Rust is Like a Joke…..You Either Get it, or You Don’t

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t get jokes.
They usually have to be explained to me, and often, I still don’t get them.

Rust…I get.
In fact, I really “get” rust, and I get a lot of it!

A friend of mine dropped by for a visit last week. 
She was looking at my office and workshop, and when looking at some of my old tools, made a comment about my rusty “junk”.

She didn’t use the word, “junk” in the same way that those of us
who have an affinity for it use it – with a gleam in our eye and our brains ticking with decorative possibilities for it.

She clearly didn’t love it, didn’t see its potential, and just didn’t “get it” when it comes to rust.  Most of our society doesn’t. 

They love the down-home ambiance at Cracker Barrel, and see all the old stuff on their walls, but in it’s “raw”, unstaged state,
they just can’t see the potential a bunch of rust has. 

I’ve brought home bucketfuls of rusty, crusty, old tools,
salvaged parts, and bits and pieces.

I’m so glad whoever owned them, didn’t throw them out because of their rust & wear.  That’s what makes them beautiful…and authentic.  They were either packrats, or they “got it.”

I’d like to think it was because they got it.

In my friend’s defense – I bet she gets jokes.


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  1. You are not the only one who “gets” the rust, dings and scrapes. I love the vintage qualities of just about everything as well. Thank you for sharing. ~Elizabeth

  2. LOL! I “get it” too! And tattered old fabrics and torn, stained paper and wood with nicks and dings and an old pair of slippers. 😉

    XO Diane

  3. I like the rust, I often pick rusty things and my husband says “what are you going to do with that??” Some people don’t quite understand. Laura -Cottage and Broome

  4. how could you not “get” rust……it’s beauty is only acquired by time & it just keeps getting better & better!

  5. I like you GET rust but often find myself not Getting Jokes…. You RUST is sure LOVELY

  6. Great post! I love time worn old things too.

  7. What a truly wonderful post. I adore rust and I bought a rusty bucket last week and my hubs nearly freaked. I wrote a blog about it too. hugs♥Olive

  8. What a great post! Yes! I get rust!

    Thanks for linking to Potpourri Friday!

  9. i “get it”. rust that is. great vignettes of some of my favorite things.

  10. I do get your rusty scissors, they look very rustic! but not the bolts and chains.
    I do love your post.

  11. Yep I “get it”! Love those scissors!

  12. I get it! I’ve also discovered that bed springs rust overnight, we must have salty rain in Michigan – ha!

  13. I’m with you. I do like rust especially when it;s placed with something elegant. One of my favorite flower arrangements is a bunch of red roses in a rusty bucket. Exquisite!

  14. I love the scissors the most.

  15. i’m with you…and just posted about antique kitchen crud that inspires me to dance a jig..esp when i spy some rust!


  16. I have rusty love too… this was a great post! Enjoyed all of your wonderful photographs!

  17. I love rusty items as well. They give such wonderful color and texture to decorating. Love the scissors display.

  18. I just now found your blog! I’m so glad I did! I’m a rust lover, vintage lover, nostalgia lover….if it’s old, I probably love it! So far, I’m loving your blog! The old music is so inviting to me! I’m going to have to either find a giveaway to add, or have one myself! BUT, I wanted to give you my linky party to add to your list! Please feel free to join me each week for Pearls and Lace Thursday! I’m a new follower now!
    Blessings, Doni

  19. I LOVE this post! (And I get it!) I LOVE your junk. And I LOVE rust and tarnish and patina and age on inanimate objects.

    I don’t get some jokes either, and I REALLY can’t TELL them. I always mess up or forget some important detail. Jokes aren’t as funny as situational humor, anyway! My favorite kind of jokes are the “you had to be there” kind or long-term running jokes that tell you have history and shared experiences with someone. That’s kind of like rust, right?

    I love what you said about your friend probably getting jokes! What a sweetheart you are. Another good thing – your friend would be a good person to go shopping with – she wouldn’t want the same things you liked!

    Be blessed today,


  20. All that rust sure adds some character and texture to the pieces!!

  21. I love RUST and JUNK!

  22. I just discovered your blog and I totally “get it”. I also totally love your blog.


  23. oh my gosh, Angie ! I saw my own collection in your pictures. The springs, nuts & bolts, what’s-its, garden tools, and CHAINS ! People look at me a bit funny, too. And my husband…oh, don’t get me started on what HE says ! But it stays. And I hope to find a place for each and every piece. oh… I get jokes, but I can’t tell one if my life depended on it…I never remember the punch lines !

    keep up the magic!


  24. My dad loves to make weathered old things shiny and new. He doesn’t get it either. :@

  25. You have the best kind of junk – rusty and metal and lots of it. Reminds me of my early growing up years on the ranch – it was old and there was lots of rusty great stuff, big, small, round, great stuff.
    – Joy

  26. I love the scissors

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