Christmas Photo Shoot – a.k.a. Torturing Your Children 16 Times (Canvas Photo GIVEAWAY Reminder)

You’d think it wouldn’t be this difficult.

You’d think that out of 16 shots,
I could get ONE good photo.

You’d think we could do this
without wanting to kill each other.

That’s what I thought anyway.
I was wrong.

Either the spacing was wrong.

Or the pose was wrong.
(and the big brothers starting shoving each other off the hay bales)

 Or one had their eyes closed and the other
had his eyes WAY too open.

 Or someone had an abnormal smile.

 Or the photo looked crooked.

 Or the attempt at a creative angle didn’t work.

 …at all.

 This was the last photo I shot.
It’s far from perfect,
but I sincerely doubt I can drag them out to try again,
so I may have to go with it.

How in the world do photographers do this for a living?
I’d become a violent person if I had to do this on a daily basis.

I had hoped to turn one of these into a canvas photo print for a gift.
The recipient would probably rather have fruitcake
than any of these photos.

Bah Humbug, ;0)

In their defense (and mine),
the temperature was 38 degrees, but
the wind was blowing so it felt like 28.
I was trying to hurry to get the photos
before their noses turned red.

***Note to self – take photos in October next year.

On a less Scrooge-like note – 
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  1. I ♥♥♥ that last shot!!! Use it!


    P.S…. been there, done that. Last year, front yard, screaming 2 year old and hyper 6 year old and a grumpy husband. Ugh…my blood pressure goes up thinking about it!

  2. I just did a photo shoot with the Grand baby and he did pretty good but gosh it is hard to get 4 kids all looking good at the same time. LOL…I do like the last shot!

  3. I love all the photos. The last one is my absolute fave. What all the pics told me was that you all had a wonderful time. Last Sunday was my holiday photo shoot. Last year, my then three year old had a melt down. (Not to self…it 2011 take nap before shoot). This year he had a nap and we had a wonderful shoot. In fact, my son took over the shoot. I wouldn’t trade this moments for any thing in the world…even while my hubby belly ached that he was missing his football game. lol


    BTW…this is a really cool giveaway.

  4. This made me laugh! Reminds me of family photos we used to take when I lived at home. I never minded them much, but the rest of the fam got mighty upset! That last photo of yours really great too!

  5. Angie, I think you did a great job! They look awesome! BUT…I love the last photo best. That old barn in the background is awesome!
    They will love it in the future!
    By the way…that brought back memories of my having to stand and ‘pose’ for pics in the past. When I was little it was always face the sun, open your eyes (yea, right) and smile! Oh the crying in those Easter pics!!! I can still see one that my mom has of the three of us kids on Easter Sunday, my little 3 yr old brother balling his eyes out on the bumper of the old Chevy….squinting and smiling, I valiantly tried to look full into the sun to please mom.
    Thankfully those days are OVER!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Sorry, it is a necessary evil when it comes to picture taking. Last year I was so annoyed the only remotely good picture I got of all the cousin, either someone had their eyes closed or one person was blocked, grrrrr! I love your last picture it came out great! Laura

  7. I have exact same problem but mine is caused by silly face pulling on purpose if ones not doing it another is.I take heaps too Now I try and get a shot with us all pullling a face as well.Love the last one especially but they are all lovely anyway.

  8. Too funny…been there done that! My kids are 4 and 7 so they have zero patience for my photo opps…oh well its better than when they were 2 and 5 🙂 And I like your pics…I think a mom’s eye is more critical than others…beautiful family! Laurel

  9. I know just what you mean. It’s hard to get it just perfect when you have so many smiles to coordinate. I think the last one looks great…what a good looking family.

  10. Hi Angie!
    You know what they say, “Children and pets, very hard to work with”. But I think your efforts were a great success. A lovely family photo!
    Thanks for linking to our “What’s It Wednesday”,
    hope you’ll be a regular!

  11. OMG I can TOTALLY relate. I guess they never outgrow it. I just regret creating that perfect Christmas card is anything but. Guess it’s all part of the experience and they’ll laugh about it one day.

  12. My son is great at crossing just one eye. I keep telling him that it will get stuck one day but he still is doing it in most of the pictures that I take of him just to make me mad and he is 30 years old!!

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