Night at the Improv – A Curtain Call

Most of my “wild hairs” come late at night.
I’m my most productive self in the 
middle of the night when
“not a creature is stirring”.
Last night was no exception.

I decided to do a little more
work on some of the unfinished walls in my 
Dictionary Entryway.
I added more pages, hung the light switch cover,
and did a little cleaning, since we’ll have
company for Thanksgiving.

I wanted to hang a curtain valance,
but forgot to buy brackets for the rods.

Being the not-patient person
that I am, I decided to search
my junk stash to see if I could do a little “improv”.

Here’s what I came up with.

These vintage coat hooks worked great for brackets
and are very in-character {pun intended}
for the vintage/industrial look this room has.
I didn’t break a leg when I
hung them up, but I like them!
{I’ll like them more once I remove the excess Gorilla Glue that squished through}

These are the only store-bought curtains I own
{actually, I have 2 sets of them}.
My mom makes all my curtains,
but I loved the delicate look these have
so she modified them to fit some windows in my old house.
Fortunately, they’ll also work in our new house,
so they are making a curtain call.
Bravo!  Encore!

Won’t you join me in giving them
a standing ovation?

Okay, that’s enough of the dumb
live performance puns.
I get a little comedic when
it’s going on 3 in the morning.

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  1. So clever and such a fantastic result. . .these will make it so much easier to get the curtains down for cleaning, too! Love the look! Blessings! (Now get to bed! :D)

  2. Your curtains needs and encore! Love the walls with the pages, the special hook . . . everything. Well done

  3. Very clever curtain call and so pretty too!

  4. love your curtain and brackets!!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  5. Love the idea of your curtain hooks. You have done so much with your house already. It’s really looking good.

  6. great idea using those old coat hooks. I am following your blog now and have put a link under Creative… to your blog from mine.

  7. Totally relate to the late, late night rush of creativity. Love the coat hooks! How ingenious!

    Sharon @ mrshinesclass

  8. Very clever to use the hooks! They are so unique and are perfect for your look!

    Thanks for linking to Potpourri Friday!

  9. It’s a very smart idea! I love the walls!!!


  10. Thank you for sharing and for linking up to last weeks show and share party. Please come back this week and share your latest project with us.

    A mommy’s life…with a touch of yellow

  11. the puns were fun! 🙂
    I love your improv!
    We tend to be a very impatient bunch eh?
    thanks for linking up and linking back!
    catching you this week

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