It’s a Girl’s Prerogative, Right?

I only “wrote my name” on a few things this week…
the “rejection book” ledger
and a wonderful little locker key,
but I had every intention of selling everything
else that I brought home from the auction house.
I bought bunches of old bottles and
they started selling very quickly,
but I was busy “dressing” a newly remodeled spot
in my house (that I’ll show you soon)
and just grabbed all the amber bottles
to see how they looked.
I still had every intention of selling them
and already had them listed in my shop,
but the more I looked at them,
the more I knew they were right where they belonged.

In My House!

I changed my mind.
That listing got cancelled.
They now have my name on them.
And that’s a girl’s prerogative!
I can’t wait to show you the room
they will now call home.
Just finishing up a few of the details.

See the wood shelf the bottles are on?
That’s another listing I cancelled
because it was perfect to hold them!

Here’s to a girl’s preprogative!
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  1. I love your finds and I don’t blame you, I’d have to keep them too!

  2. You’re blog is fantastic! and thanks again for mentioning my giveaway! ~Kara

  3. I love the amber bottles and that you put your name on them…I agree, keepers! hugs, Linda

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