Legacy of Faith…Remembering Leisha

January 25th
One year ago today,
our world lost one of God’s saints,
we lost a gifted author of faith,
and we lost a friend.

We lost Leisha Kelly.
Not only did we lose Leisha,
but we lost her son, Justice as well.

On Jan. 25th, Leisha & Justice
were killed in an auto accident,
leaving behind their husband/father
and daughter/sister.

Leisha and I
served together for several
years as co-coordinators of our
local homeschool group,
and in that time, she became
a special friend.

She was a woman with
a sweet & quiet spirit who
humbly blessed those around her.

Her son Justice, had an equally
sweet & gentle spirit
and was a Godly teen who
was a pleasure to know –
even though he was often so
quiet it was hard to know
he was in my class.

Leisha was so humble that I
knew her for a year before
I even discovered that she
was a successful author of
many books – she just never let on about it.
I saw her latest book in a Christian bookstore,
and commented to her
how strange it was that an
author had the same unusual name
she did!  She cracked the
smallest little smile, before
a gal standing next to us informed
me that SHE was that author.
Talk about feeling stupid!
If you’ve never read one
of Leisha’s books, you are
missing out on a real blessing.
She had the gift of weaving the
love of God and the truths in the Bible,
with stories that were heartwarming
and characters you came to love.

The kids in our group received a
unique opportunity to have Leisha
teach several literature classes
about her books and were
the richer for it.
Not only did she teach about her books,
she taught about the time periods,
dressed in period costume,
brought in special foods
and just gave them such an
incredible experience.

If you’ve never read her books,
please make it your goal to do so.
Please don’t buy it used –
bless her husband and daughter
by purchasing a new copy.
Her books are available HERE
and are extremely reasonably priced.

Leisha left us a legacy of faith
in literature that I pray will bless
many until we meet in eternity.

I hope you’ll get to know
that legacy through her works.

In loving memory of Justice & Leisha,

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  1. I’m so sad for the loss of your friend– and am happy that your sorrow is lifted by love for mighty God of Grace and Mercy!
    I just NOW…am seeing that you are a homeschooling family. I love the home school community because of articles like this. Genuine and heartfelt.
    I’ve never read any of her books and don’t know her, but I’m sure she is missed by her friends and family.
    Thank you for this sweet post.

  2. What a lovely tribute to your friend and I’m so sorry for the loss of her and her son. I love the story of how you discovered she was an author; it just shows what kind of person she was. Thanks for the link to her books. I’m always looking for good Christian fiction, so I will be checking those out.

  3. Angie, I went onto the site and realized that I’ve actually read one of her books, “Julia’s Hope” and it was a wonderfully written and touching book. I will definitely be buying more. ♥

  4. angie, how sorry i am that your lost such a wonderful friend, and a young man with so much more to do here. i hope you can at least be happy in your heart for the memories you have of them.

  5. What a wonderful testament to your friend. We could all use a Leisha in our lives.


  6. Leisha and her son are surely celebrating with our Lord! We all should celebrate their lives and how they touched us all by knowing her or reading her books.

  7. Mary Shelor says

    Leisha truly was a godly woman and a great pleasure to visit with as we found ourselves often in the same places through the homeschooling group in Quincy. I have read most of her books and loved every one of them! I have passed them along to others to read on several occasions. I’m sorry she is not with us to continue blessing us through her gifts. Thank you, Angie, for the lovely tribute to her and to Justice. God bless you.

  8. Oh Angie my heart is so VERY moved and Deeply touched… Hearing your Testimony of her and her son in the ways that they Blessed others around them.. Yes there is Certainly a loss on this side of Eternity but what Rejoicing is being had in the Presence of the Lord… I am an AVID Christian Fiction Reader especially Period Novels so as I was Reading and Scrolled down my Heart leaped as I saw the House on Malcolm Street… I have and read this book so I kinda feel like I have met her and have known her… Thank you so much for sharing this and I will be sure to purchase some more of her books…
    Blessings to you on this day of rememberance

  9. Oh I am so sorry for your loss and for their family. What a tragic thing to have to endure. What a beautiful post you wrote as a tribute to your friend and her son.

  10. Oh My goodness I was coming to thank you for linking up and I found this post it brings tears to my eyes. I love her book Emma’s Gift. It is the only one that I own of her’s and I have it on my nook and I wanted to read more of her books. I am sorry for the loss of your friend and I know she is missed by you and her family and her readers will also miss her books as well. I would Love for you to link this post to the party. It is a wonderful post and I believe that it would be a great way to share her story and her books with my readers as well.

  11. This post brings tears to my eyes! The world really did suffer two severe losses and I can’t even begin to imagine the pain that her family is feeling to this day. I am so sorry but I have a feeling that she is truly and angel and is watching over everyone along with her son Justice! I am going to light two candles in their memory this evening — just a little thing that brings us peace here in our family — know that they burning brightly sending loving hugs…

  12. What a lovely tribute to Leisha! I remember being to shocked when I heard the news. I have enjoyed several of her books. So glad to know she was just as I’d imagined her. Blessings!

  13. This was so nice of you to honor your friend and her books. I plan to pick up some of her books this year. Thanks for the info, what a good friend she had in you.

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