Knick of Time Tuesday #19 {Vintage Style Link Party}

Welcome back to

Here’s some highlights from last week’s party.

By now, you all should know
me well enough to know that
if there is an old clock or watch involved…
you’ve got my attention,
so this gorgeous bracelet created by
Tammy @ Show Me Crafting
had my undivided attention!

Plus, my mom just send me 3 watches
that were hers when she was younger
so I’m itching to do something beautiful
with them and this gives me lots of inspiration.
Tammy offers a tutorial too!

Lesley @ The Homeless Finch
tortured me with the mantle
she made over…
that is supposed to be in MY house!
Seriously…you won’t believe the transformation
the mantle underwent!

and here it is in her bedroom!

What the heck?!!
Was this torture Angie week, or what?
Seriously – am I the only woman
in blogland without a mantle of her own?

Sarah @ Dumped and Discovered
tortured me further with her
transformed mantle that *should* be in my house
(yes, I have mantle envy).

Artsy VaVa 
shared how she turned
some French copper pieces into
unique necklaces – LOVE them!
She also has some other great necklaces
she created from a vintage French map,
so scoot over to her blog to see them!

If you were featured today,
feel free to grab my
“I Was Featured” button on my sidebar!

Now on to this week’s party!!!

Won’t You Join Us This Week?
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2. Please only link up your vintage-style treasures.
No food, giveaways or sales links or items that aren’t vintage-style.
Those links will be deleted.
3. Please post a link back so others can join the party.
Only those who link back will be featured.
Prepare to be Inspired!

I appreciate each and every one
of you that stops by each week to share
a little of your world and creativity
with the rest of us.


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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my pendant! And, thanks for hosting the party!!!

  2. I have mantle envy too! Thanks for the fun party!


  3. Get yourself a mantle for Valentine’s Day!!!!

  4. Love all of the featured items! That watch is just amazing. I bet you find your elusive mantle this year; I just feel it.

  5. Thanks for featuring my watches bracelet Angie! You made my week!!! 🙂

  6. Fun features…glad to be back to posting and partying this week! I’ve missed so much 🙂 Thanks for hosting, Laurel

  7. Those mantels are pretty sweet! And I’m fascinated by the jewelry crafters. So pretty! Thanks for hosting, Angie. Love your party.

  8. I think mantles are so much fun to decorate. They sort of make a room more homey. We have one in every room of our home because it is Edwardian.

    I can understand how you like clocks. They do make a really nice vignette dispayed with other vintage items.

  9. Hi, The features are great. Thank you so much for hosting.

    Please take down my first link. It links back to you. I goofed. The second one is correct.
    Sorry for any inconvenience.

  10. Thanks for the over the top feature comments! Wow! I didn’t know I was spreading such frustration!! (just kidding!) lol It’s so exciting to see my project “up in lights!” 🙂 Thank you so very much!

  11. Thanks so much for hosting….i entered twice (the first was the wrong post)…you are welcome to delete it as it is for today’s posting of the giveaway (copied the wrong URL)…

  12. Great features, Angie! There’s always lots of inspiration at your party!

  13. Hi Angie, thanks for hosting a great party! Love that mantle save, just linked up!

  14. Hi Angie,
    Yes, love those mantles. a bit of envy here also. I did just find me a pretty awesome treasure though. It will be a while before I can show it. Doing a bit of beadboard first.

  15. Thanks for hosting again this week. I love the after on the mantle, so nice, Laura

  16. Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage says

    I enjoyed the great features, Angie! But now I feel bad. I have a mantel just sitting on my side porch…waiting for me to take it to the salvage yard. If you only lived closer. 😉

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  17. thank you for inviting me to your amazing linkup. Eye candy is right. There are some wonderful talented people here and thank you for hosting for us all to enjoy. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  18. Rosemary@villabarnes says

    Thanks for hosting.

  19. thank you so much my friend for the invite to your fabulous and may i say gorgeous party! sending hugs…

  20. Thank you for featuring us! We’re honored! I hate that it’s torturing you though!!!! 🙂 Thanks again!!! I love your blog!

  21. I am shocked! I thought I was a follower already, because you are in my reader and I get your updates. Hmm, who knows what wonderful things will happen now that I am official. Linking up to your party is one!

  22. Thanks for hosting.Love mantels too.

  23. Your party is sure growing. Thanks for doing this. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  24. Hi Angie,
    Love the mantels soooooo much! Thanks for hosting my dear. I am all linked up and ready to party.


  25. Hi Angie, thank you so much for choosing to feature my altered cigar boxes for the next party! I’m excited to see myself featured… this is a first for me! 🙂


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