Chippy Little Red Wagon

I found lots of rusty, crusty, wonderful stuff
 at the auction last week,
but when my husband saw this wagon,

his response was,
“It’s junk”.
Heck yeah, it’s junk!
Not just “any-old-every day-throw-it-away” junk…
It’s GREAT junk!
Now, I’ll admit that it looked like the trashy kind of junk at the auction.
They had it filled with nasty stuff that really was trash,
and the handle had come off, and was buried under the trash,
so it looked like it didn’t have a handle.
AND…its paint is chipping like crazy.
But…you have to see beyond that.
Picture things once they’ve had a bath and a little love.

 Picture their potential….

and appreciate the journey they’ve taken to get them where they are today.
I hope your day is filled
with junk…of the beautiful kind!

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  1. Well I think its lovely and I would have nabbed it too.

  2. I so agree with your vision. My Grandpa bought my Mom a wagon on her 1 birthday. She is now 74. He gave this wagon to me many years ago. I used it on the farm to haul rocks and it broke down and fell apart. But I kept it for it’s sentimental value. After I left the farm, (divorce) I took my wagon with me and a street rodder restored it. Now many years later I have it in my front gardens that you can see if you visit my home gardens on my blog.

  3. I found my little red wagon in a garage sale a few years ago for $5.00 and it’s been working for me since.. it’s also so rusted and falling apart and my husband is always trying to put it in the trash!! Love yours!

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