No Patience Whatsoever

When I get an idea for a project in my head,
I usually want it finished yesterday.

We’re working on a project at our house.
I use the word, “we’re” pretty loosely,
because I came up with the inspiration,
but my husband is doing the work.

I can hardly wait until it’s finished
and I can show you!

What I can tell you is that it involves
this gorgeous antique cabinet.

And it also involves these 
tongue and groove wood planks
that were removed from a
historic courthouse that was torn down.
Historic Building Salvage - Turquoise Wood Tongue & Groove Reclaimed Wainscoting - 2 Planks - 43 x 5-3/4 - Photo Backdrop, Prop

I think this project will be one of my
all-time favorite projects!

I ‘m not giving the man a moment’s peace,
because I can’t wait to show it to you and
because I have no patience

Speaking of no patience,
I can’t wait to see who will win
a Canvas Photo Print from
Easy Canvas Prints!

You haven’t entered to win???
What the heck are you doing here,
when you should be HERE,
getting in on the drawing?!!
Go on.  Go enter!  Shoo!


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  1. Oh I am just like you… NO patience for projects.. and because of that I have 4 unfinished projects waiting for me to remember them.. 🙂 All because something else came along that just had to be done.. NOW!!! 🙂 can’t wait to see your Project

  2. You’re too funny!! But then. . .I can’t wait to see what your clever mind has come up! I’m sure it will be so ingenious and delightful! Blessings!

  3. your post just made me laugh, because reading your “we’re” comment made me think of me and my husband! I get these fabulous ideas at 10pm at night and draw them up and expect my husband to be as excited as me and go running for the chop saw! lol i cant wait to see it!

  4. Well, the come on pictures were great – bet the project is pretty neat. Can’t wait.
    – Joy

  5. Love that project!! It came out great, nice to have a husband that is handy. Mine is great but not with tools. Laura

  6. OK, hopefully it will come out great when it is done, love tongue and grooved wood! I like the cabinet so much I assumed that was it. Laura

  7. Ok….I think I’m just as impatient wanting to see what the project is you’re working on, Angie! lol! Hurry up….!!!!! Btw – that dresser is just gorgeous!
    xoxo laurie

  8. your cabinet is beautiful!

  9. Hi, hopped over from White Weds. I can tell I’m loving this project already. The cabinet is, like to die for. And is that turquoise I see on the tongue and groove? Whenever I am pushing my hubby to get a project done he says, “Why, because you want to blog about it?” I say, “No, I just want it done, however; I will blog about it”. Darn, gotta tell it like it is. I am so wanting to do tongue and groove on my living room ceiling and one wall. Hubby can’t understand why “It’s never good enough”. Can’t wait to see your finished project. Now following you.

  10. Blogger and Google are really ticking me off right now!!! It just lost my really cool comment….and it was a good one too! But long…
    let’s just say, I’m really looking forward to what y ‘all have to share!!!

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