Oh, Happy Day!!!

I’ve got a bunch of talented women in my family,
who have lovely taste, are gifted seamstresses and
who know just how to arrange and organize,
and I’ve got 4 of them coming in November!
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My MOM is coming!
My mom comes to visit me at least twice every year,
usually once in the summer and once in the winter,
but this year, I was really eager for her to come NOW.

Every room in our new house needs a makeover,
and I really would like her opinion
on several of them that require major work…
like the kitchen.
Since we moved into this new home,
I’ve been begging her to come sooner than winter,
to help me figure out what to do here.
In every single phone conversation,
I told her I *really* needed her.
I even begged her in a blog post.

I’m happy to report that I finally wore
her down and she’s coming and bringing my
oldest niece with her and they
are staying for 3 weeks and will
spend Thanksgiving with us!
Digital Download Iron on Transfer Family Sign in Laurel Leaves
Petite Paperie on Etsy
Not only is my mom coming,
but my aunt, 2 of my cousins & 3 of my cousin’s kids
are coming for a weekend as well!
PunkinSeedProduction on Etsy

For over 20 years,
my mom had a custom, handmade
drapery business with my Aunt Lil.
I earned my vacation spending money
by hand-sewing the pleats on their draperies
and earned 5 cents for each pleat I sewed.
I dislike off-the-shelf curtains,
because I’ve seen quality curtains,
and know that very few store-bought curtains
have the quality appearance
that handmade draperies have.
My mom has made ALL my curtains!
She even made multiple sets
for various seasons & holidays
for my kitchen window in our old house.
Scrabble Tile Sign - I Love You Mom
Art by Heather on Etsy
Both my mom and my aunt devoted
rooms in their basements as sewing rooms,
where they had large, padded tables
that they created their draperies on.
Several sewing machines were in the
rooms, along with every
kind of sewing notion and fabric.

My aunt went on to build another
incredible business with her neighbor,
when they opened their own quilt shop.
For many years they successfully ran
their shop, created gorgeous quilts and
taught others to do the same.

My cousins and I grew up side-by-side,
with our mothers working together.
We were at each other’s homes
several days a week, every week, for years.
Our lives have always been intertwined.

FAMILY Sign made with Antique Ceiling Tin Tile
Joy Frame Works on Etsy

Both of my cousins have a great
eye for home decor and I can’t wait
to hear their ideas for my home.
I trust their judgement and feedback…
and WOW…can they paint a room!
Thank goodness my husband
is very tolerant of lots of jabbering,
lots of laughing, and a whole lot of hormones.
And because I know they read this blog… 
paint clothes, Paint brush keeperpaint clothes,
          Paint clothes, paint clothes, choosing the right paint brushpaint clothes
{subliminal message inserted}     
Now, if only my sister was coming with them……
I can frequently be found
visiting these parties.

Want to add your party to the list?
Just let me know!


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  1. That is SO exciting Angie! Three weeks with several talented ladies?? I’m really happy for you and am looking forward to seeing all that you do!
    Have a great time!

  2. You are very, very blessed! I’ll bet your mom is the kind who is going to bring her oldest clothes so she can help you get down and dirty! 🙂

    Hugs, Diane

  3. Wonderful news! There is nothing like family!

  4. You sound like you have a wonderful family…I enjoyed hearing your memories! Even working, you have a great time together!

  5. I like the way, you write about the family – and the way, you show it.
    Nice blog


  6. How exciting for you. Your love of and for family really shines in this post. Your lucky to be so blessed.

  7. OH… How VERY exciting… I am sure as your post relates are just besides yourself with JOY overflowing… What a Blessing it is to be surrounded by those you LOVE..

  8. how exciting!! have fun and enjoy every moment!!!
    my mom,sister and aunt are gone. haven’t seen my 1 male cousin for at least 12 years..at my mom’s funeral) and my other male cousin for at least 6 years(at my fathers funeral)…they are all that are left.
    family is so important..we need to treasure every moment we have with them.

  9. Wow it sounds like your “Visitors” are going to be pretty busy..Can’t wait to see what you all accomplish!!


  10. Thank you Angie for the wonderful comments you made on all of us. It brought back alot of memories and also a few tears. I’m looking forward to our visit, and yes I get the hint, I’m bringing my paint clothes. Love you, Mom.

  11. Angie, I can feel the love and excitement when I read your post! I hope you guys have a great month and I look forward to seeing the wonderful environment that comes from the time you spend together! Family is the best. Yours sounds extra wonderful!

  12. Thank you so much for featuring our “Family” digital download in your lovely blog! What an honor!

    Petite Paperie

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