Goldilocks and the 3 CHAIRS

I brought 3 more old chairs into our home this month.

We need more chairs in our house,
like we need another dog (we have 4),
but I have a fetish for both chairs and dogs,
and I have a few old grain sacks
that I’ve been wanting to turn into seat cushions,
so I *had* to find some chairs
that would be just right for the project.

As Goldilocks would say,
“Ahhh, this chair is just right.”

I just love the emblems & names on
these old sacks.

The seat cushion looked like this
when I got it.
See why it was a candidate for a makeover?
It was begging for help.

I replaced the nasty cushion with the grain sack,
but it still seemed to need “something”.

Then I remembered that I had some old
hand-crocheted lace trim.

 Someone spent a lot of time and effort
stitching this trim – it’s just lovely.

Now, I’d like your opinion – I thought the chair
was a little too plain, but my oldest son wasn’t
crazy about the crochet trim.

So…which way do you think looks best –
With or without the trim?

 I splurged on both of these chairs

at a thrift store.  I don’t normally pay
more than a few bucks for chairs,
but I knew they’d be perfect for
the grain sacks, so I shelled out
a whoppin’ 8 bucks each for them.

I got this one at an auction.
I won’t be putting a seat cover on it.
I just love the chippy old appearance
and think it will be perfect next autumn 
with some pumpkins stacked up on it
{which seems terribly far away right now}.

I’ll wait for warmer weather to paint the brown chair –
unless I get a wild hair in the middle of the night
and just can’t stand to leave it until spring.
Then, I’ll go fire up the heater in my paint booth
and pull and all-nighter fixing it up.
I’ve done weirder things in the middle of the night.

So, Goldilocks can take her pick at my house.
I have lots of chairs for her to choose from!


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  1. LOVE the chairs… But I really LOVE the Price… I believe I live in the WRONG City antiques and vintage items typically cost a PRETTY penny.. 🙂 Love the added lace..

  2. these chairs are fabulous…the one that has been made over is absolutely gorgeous and the three in waiting…can’t wait to see what is in store for them! something to look forward to for sure…the price…priceless!!! why do i have a sudden craving for porridge??? hmmmm???? a very happy and wonderful new year to you and yours!!!!

  3. i’m w/ your son…but it’s your chair & your tastes! 🙂 i’ve got a chair fetish, too & i have NO MORE ROOM! 🙂

  4. I love the addition of the lace to the chair seat. Makes it so much more special. One of these days you are going to have to get a booth if you keep this up! We just put together shelving for my smalls to store until I need them in my booth. Stuff sure takes up a lot of space in the basement.

  5. I love the trim!!

  6. Oh, definitely with the lace! Makes it stand out in a crowd…of chairs, that is.

  7. I’m such a girly romantic I love the lace. I love the soft lace against the hard grain sacks. Great chairs!


  8. Definitely with the lace. You were right – it needed ‘something’.

  9. I think it needed something too! Lovin’ the lace.

  10. Hi Angie:) I have to say, I agree with your son on this one. I think the trim distracts from the grain sack cover. But who cares ~ it’s YOUR home so do what you like:)

  11. Angie,
    love the chairs!! (I’ll come back and read about them alter)

    re watches: got a call early, too early this morning and they are sold. sorry sweetie =(
    (You know a good deal when you see it)
    Will have some other packages, but not as many as that one.

    sweet blessings
    barbara jean

  12. oh, tough decision about trim of not. I seriously cannot decide. Some help I am.

    re window hardware: I’ll work up prices and let you know. Sometimes I just look at things for awhile before I sell them. You do that??
    A couple of those were so unique.

    sweet blessings

  13. I love the trim & think it adds your special touch. Your son will learn that over time — mine did.

  14. $8 is CHEAP! I was at Goodwill the other day and saw some similar chairs that were $15 – $30 each. Yes, at Goodwill! Clearly, Los Angeles is more expensive. I need to go junking in a different state.
    Great project! I LOVE the lace!

  15. Love the grain sack on the chair. I happen to love it with the lace.


  16. Love the chair–I am a chair hoarder too!

  17. Sweet little chairs! I love the added lace trim! That is what drew me to your post at White Wednesday! I’ve seen a lot of chairs with grainsack seats, but the added lace is something new and unique! Lovely!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  18. Can one have too many chairs or dogs? Great job on these.

  19. The addition of the lace is a terrific look! How very smart of you!

  20. Lov4e your chairs!! I’m your newest follower-stop by for a visit!

  21. Love your Blog!

  22. Oh, I love your chair makeover! I think the crochet trim looks perfect! It was lovely without the trim, but you’re right, the chairs just needed something. Your son can sit on the manly wooden chair 😉

  23. Hey I love that chair. I love the unique design of it especially the lace added.

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    The addition of the lace is a terrific look! How very smart of you

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