Can You Feel the Love?…

My two younger sons (17 & 11) went
to see the re-release of Lion King at the
theater last week, so I’ve had Lion King
songs on the brain this week.
But “Can You Feel the Love” is the one
that’s been running through my brain today,
and here’s why…
Last week, Linda linked up this
super cool project on Knick of Time Tuesday.
I saw that she had an Etsy shop
so I hopped over to visit it,
and fell in love with these…

I ordered them and have been thinking
of all the
words I would make with them.
Shipping is the part of my business,
that I dislike, so I hastily throw
a tag on my goods, bubble wrap ’em
box ’em up and wave goodbye.
But, here’s what was inside
Linda’s manilla package…
An oh-so-nicely wrapped little bundle,
along with a gorgeous postcard for her business.
But, just look what was inside the package!
It wasn’t just my set of alphabet cards.
 It was a bundle of the kind of paper goodness
that makes my heart go pitter-patter!
…Old BINGO cards, playing cards,
and this endearing photograph
of a gal I’m quite certain
couldn’t smile because she was
holding her breath.
 I don’t know if you are this sweet to everyone,
but I’m going to pretend you’re not!
‘Cuz I feel especially loved.
Yes, I feel it!
You blessed my boots off!
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  1. What generosity! Everything looks super cool.

  2. ooh that paper package would have put me into cardiac arrest!!!! it is just fabulous!!!!! awesome!
    thanks for sharing : )

  3. The cards are cute enough, but what a cool package of goodies Linda sent. Have fun with all those treasures:-)

  4. What a great package to receive! Love it all and can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  5. Oh, Angie, you really are the sweetest! I’m glad you liked the goodies! I thought you might have some fun with them! XO

  6. Yea, Angie! Linda, what a sweet surprise! Very cool stuff I look forward to seeing in future posts!

  7. Wow, wow, wow, wow! Lots of great goodies inside that sweet package. I spy an upside down Scottie dog on the blue card that made my little heart go pitter-patter. Getting ready to pop over to Linda’s site for a look-around.

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