Bittersweet – Goodbye to our New Home & Hello to the New

Today we sign the papers
on our new {but very old} home.
While I’m not really looking forward to
starting the remodeling process,
I can’t wait to get my shop set up

in the separate outbuilding,

so the house can be just my home again –
and not look like a cross between
a flea market & a shipping depot.
I’m excited we’ll live 20+ minutes closer
to the town we travel to daily.
My husband will have a 10 minute drive to work,
instead of a 35 minute one,
and I’ll spend a lot less of my life
behind the wheel as well.
But, as excited as I am, it’s definately bitterswet.
I love our current home – I really do.
We’ve put so much work into it to make it OUR home,
and we’ll really leave behind a piece of ourselves here.
My husband put in a gorgeous,
huge kitchen window for me.
It was my dream window…
looking out over our horses in the pasture.
I’ll miss that window so much.
I’ll miss the wood floor
that we painstakingly uncovered and restored.
I’ll miss our walks down to the river.

I know you can take memories with you when you move,

but I’ll miss being in the place those memories were created.
My oldest son went from a youth to a man in this home.
My daughter went from a young girl to a beautiful young lady,
and my middle son went from a boy who hated to bathe…
to a young man who wants to look Good.
My husband went “salt & pepper” here…and it looks good on him!
My youngest son went from a lap boy, to a big boy here,
and left his mark everywhere.
We buried precious pets here.
And brought new pets into our family.
And me…
I came to this house as a 30-something mom.
I’ll leave as a 40-something one.
I’ve changed in countless ways.
So, today I’m filled with anticipation
and look forward to our new home,
but my heart aches over the one we’ll leave behind.
Whoever the family is, who will come to call our home theirs –
I hope they’ll be as blessed as we’ve been here.
And may our new house,
become a home – our home…
that we’ll make new, precious memories in.
Blessings to you, your family…and your home,

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  1. Moving is always bittersweet. Good luck with your new home! 🙂


  2. a house is always a home because of the love in it!!!
    congratulations on your new HOME!!!..many wonderful memories to be made!!!

  3. Oh how happy and sad for you.Wouldnt it be great to be able to afford to keep the old to rent out and buy the new?I so wanted to keep our last house and was so sad when it sold.

  4. You WILL make wonderful memories in your new home…and how lucky that you have an out-building there!!

  5. Angie, your heartfelt words pulled me in as I read this post. I feel the same way about every ounce of love that has gone into making our house a home. I’m sure you’ll embrace many treasured memories in your new home as you continue on this journey we call life. I can tell by the furniture you transform, that you’re the type of person who puts your heart & soul into EVERYthing you do. Best wishes for you and your Ohana!

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