Living Room – Before and After

I’m sure by the title of this post,
you think I’m getting ready to tell you about some
amazing remodeling project we did on our living room,
but that won’t be the case.

The before and after in our living room is actually,
before my inlaws came to visit from New Mexico
and after I worked my fanny off
to whip my house in shape for their visit.
{coffee table before – it was actually much worse the day before}

You see, my house was a complete D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R
prior to their visit.
If you are an auction-junkie, you may understand
just how trashed your house can get
when you bring home your bootie,
and how easy it is to ignore the mess,
while having fun with your new stuff.
{side table before – this is one of my “photo spots”
I use when I need to photograph an item indoors.
But sometimes it just gets stacked with stuff}

And you will understand
the sheer terror at the thought that I wouldn’t get it cleaned up
before my they arrived.
{great-grandma’s cookstove – buried in junk}

Cleaning all-hours of the night,
refrigerator sterilization,
and running around the house with an empty box to gather up
all the junk you have no idea where to go with.
Oh yeah…and lots of scented candles.
{a mountain of dirty laundry…mostly from 11 year old’s room}

But, they came bearing gifts!
Green chile, homemade biscochitos, salsa and tortillas
they likes of which can only be found in New Mexico…
this side of heaven.

The green chile we savor & make last…like fine chocolate.
This should hold us over until more family from
NM comes to visit…I hope.
Just in time for Green Chile Stew on cold fall evening.

And a shirt bearing the unofficial NM state question –
Red or Green?

So…my house is passably clean, in honor of their visit.
As clean as it can get without renting a storage unit.
{wow – that’s what my coffee table looks like!}

It won’t pass any white glove tests,
but at least great-grandmother’s stove isn’t buried under junk now
(except the microwave).

Here’s to family!
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  1. Good job! Looks great! Nice and inviting and ready for company! Pray you have a great visit! Thanks for sharing even the messies with your blogville friends! Blessings!

  2. I have my husband’s grandmother’s green wood-burning stove VERY similar to yours. It too stands in a place of honor in our house. Hope you have a great visit. You deserve it!

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