

  4. I’ve never thought about bidding on something just for the doors or the knobs, but what smart idea! You got some great knobs for cheap, and the doors are spectacular! Very cool!

  5. i love the knobs! thanks for linkin!!!

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