He Had it Coming

Lest any of you are feeling
sorry for my husband for
having to go pick up
my new{old}
mantle {piano}
that weighs somewhere
around the size of a small vehicle,
let me just rest your mind
that he had it coming to him.

Do you all remember how
I wallpapered our living room
in pages from an 1890 Bible?

That’s the same room
I want my {mantle} piano to go in.

Loved & Vintage…
That’s the look I was hoping for in this room.

I think he missed that memo,
or we have a huge communication issue.

THAT man brought home this
{If I cussed, you could insert a bad word here}

I thought our old tv was too big
and wanted to “frame” it
to try to hide it a little.

There’s no hiding this beast.
The darn thing is over 46 inches wide.

To make matters worse,
he mounted it on a swivel “arm”
so that it can extend away from the
wall and be angled in different directions,
which makes it sit away from the wall half a foot.

My kids all think he’s some
kind of saint.

You know what I think?
He deserved THIS…

I kind of hope it weighs
more like a SUV.
He deserves it.

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  1. You’re too funny, Angie!

  2. Oh honey, I feel so bad for you. Love the TV but OMG, not in that room!
    All is not lost though, build a sorta’ box around it and add some vintage shutters OR more like barn type door.

    Best of luck to the Man

  3. I agree, I think they are hideous too. I even dislike our little 32″
    Much like your piano though.
    x jeanetteann

  4. You are so right. I vote for the piano too.

  5. Too Funny! Mr. Dump (my husband) can’t stop laughing!!!

    Dumped and Discovered

  6. Hmmmm, I see that you need to use your head a bit and come up with something that will “hang” on the tv (a 47 inch box lid perhaps covered with Old Bible pages???), that would make it disappear!!! Good grief! That just looks…well YOU KNOW! You poor dear! Get something lightweight, foamboard or something, and make a cover for it!!! It would gently hang on it when not in use!
    I’d be covering that baby up sister! Fabric curtain??? Oh my…
    Have fun with that!
    Blessings and many preayers this time too!
    Doni 😉

  7. Hahaha I’d have to agree. I have a TV bigger than that and still get the “its not big enough” BLAH. THis post made me laugh alot! Now if this were me I’d custom make a frame for that thing, at least it’s thin.. lol. But I wopuld totally still make a frame for it, no reason not to put your handywork on it. lol But I totally think he deserved it, hmm i will say it wouldn’t be near as bar if he could have found a cream colored tv.. lol… hmm have I ever seen one, now I’m not sure.

    Oh side note, I’m offering a giveaway i think you might like since your into the vintage fun or maybe your readers might like. http://craftdonkey.blogspot.com/2012/02/february-giveaways-good-bad-ugly.html

  8. Ah ha ha ha ha ha…… I feel your pain, but I know you are clever enough to hide your TV in some amazing way. Mine on the other had stares at me every time I walk by it.


  9. So very amusing. I think many of us feel your pain. We’ve tried to frame ours with various artwork hoping the whole wall appears as a gallery. Of course he keeps mentioning a bigger tv…grumble

  10. I laughed so hard! Great post, and yes your husband deserves it! I hate TVs also! But of course my husband doesn’t! Just like everyone else is saying…cleverly come up with something that will hide the TV when its not in use, then you can show him!

  11. Hi Angie,

    Men love their TV’s. lol


  12. Hey there, Angie. Just wanted to tell you that I pinned your bathroom makeover on my Show & Tell party board and it’s getting a lot of repins.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  13. I feel your pain. They are ugly….no getting around it. And isn’t it amazing….we bring the kids into the world…feed, clothe, bandage, etc..etc…and who gets the kudos…DAD…he is cool…look at the TV! There is no justice!! (well maybe a little in the piano)

  14. Well, maybe the TV could be mounted lower, INSIDE your new mantel. It looks like it’s just the right size. Just sayin’.

  15. hash this is funny. I love the wallpaper..one of the coolest most unique ideas I have ever seen! the TV on top of it is like a contradiction!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  16. Hey give into it and you will come to love it! We have a 46″ one in our living room but if you look in the man cave, there is one above the fireplace that is even bigger. Your fireplace will look great under this…come on, give him his due, how else will you get all your stuff done and made.

  17. Hi,
    Following you from the Linky followers blog hop. If you’d like to follow back I can be found at measuredbytheheart.com.


  18. Oh…my…goodness!! I think I’d be a bit peeved too. To put it mildly. 😉

  19. I so agree with you. I never understood needing a HUGE TV.I am now following you on Linky.I would love it if you followed me back. I really enjoy meeting new Bloggers.

  20. Hi
    Following you on linky followers – I would love for you to stop by and follow me


  1. […] As I’ve shared in the past, I don’t like our big TV…at all, so my husband is working to impprove its appearance, and once that’s done, I’ll move the dresser into place.  After that, all that’s left to finish up in our living room, is replacing our ugly ceiling fan with an antique brass light fixture.  This room has been half finished for 2 years, so it will be nice to finally have it totally done. […]

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