Cute as a Button Garland

Did your mother have a button jar or tin?
If she didn’t, your grandmother probably did.
In their day, when a shirt or coat became too worn to wear, you saved the fabric for rags or a quilt, and the buttons were saved in the button jar.My mother’s button jar was like a little treasure chest for me as a child.  I loved looking through her bounty of “jewels”, and the bigger and gaudier the button, the more I liked it.

turn those buttons from your button jar into a button garland via

These days, I prefer smaller buttons, with very little ornamentation, other than the age they wear so gracefully.  Sometimes, you’ll find unexpected treasures in a button jar also, like the tiny, crocheted flowers.
I wonder who stitched them and what they had planned to do with them?

It’s always a real treat to find an unused set of buttons, still on the display tag.

Buttons removed from one garment where tied together on a piece of string, so they would stay together and
could be used later on another shirt.

Aside from their simplistic beauty in jar, buttons have such homespun appeal, that they are a natural choice for crafting.

I’ve brought home a lot of vintage and antique buttons lately, so I decided it was time to do something with them and a button garland seemed like the perfect thing.

turn those buttons from your button jar into a button garland via

I sorted through my buttons and selected muted, neutral colors that could be used throughout the year.
Lots of white, cream, browns and an occasional gold or clear button for some shine.

So simple, so inexpensive, yet so perfectly homey.
Buttons…..Gotta love ’em!  Are you saving your buttons?



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  1. Angie, we haven’t talked in a while. The Christmas season getting the best of us and our new garage is just about done and guys here everyday. I feed them well. Your button garland is something that I have wanted to do for some time. You have inspired me.

  2. I loved playing with my Mom’s button box. I still love buttons and have several jars of them. I think this garland is a great idea. hugs, Linda

  3. Oh I loved playing in my mothers Sewing box.. Granted it wasn’t a very big one… Matter of fact it was an old tupperware one… But it seemed like the BIGGEST treasure box to me!!!!

  4. Oh Angie! I love your pictures; buttons are my fav:)

  5. Oh, I do have buttons! this is a great idea!

  6. So very sweet…great idea 🙂 Laurel

  7. This is such a beautiful idea. I have 1000s of buttons from family, friends, thrift stores. I am addicted to buttons and this would be an excellent way to display them. Although for me since I am a seamstress I would most likely want to use one and it would ruin my garland!! haha!! Fabulous idea. I am visiting from Redoux!!

  8. saltbox treasures says:

    Beautiful! I love button garlands. I’ve made some with wire. Yours are wonderful!
    Merry Christmas!
    ~ Julie

  9. Angie, that’s so simply gorgeous! I love the effect. Would you share it here?

  10. I also loved playing in my Mom’s button can! I have them today and still find them fascinating.
    Love your garland. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow you idea?

  11. My grandma had button jars and a sewing box (that I now have!) that smells to this day like cedar. Such fond memories 🙂 Your garland is spectacular — those crochet buttons are crazy!! Love it!

  12. I love buttons, and my Mom had a tin and so do I. I love how the tin sounds when I shake it. I have so many buttons, and had fun going through them when I made a holiday pillow. I found my high school ring, wow did that bring back memories. I love your button garland.Very creative and i love the look. Thanks so much for sharing over at Sunday’ Best.

  13. Love your button garland. I have thousands of buttons–grandma’s, mom’s mine, estate sale and thrift store finds, etc. I’m always looking for new ways to give them a second or third or fourth life. Your garland is a fitting tribute to your lovely buttons.

  14. I absolutely love this – so beautiful! I would love for you to link up to our party going on now!

  15. Lovely, Angie! Thank you for sharing the season at Potpourri Friday! May you have a Merry Christmas and the Happiest of Holidays!

  16. My Nonna’s antique and junk shop had a huge jar of buttons sitting way up high on a shelf. I eyed them every time I visited. One day, I finally asked, “Nonna, how much for the jar of buttons?” I don’t remember the particulars of the deal, but I went home with a jar of buttons. I wish I knew what happened to them. Most likely, I left them behind in a classroom somewhere. (Teachers love buttons to use as math manipulatives.) Thanks so much for sharing your buttons at my Show & Tell link party.


  17. Ooooh! What fun vintage buttons…what a great idea!

    I love those sweet little crocheted ones!

    And would love for the stop by for a visit!

    ~Abbie (

    P.S. I’m your newest follower! : )

  18. so sweet. lovely vignettes!!

    barbara jean

  19. Love your buttons! I have millions as well. Most of mine are vintage from an old cleaners in Oklahoma they are still on cards. My favorite are the ivory ones. I have a really cute vintage Disney Mickey Mouse button. Don’t have a clue where I picked it up.Love your blog as well I have added it to my favorites. Shalom to you and your family.

  20. I do!!! I have the same buttons! Mine were from my great grandfather’s house…. I love the garland. I just finished sewing some onto the tucks in an Anthro knock-off bedspread. I love my buttons! Thanks for the inspiration for the garland.
    Susan @

  21. Angie, you KNOW I’m already a fan! : )

    Thanks so much for linking these up at the Feature Friday Free-for-All!

    ~Abbie (www.fivedaysfiveways.com0

  22. Adorable idea! I’m visiting from Five Days 5 Ways.

  23. You have such pretty buttons! And what a great idea to make a garland with them!

    I am your newest follower. I would love it if you popped by my blog for a visit. 🙂

  24. I inherited my grandmother’s and mother’s button cans. Combined the two and put them in an antique gumball machine I have in my scrapbooking room.

  25. Hi Angie,

    I love buttons and have some from my Mom and Grandmother also. I went into a museum in California a couple weeks ago and seen a string of old buttons and read a story, it was saying the buttons were called Charm Strings, here is one article I found about it.
    Hope you enjoy.

    Love your garland and enjoy all your ideas


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