A New Home Place, A Little Shack, More Big Red Barns & Some Irony

This is a LONG post.
Stay with me though…
you’ll be glad you did!
Yesterday was a beautiful, fall day,
so I thought I’d shoot some photos of
our yard and surroundings to share with you all.
From a distance, this little abandoned shack
looks very quaint, doesn’t it?
It is just on the other side of our property line.
I love the metal chimney pipe.
Closer inspection is another story.
These pictures can’t *begin*
to describe just how bad it is inside.
Whoever lived here…
liked their Bud – a little too much.
And they didn’t feel the need to
dispose of the bottles.
{or any other trash, for that matter}
This is a shot of the ceiling
{or what’s left of it}.
That is insulation falling through the rafters.
Yes…people DID live in this shack.
Okay…enough of that!
This is the back side of our machine shed/barn
I showed you a few months ago when we
first put an offer on the place.
This is a view from the barn
of the pasture our horses will go in…
as soon as we bring them from the old house.
Remember how I was sad to
leave behind the big red barn
that was next door to us at the old house?
Well…there’s another big red barn near our new house,
but it’s not close enough for me to use
as a photo backdrop like I did the former one.
This is the new barn across & down the road a ways.
Here’s a field of soybeans
ready for harvest right across the road from us.
This is the other side of our property.
This will be a great area for playing volleyball, etc.
It’s nice and level.
I love the look
of this type of phone pole.
It’s just off to the side of our yard.
And this is my garage light.
I actually just sold one very similar to this one,
which I would have kept,
except I knew there was one on the garage,
and I have another one that I’ll
be taking down from an outbuilding at our old house.
I LOVE them!
I’m actually thinking of
talking my husband into putting
one IN our house.
Now, speaking of Big Old Barns, this
was created by Genevieve of “i Found You” on Etsy.
My antique yoke is one of the featured items.
I just love this theme!
This gal KNOWS about barns,
and here’s why…
Several months ago, she
contacted me wanting to
know if I would consider shipping
10 of my windows that
were removed from a historic courthouse
to her home in Connecticut
(from my home in Missouri).
I went a little nuts at an auction and bought *18* of these!
I just couldn’t resist windows that
were removed from a Historic Courthouse
that had been demolished {a real shame}.
Kahoka County Courthouse – Kahoka, MO
Here’s the wonderful part…
she’s going to install these 10 windows
on her barn in Connecticut.
Will you check out her barn?!!!
To say I’m a little envious,
would be an understatment,
I am absolutely overjoyed
that my old windows will become
a part of such a gorgeous structure.
I think it does them justice
{pardon my courthouse pun}!
Please take a moment to go visit
the Old Barn Treasury she created AND
visit her Etsy shop.
You’ll be glad you did.
Here’s the ironic part…
When she created this Treasury,
she didn’t realize that was MY
antique yoke she was featuring.
She just liked the photos of it.
So…i Found You…found me twice! :0)
I do still have 8 of these windows left,
so my humble little machine shed/barn
may get painted red and get a
historic window put on it!

I can frequently be found
visiting these parties –
in no particular order!









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  1. oh gosh..such wonderful photos!!! enjoyed this post sooooo very much! love your space!! i live in a city and our property lines are right on each other..i can spit over our fence and it would drop on their patio!!
    i crave the ability to move..where there is space..lots of green,seasons,barns,lanes,wildlife!!

  2. First, your surroundings are so lovely and peaceful! Second, it is AMAZING how you ladies are connected in different ways! Sort of makes you wonder what HE is up to, doesn’t it?

  3. Loved this post! It’s fun to go with you on your journey in your new home and surroundings!

    Hugs, Diane

  4. What a beautiful place to live! andrea@townandprairie

  5. Great story and wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing … I can’t pass up a good wood window :))

  6. Coming over from Time Travel Thursday… Oh we are BIG BIG BIG… Barn Lovers… We don’t have one but would absolutely LOVE one… : ) Signing up to follow… Be sure to stop by and say Hello when you have a moment…

  7. Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage says

    Congratulations on the Etsy feature, Angie! I hope to be part of an Etsy treasury one day. 😉

    I hope Genevieve shares the remake of her barn with the windows she gets from you. Then you can share with us. I love, love, love old barns.

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  8. Following you and wandered over from.. yikes, I can’t remember now! We also just began work on acreage and are reconfiguring a 360 sqft shed for weekend use.. it’s a family homestead (coincidently, we were stationed with the military 90 miles from our hometown!) Love the photos.. all of your views are so serene.

  9. what a gloriously beautiful plot of land
    you get to call home

    and such a shame
    about that lovely old courthouse
    being torn down

    thanks for sharing at fridays unfolded!


  10. I loved all your photos, Love the new areas & the Barn in the distance, but the pile of beer bottles is a bit scary, maybe a party hang out…. Thanks for sharing

  11. Terrific photos and story! So sad though that the courthouse was torn down. At least 10 of the windows are going to a good home!

    Thanks for much for linking to Potpourri Friday!

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