Halloween Memory Lane

While looking for some specific photos
in my kids’ photo albums,
I came across some of their
Halloween costumes from when they were younger.
Some years, I spent
hours making their costumes
(or my mom did),
and other years, I searched
thrift stores to put them together.
Here’s a  little walk down my
Halloween memory lane with my kids…Little Ladybug

Bunny Rabbit


This was MY costume that my mother made when I was a child.
Talk about quality sewing!


Scarecrow Baby

My 2 Oldest dressed up as “Rockers” two years ago

Pirate & Gladiator – they were freezing, so their
costumes are a little weird because of all their layers.

My youngest son’s Kirby pumpkin last year – CUTE!

Okay…this was actually a costume my youngest
wore last year for a Christmas play, but he made a great Elvis!

Our whole family last year

We’re off to help with our church’s
Trunk or Treat tonight!

Have Fun and Be Safe!!

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  1. Wonderful post, Angie! What a nice family you have!

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