Kicking Myself

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No, this isn’t my Christmas mantle,
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And neither is this one.
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Nope, not this one either
(though I dearly love all that ironstone).

So, where is my Christmas mantle?
Oh, that’s right, I don’t have one!

You see, last month at the auction house,
a chippy, old, white fireplace mantle
went up for bid.

I admired it, but figured the bid
would go too high for my budget, so I really
didn’t consider bidding on it,
plus, I didn’t think I had a good place to put it.

Now, I realize that
I have a wall that really needs something
large and that mantle would have been perfect.

I can just picture that mantle
on that wall, all decked out in greenery and old lace
with a few antique postcards nestled in the greenery,
and our stockings hanging on it.

But by the time I realized the bid
wasn’t going very high and I was just
ready to bid on it, someone else had won.

Woulda’, Coulda’, Shoulda’…
but I didn’t.
Yeah, I’m kicking myself.

Instead, I have a Christmas
corner cupboard.
I guess that will have to do.

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The were unsourced on Pinterest.
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  1. I hate when that happens… would coulda shoulda…

  2. Angie, don’t you know when this happens that something else is going to come your way and it will be so much better? It always happens to me that way.

  3. I sympathize and understand, being mantel-less myself! Christmas is still merry without a mantel, though!

  4. I agree with Terry when this happens to me something much better comes along! Just wait!!

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