Were You Raised in a Barn?

I’ve mentioned a few times recently
that we put in an offer on another farmhouse (no, we aren’t farmers)
and are (not so) patiently waiting to see
if it’s in God’s plan that we move (it’s looking good so far).
It’s a humble little home – with everything we need & most of what we want…
land for the animals
(a quarter horse, a miniature horse, 4 dogs & a cat)…
an outbuilding as a shop for my business…
and the right price.
But like very house we’ve ever lived in,
we have more kids (4) than bedrooms and have had to get
creative figuring out where each kid will go.
Occasionally they’ve shared bedrooms,
but with 1 girl and 3 boys,
my daughter automatically gets her own room,
two kids are adults now and my youngest son is…well…
a total slob….and that’s stating the matter nicely.
NO ONE wants to bunk with him.
They’d rather live in a barn.
Which leads me to my next point in this rambling story.
The new house has an old barn with a loft.
I suggested to my husband today, the idea today of doing some serious
renovation to convert the loft into 2 bedrooms for my oldest 2 sons (21 & 17).
He said, “Yep, we could”.
So…I’ve asked my kids all these years
if they think they live in a barn or something.
Hopefully, soon…they can answer yes.
I DID mention it would take a lot of work, right?
The lower part has a dirt floor.
I’m hoping we can lay cement flooring and install
a basketball hoop where the huge open door is.  They’d love that.
The loft will need a ceiling to cover the rafters,
insulation, walls, doors, flooring, heat/air, etc.
But, I think my boys would love living in a barn…
Far enough from the house that they can pretend
they can’t hear me yelling for them.
Now here’s the part I want you to notice.
Look at the bottom left side of the photo.
See those stacks of white drawers?
Someone made those out of explosive crates.
Can’t wait to get my hands on them!
My kids are pretty rustic, country kids.
My oldest son opted to live in a shed when he was about 14…
rather than share a room with both his brothers.
I’m talking about one of those small, metal sheds…like you put your lawnmower in.
We fancied it up – put paneling on the walls, hung shelves, etc.
But, it was a shed.
Oldest son and daughter (18) now live in an outbuilding on our property.
It’s not nearly as primitive as the shed was. 
They each have large rooms with their own entrances.
Kind of like a studio apartment….without a bathroom.
It’s big step up from the metal shed, but last spring
a snake decided to make her family home
under my daughter’s side of the building.
One of them got in her room, but as I said…
they are pretty hardy, country kids.
Forgive the half nekkid boy, but here they are posing with the snake family.
Notice the kids are all wearing leather gloves?
That’s because these snakes were mean and MAD!
My daughter loves snakes, so she thought this was great fun.
She kept one of the snakes in an aquarium in her room for a few days.
So…my whole point is, (yes, there is one) –
my boys should be perfectly at home…
living in a barn.
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  1. Too funny Angie. Stopped by your booth yesterday and it sure looks good. That buffet is tempting but I just painted a hutch for the spot that I wanted a buffet for. I wonder if you came by when I was there, because I looked at books on the desk then later stopped back by your booth and the books were all neat and tidy in the box. Hope you get the house! Terry

  2. Yes, I was there and did straighten the books! How funny that we probably crossed paths and didn’t realize it! I’ve been meaning to ask which booth is yours at Sullivans.

  3. I’ve always thought it would be so cool to live in a converted Barn… I’ve seen some beautiful Barn restorations in the Land Of Blog that peeps now reside in and the ambiance just can’t be beat IMO! That property is lovely, I Hope everything works out for you. Just over a decade ago we took an enormous leap of Faith and sold everything to purchase and restore this Historic Property *which was in a condemned state when we purchased it, which meant living Gypsy Style for 3 months during an Arizona Summer while we readied the house for habitation*… but it was so worthwhile & a “God Thing” and the vision I had for it has now manifested almost completely through Labors of Love. During the time we’ve been here we have inherited two of our G-Kids to raise so we now have the dilemma of not enough rooms for every kid still residing here to have their own room, so I feel ya on that one… right now our Son is living in my Studio Cottage in the back half of our property, but he’s loving it, turns out my Bohemian Styling is a Babe Magnet so the Girls love visiting him… now I may never get him to move out??! *winks*

    Dawn… The Bohemian

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